New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Will New Pokemon Snap Be Open World?

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This page is about whether the New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch will be an Open World game or not.

What is An Open World Game?

Can Explore The World Freely

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A game can be defined as an Open World if the player can explore the virtual world freely and is given the freedom to choose how or when to approach objectives. However, as time pass by, more games are being developed that for a game to be defined as an open-world game is more of in a grey area.

Although the term "Open World" game might be challenging to determine, checking The Witcher 3 or Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's gameplay might be useful.

With the celebration of Pokemon's 25th anniversary, several Pokemon games will be released throughout the year. This includes the New Pokemon Snap and an open-world action role-playing game, Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Finally, after 25 years, Pokemon brought us a new kind of grand Pokemon adventure.

With this, some players might be wondering if the New Pokemon Snap will also be an open-world game. Having the New Pokemon Snap be an open-world, which will be far different from its predecessor, would bring a whole new experience! But, will the New Pokemon Snap follow the formula of Pokemon Legends: Arceus has and be an open-world game?

Is New Pokemon Snap An Open World?

A Simulation Game

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Same as its predecessor, the New Pokemon Snap is a First-Person Simulation game and not an open-world. Sad news for players who are wishing it to be an open world.

Imagine roaming around the Lental Region with having a choice to walk instead of riding the auto-driving floating pod called the Neo-One. To try hiding behind the bushes just to capture photos of Pokemon in their natural habitat. Well, that sounds cool.

But, having it follow the formula of the N64 Pokemon Snap is not that bad. New Pokemon Snap not being an open-world will give the fans nostalgia as this brings back the on-rails gameplay of the 1999 Pokemon Snap. With this, players will still experience the Pokemon Snap they loved, but with new and improved features! Enjoy the same adrenaline rush they felt before from trying to capture a great photo in a limited time and riding the floating pod to tour them in the area with limited paths to take just like a Safari ride. Well, that's exciting and challenging on it's own right!

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