New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

List of Throwable Items and Tools

New Pokemon Snap List of Items

This is a list of all announced Items and Tools to be featured in the New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Find out which Items and Tools are at your disposal for completing your research into the Pokemon of the Lental Region!

List of Throwable Items


Fluffruit will lure nearby Pokemon toward it and cause them to be distracted while they eat it.
Fluffruit Effects and How to Use

Illumina Orb

Illumina Orb.png
Using an Illumina Orb on a Pokemon triggers the Illumina Phenomenon. The Illumina Phenomenon makes Pokemon glow and radiate with life energy.

Using an Illumina Orb on the native plant Crystabloom will also cause them to glow. Interacting with them afterward may lead to new discoveries.
Illumina Orb Effects and How to Use

List of Tools


The Melody triggers unique reactions and perhaps even dances from Pokemon.
Melody Effects and How to Use

Scan Mode

The Scan Mode on your Research Camera allows you to scan your environment. This function identifes on your screen branching routes, unusual objects, and Pokemon that are hiding in the environment.
How to Use Scan Mode

List of Basic Items

Introducing the Neo-One!

Neo-One Tool New Pokemon Snap.jpg

New Pokemon Snap will introduce the Neo-One, a floating vehicle you can safely capture pictures of Pokemon from! It doesn't seem to come with mechanics to learn, as it looks to simply move on its own.


Research Camera.png

The Research Camera is a basic item that will be given to you at the start of the game and will enable you to take photographs of the Pokemon around the course.

Camera Guide: Camera Features and How to Use

Unconfirmed / Deconfirmed Items

Pester Ball

The Pester Ball from the Original Pokemon Snap for the N64 will not be making a reappearance in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Haruki Suzaki, the director for New Pokemon Snap, has said in an interview that the functionality of the Pester Ball to annoy Pokemon was reworked into the Fluffruit.

... we decided to add the role of the Pester Ball to the Fluffruit in New Pokemon Snap. Even though Fluffruit doesn't hurt when it hits a Pokemon, it'd make sense that some Pokemon don't like being hit by Fluffruit.
- Haruki Suzaki, New Pokemon Snap Director

Poke Flute

Another Item from the Original Pokemon Snap, the Poke Flute, has not been seen in gameplay yet.

It appears that the functionality of the Poke Flute of grabbing the Wild Pokemon's attention has been reworked into the Melody, while waking Sleeping Pokemon up can be achieved by throwing Fluffruit. It remains to be seen if the Poke Flute itself will appear in the game.

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