New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Amiibo Compatibility: How to Use Amiibos

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This is a guide to Amiibo Compatibility in the New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Learn here if the game supports amiibo, how to scan the amiibo and its uses.

Does New Pokemon Snap Support Amiibos?

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There are some Pokemon Series that support amiibo including Detective Pikachu and the Pokken Tournament Series. Some players might be wondering if New Pokemon Snap will support amiibo too. Having amiibo for New Pokemon Snap would be a nice thing to have. Imagine using a Legendary Pokemon amiibo to unlock a special Legendary course easier or having a special item to lure Pokemon. That looks fun!

However, as of now, there's no information yet whether the New Pokemon Snap will support amiibos. Let's wait for the release of the game, and maybe they will announce something about this after. Hoping for amiibo support! Fingers crossed!

How to Scan amiibos

The instructions below differ per game. But, usually, you will be needing to tap the amiibo on the NFC touchpoint to scan it.

1 Select amiibo on the Title Screen.
2 Tap the amiibo on the NFC Touchpoint to scan it.
3 Collect rewards.

What Are amiibos Used For?

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Amiibo can do many things, you can add characters, customize characters, get bonuses or rewards and unlock new adventures. However, the effect of amiibos on each game differs. Like with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, using the amiibo can give you rewards, help farm for rupees, and fuse weapons. But, this will be different for other games.

For New Pokemon Snap, it might be giving you some rewards, like an additional number of snaps for some level or give you Illumina Orbs. It might also be a chance to unlock secret areas to explore. That would be nice to have! Let's wait for more updates, and maybe they'll support amiibo for New Pokemon Snap too.

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