New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Todd Snap Returns to Pokemon Snap!

New Pokemon Snap - Who is Todd Snap
Originally appearing in the N64 Pokemon Snap, Todd Snap returns to New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch! Find out who Todd Snap is, as well as how can he help you along your adventure!

Who is Todd Snap?

Pokemon Photographer in N64 Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap - Todd Snap Intro Scene

English Voice Actor Erica Mendez
Japanese Voice Actor Makoto Koichi

Todd Snap is the original main character from the N64 Pokemon Snap. He was hired by Professor Oak to take photographs of various Pokemon in the Pokemon Island.

In New Pokemon Snap, he appears alongside Phil as his travel companion and mentor.

Research Team Member

New Pokemon Snap - Todd Snap and Main Character
Todd Snap is also a research team member in the Lental Region and guides the main character in their research expedition.

Along with the other characters, he also asks for photo requests that you can view with your LenTalk on the research camp.

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