New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

How to Unlock the Melody and Wake Up Sleeping Pokemon

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This is a page on the item Melody from the New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for more information on Melody's effect, how to use it, as well as how to unlock Melody!

How to Unlock Melody

Reach Jungle (Night) Research Level 2

New Pokemon Snap - Melody Cutscene

You can unlock Melody right after reaching Jungle (Night) Research Level 2. Doing so also unlocks two islands: Voluca Island and Maricopia Island.

Progression Guide and Complete Story Walkthrough

Melody Effects

Makes Pokemon Dance

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When used, the Melody can make nearby Pokemon dance to its music. Different reactions can be seen while the Melody is playing such as a group of Pokemon dancing in sync or just having fun with their friends!

Wake Up Sleeping Pokemon

Sleeping Pokemon may respond differently when the Melody is played and some may not respond at all. Observe how reactions may differ compared to being woken up by a Fluffruit!

Fluffruit Effects and How to Use

Triggers Rare Pokemon Behavior

Snap Wheres That Pokemon Caterpie.jpg

Melody can also be used to trigger Pokemon behavior that are rarely seen. Try using Melody and see if it can make them pose for a 4-star snap! This feature is one of keys to completing some of the Lentalk Requests.

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

How to Use Melody

Melody Pokemon Snap Trailer.jpg

Play the Melody and nearby Pokemon will react or dance to it. The Melody affects all Pokemon within range, so you can use it to take coordinated group photos.

Play the Melody By Pressing the R Button

Play the Melody By Pressing the R Button.png
The melody can be used by pressing the R button. Press the R button again to stop the melody.

When the Melody Is Played, Pokemon Will React Even if You Can't See Them

Pokemon are always responsive to music, even if the player isn't looking. This makes the Melody unique among the items as being one you don't need to aim to use. Don't miss your photo opportunities and make sure you're ready to snap your photo when using the Melody.

Is the Poke Flute Used for Melody?

It's not mentioned that the Poke Flute is used for the Melody in New Pokemon Snap. The Poke Flute was featured in the previous Pokemon Snap and was also used to trigger reactions, poses, and even dances from Pokemon, just as the Melody does.

While the Melody does exhibit the flute sound, it is an upgrade installed in the camera carrying the same functions of the Poke Flute.

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