How to Clear Proud Warrior Request Walkthrough | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

This is a guide to completing Proud Warrior, a request in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find what kind of photo you need, and how to take it, in order to clear Proud Warrior, as well as the reward!

Proud Warrior Map and Request Information

General Info

Course Snowfields (Night) Lv. 2
Target Pokemon New Pokemon Snap BraviaryBraviary
Quest Giver Todd
How to Unlock ・After your first expedition in Snowfields (Night)
Request Text ・“Braviary is very proud, and it doesn't easily open up to anyone. What would you do to earn its trust?”

Course and Map Information

Proud Warrior Map.jpg
Snowfields (Night) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

Proud Warrior Walkthrough Video

How to Clear Proud Warrior

This request cannot be completed due to a bug in Version 1.1.0 of the game. Update the game to Version 1.2.0 to complete this request.

Wait Until Furret Runs Into the Hole

Furret Hole.jpg

Start Snowfields (Night) at Research Level 2. During the first half of course, you can watch a pack of Mightyena chase down a Furret. Wait until the Furret runs into the hole right before the slope leading towards the cave.

Toss Fluffruit Around the Hole

Throw Fluffruit Around Hole.png

While the Furret is in the hole, toss a bunch of Fluffruit around it. The Braviary willl come down and scare the Furret away from the fruit.

Take a Photo of Braviary Eating Fluffruit

Braviary Eating Fluffruit.png

Once the Furret is gone, Braviary will start eating the Fluffruit on the ground. Take a photo of the Braviary as it eats the fruit.

Reward for Clearing Proud Warrior

No Reward

There are no obtainable rewards for completing this request.

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