How to Clear Where Did the Fluffruit Go? Request Walkthrough | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

This is a guide to completing Where Did the Fluffruit Go?, a request in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find what kind of photo you need, and how to take it, in order to clear Where Did the Fluffruit Go?, as well as the reward!

Where Did the Fluffruit Go? Map and Request Information

General Info

Course Sands (Day) Lv. 2 or higher
Target Pokemon New Pokemon Snap FlygonFlygon
Target Pokemon 2 New Pokemon Snap TrapinchTrapinch
Quest Giver Rita
How to Unlock ・After unlocking Illumina Orbs for Voluca Island
Request Text ・“I gave a fluffruit to the Pokemon inside the tornado, but it just flew off with it! I wonder why.”

Course and Map Information

Where Did the Fluffruit Go Map.jpg
Sands (Day) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

How to Clear Where Did the Fluffruit Go?

Light up the 3 Crystablooms near the Sand Vortex

Near the start of the course, there will be a sand vortex to your right next to 3 crystablooms. Using your Illumina orbs, light up these 3 crystablooms and the sand vortex will subside.

Give Flygon a Fluffruit

When the vortex is gone, toss a fluffruit onto the ground where the vortex used to be. A Flygon will come pick it up and carry it off to the distance.

Don't Take the Branching Route

For the purposes of this request, you'll have to follow the main route until the very end. After giving it the fluffruit, you'll see the Flygon again fly above the oasis and towards the final area of the main route. Taking the branching route will lead you to the where all the Onix are. You'll need to follow the main route instead to the Trapinch nest.

Snap the Motherly Flygon

Once you get to the final area, you have to snap a photo of the Flygon feeding the fluffruit to the two Trapinch in the nearest sand depression. The photo to complete the request is a 3★ photo of Flygon feeding the Trapinch, not a photo of Flygon doing a midair loop-the-loop afterward.

Reward for Clearing Where Did the Fluffruit Go?

No Reward

There are no obtainable rewards for completing this request.

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