New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

How to Use Scan Mode to Find Alternate Routes

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This is an article about how to use Scan Mode to find alternate routes in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Learn how to use Scan Mode to find new routes, angles, and interesting Pokemon!

How to Unlock Scan Mode

Complete Jungle (Day)

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You can unlock the Scan Mode shortly after completing Park (Day) for the first time. You are then taken into a tutorial segment showing how the Scan Mode works.

Progression Guide and Complete Story Walkthrough

What is Scan Mode?

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The Scan Mode on your Research Camera allows you to scan your environment. This function identifes on your screen alternate routes, unusual objects, and Pokemon that are hiding in the environment.

Scan Mode comes in handy when looking undiscovered Pokemon as they will have an exclamation point beside their names if it's your first time meeting them.

Find Hidden Pokemon

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You can use the Scan Mode to locate Pokemon that are hidden or obscured from the player. Be sure to scan every now and then, you never know when a Pokemon might be hiding in plain sight!

Trigger Unique Reactions

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Using Scan Mode while viewing a nearby Pokemon may even cause them to react to the Scan Mode's signal. Grab a photo to capture this unique reaction and you might even grab a 4-star snap! Scan Mode is one of the keys of completing some of the LenTalk Requests.

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

Find Alternate Routes

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Using Scan Mode while exploring may reveal Alternate Routes, denoted by an icon on your HUD. These routes may be easy to miss without Scan Mode, as they would be covered by other layers of the environment. The Alternate Route icon will quickly inform you if a path is traversable or not. Finding these Alternate Routes are vital to completing your research on Pokemon's different ecologies.

If you see one while exploring, point your camera on the alternate route and hold the Scan button.

Hidden Paths Guide: All Alternate Route Locations

Inspect Elements of Your Surroundings

Analyze Your Surroundings.png

When scanned, this floating stone reveals that something is suspending it in mid-air. Might it be a nearby Psychic Pokemon perhaps?

There may be unusual sights around as you navigate through the Lental Region. Use the Scan function to learn more about your environment or about rare Pokemon behavior. New Pokemon Snap lets you discover how different Pokemon react to their environments too!

Reveal Pokemon Info

Camera Guide - Scan Pokemon.png
Scanning Pokemon reveals their names and their gender. This can help you identify hidden Pokemon under the sand or Pokemon hiding behind the bushes.

How to Use Scan Mode

Aim Your Camera Then Press the X Button

Aim Your Camera Then Press the X Button.png

Press the X Button to scan the area of points of interest and Pokemon. You can also use this function to scan objects or spots such as crystablooms and alternate routes by pointing and holding the Scan button.

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