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13 Anonymous6 monthsReport

So, Im trying to get the Noibat 4 star photo in the caves.I feel like Ive tried everything, but it keeps rejecting the fruit.I've tried different research levels,hitting all but one to scare them off,not hitting any of them,but they all just swat the fruit away.I got it to happen once but only once when I was first going after the three star photo which happens right before it, but not since.My question is have I screwed myself out of 100%?Or am I just getting unlucky or doing something wrong?

8 Anonymousabout 1 yearReport

I cannot find Research spot 3 in jungle night. No matter how many times I scan it won’t show up. Is there something I’m missing?

7 TheHero383almost 3 yearsReport

oh, oops! There is a different pattern vivion! sorry.

6 TheHero383almost 3 yearsReport

aren't you suppost to find all of the hidden pokemon? you know, in the level? Here's a tip: scan and use fluffruit to find the pokemon (The Fancy Pattern Vivion is the hardest, because you need the melody.

5 TheHero383almost 3 yearsReport

what if you create a circle of fruit? then Meouth would go in circles.

4 TheHero383almost 3 yearsReport

hoi, I was wondering, ho do you complete the metapod research? because you have to use the one from the start somehow.

3 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

Just because this is nowhere to be found online, I have a tip to get the research title for Pokemon Lurer (make a Pokemon move 6.21 miles). It helps to go to the research camp and wake up Meowth. Throw a fluffruit to get his attention, and before he goes to pick it up, throw another fruit in front of the one you threw. Keep doing this and he will run along the line of fruit. Check your progress in My Space -> Research Titles -> filter by In Progress. Happy snapping!

2 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

You are supposed to get to max level on the course

1 Anonymousalmost 3 yearsReport

Im trying to complete the maps for gold crowns. After snapping everything I see in the mao, still no crown.. is there a guide for these?

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