New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

How to Get 10 3-Star Photos in One Run

New Pokemon Snap - How to Get 10 3-Star Photos in One Run
The Steady Aim Research Title requires you to snap one 3-star photo each for at least 10 species of Pokemon. This guide will show you one of the easiest ways to get the research title, and how to get 10 3-star photos in one course for New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) on the Nintendo Switch.

Best Level For 10 3-Star Photos

From what we've tested, the best and easiest course to get a lot of 3-Star photos from is Park (Night) at Research Level 2.

Illumina Orbs are required. One of the poses requires Melody, while another is only available during the post-game, but you can still get 10 3-Star Photos in the same run even without either of these. Lastly, Turbo is optional, but helpful.

The Pokemon that we will try to get 3-Star photos for include the following:

New Pokemon Snap ScorbunnyScorbunny New Pokemon Snap ShayminShaymin New Pokemon Snap TangrowthTangrowth New Pokemon Snap PidgeotPidgeot
New Pokemon Snap PinsirPinsir New Pokemon Snap HeracrossHeracross New Pokemon Snap BidoofBidoof New Pokemon Snap SwannaSwanna
New Pokemon Snap DucklettDucklett New Pokemon Snap MagikarpMagikarp New Pokemon Snap HoothootHoothoot New Pokemon Snap CaterpieCaterpie
New Pokemon Snap DodrioDodrio New Pokemon Snap TorterraTorterra

How to Get 10 3-Star Photos in One Run

Video Guide

There is going to be a long sequence of actions you'll have to do which will be detailed below.

Since this guide covers how to get 14 3-stars poses in one run, you'll have some room for error in case you miss out on some of the poses! Do your best to follow along with the guide, and you'll definitely get at least 10 in no time.

Step-By-Step Text Guide

Step Procedure
1 As soon as the course starts, zoom in to above the sign to your right. Wait until the Scorbunny demonstrates it's fiery kicks. Take a photo of it with regular red flames from it's kicks. Afterwards, throw an Illumina Orb at it to set up the next photo.
2 If you are in the post-game, Shaymin will be one of the Pokemon observing Scorbunny perform tricks on top of the sign. If you illuminated Scorbunny, this will make the audience very excited, including Shaymin. Take a photo of Shaymin with flowers in bloom.
3 Slightly left of the sign, you should be able to spot Tangrowth napping by the stone bridge. Throw a Fluffruit at it to startle it. Take a photo of Tangrowth as it awakens suddenly.
4 Slightly to your right, a Pidgeot should have landed behind the sleeping Bouffalant. Feed it a Fluffruit. Take a photo of it in glee after it consumes the Fluffruit.
5 As you approach the Crystabloom to your left, Scan to let Pinsir peek out of his dirt mound. Then illuminate the Crystabloom to trigger him to pop out. Take a photo of Pinsir as he leaps into the air.
6 Throw Fluffruits at the ground just behind the Pinsir, while scanning in between throws. A Heracross should drop from the tree. Take a photo of it stunned lying on the floor.
7 As you stroll into the lake area, keep an eye to your right, Take a photo of the 3 Bidoof swimming together.
8 As you go over the Bidoof Dam, look to your left where you'll find a Swanna with a few Ducklett trailing behind. Illuminate this group, then take a photo of the glowing Swanna.
9 As the Swanna glows, the Ducklett behind should express joy. Take a photo of these happy Ducklett.
10 Back on your right, a Magikarp can be spotted resting on a rock. Illuminate this Magikarp to catch it's attention. Take a photo of Magikarp as it looks around searching for what awoke it.
11 As you approach the sign before the flower field, throw Fluffruit at the Hoothoot perched on the signpost. With a direct hit, it will lose it's balance. Take a photo of it's foot exposed.
12 As you approach the sign, scan and you'll find ???'s detected just behind the sign. Play the Melody and several Caterpie will appear. Take a photo of the Caterpie peeking from behind the sign.
13 As you approach the flower field, a Dodrio to your left should spin around. Take a photo of it doing so.
14 To your left, in the distance, past the Dodrio, you should spot a Torterra that is awake. Toss a Fluffruit near it to feed it. Take a photo of it eating and celebrating at being fed.
15 As the course ends, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Ideally you could have taken up to 14 3-star photos, but to get the reward you only need at least 10. Pick out your photos and submit them to Professor Mirror.

Reward For 10 3-Star Photos in One Run

Steady Aim Research Title

If you were able to successfully take and submit at least 10 3-star photos, you'll unlock the Steady Aim Research Title! Congratulations!

Learn How to Unlock All Research Titles

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