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What is the Illumina Phenomenon?

New Pokemon Snap Illumina Phenomenon

This guide will explain what the Illumina Phenomenon is in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can learn about what the Illumina Phenomenon in the Lental Region is, as well as how Illumina Orbs affect Pokemon on the island!

What Is the Illumina Phenomenon?

A Mysterious Phenomenon Unique to the Lental Region

Illumina Phenomenon
The Illumina Phenomenon is one of the natural wonders in the Lental Region. Some Pokemon and vegetation around Lental have been seen to emit a special glow in certain instances, but what could be the reason behind it?

One of your primary goals will be to help Professor Mirror to uncover the truth behind the mysterious Illumina Phenomenon. Observe each Pokemon and their natural habitat as you explore the islands in Lental Region, and snap any occurrences of it you encounter to discover more!

Illumina Pokemon

You may encounter some Illumina Pokemon in the Lental Region! Study the distinguish markings on their bodies as this might help you uncover the truth behind these mystifying Pokemon.

Illumina Orbs

Illumina Phenomenon - Illumina Orb.png

Illumina Orbs are connected with the mysterious Illumina Phenomenon. Professor Mirror invented this item while he was investigating the phenomenon to learn more about how it affects Pokemon. Use an Illumina Orb to a Pokemon or a Crystabloom to cause the Illumina Phenomenon.

Illumina Orb Effects and How to Use

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