New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

How to Raise Your Research Level and Reach the Max Research Level Quickly

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This guide will explain how to raise your Research Level in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to gain expedition points in order to get to the max research level as fast as possible!

How to Raise Your Research Level Quickly

  1. Take a Photo of a New Pokemon
  2. Discover New and Rare Poses
  3. Use Scan Mode
  4. Update Photos
  5. Use the Auto Select Feature
  6. Adjust Research Level

Take a Photo of a New Pokemon

New Pokemon Snap - New Pokemon on Photodex

You can earn more expedition points when taking a photo of a new Pokemon. All new photos are displayed with a 'New' stamp during the evaluation process. If you need help finding all the Pokemon in Lental Region as well as all their poses, check our Photodex below!

Lental Region Photodex: List of All Pokemon

Discover New and Rare Poses

Bouffalant - 4 Star Diamond.jpg

You can increase your Research Level quickly by discovering new and rare Pokemon behavior as snaps with these give higher photo scores and more expedition points. LenTalk Requests actually give hints on where to start looking for this poses and how to trigger these events so check the Requests section regularly!

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

Use Scan Mode

New Pokemon Snap - Use Scan Mode
Run a scan on the area to reveal an exclamation point (!) on a Pokemon that has not been registered on the Photodex. You can also zoom in on the new Pokemon to display the said symbol as an alternative method.

Use this feature to find new Pokemon and to raise your Research Level quickly!

How to Use Scan Mode

Update Photos

New Pokemon Snap Update Photos

Keep taking photos of Pokemon even if you already have it in your Photodex. You might get a higher score from these or even an entirely new pose!

You can also get expedition points to increase your Research Level if you take snaps of Pokemon that you first encountered on a different island.

Photo Scoring Guide: Star Meaning and How to Get a High Star Rating

Use the Auto Select Feature

New Pokemon Snap - Use Auto Button
When choosing the photos, you can hover the cursor over the Auto button or press the Minus (-) button to automatically choose your photos. This feature submits the highest scoring snap and new poses for evaluation.

Use Auto Select if you have a lot of photos taken and want to submit the ones that will give the most expedition points for your Research Level.

How to Use Auto Select Efficiently

Adjust Research Level

Adjusting Research Level.jpg

Running a course on the highest available Research Level doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get all the obtainable poses so far in the course as some Pokemon only appear on certain Research Levels. If you think you've captured all poses of each Pokemon, try setting the Research Level to a lower one by hovering over the course and pressing X to see if you can find any Pokemon poses that you might have missed!

What Happens When You Raise Your Research Level?

  1. Unlock New Areas
  2. New Pokemon Appear
  3. Unlock Branch Routes

Unlock New Areas

New Pokemon Snap - New Area Unlocked
As part of the story, raising your Research Level unlocks the nighttime version of the level, as well as new areas on the map. Many new Pokemon also appear in these areas, so be ready to take some photos!

Levels List and How to Unlock Levels

New Pokemon Appear

New Pokemon Snap - New Pokemon Tangrowth

Leveling up also allows more Pokemon to show up in areas and branch routes. Look out for these new Pokemon and take their photos to complete your Photodex!

Lental Region Photodex: List of All Pokemon

Unlock Branch Routes

New Pokemon Snap - Branch Route Symbol

You can raise your Research Level to open up Branch Routes that you can explore. To locate these routes, scan the area and hold the X-button on the Branch Route symbol. The Neo-One will head towards the direction of the branch route.

Branching routes may show new Pokemon for your Photodex, as well as behavior that they only show when interacting with other Pokemon!

How to Use Scan Mode to Find Branching Routes

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