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This page is about whether the New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch is a Remake or Sequel. Learn what makes the New Pokemon Snap a Sequel or Remake.

Is New Pokemon Snap a Remake or Sequel?

New Pokemon Snap is a Sequel

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Players might be wondering if the New Pokemon Snap is a remake or sequel because it has similar gameplay with the N64 Pokemon Snap. In both games, players travel in an auto-driving floating pod while taking photos of Pokemon in various locations, which might make it sound like it is a remake.

However, New Pokemon Snap is a sequel and not a remake. Yes, it has similar gameplay. But, it has better graphics compared to the first Snap game, it has more Pokemon, and has a lot of new things to offer. The Nintendo Eshop also mentioned that it is a brand new game, which suits the title "New" Pokemon Snap.

We still don't have the full details of the game until Nintendo reveals more information or until the release. But, it is safe to say that the New Pokemon Snap is a sequel.

What Makes it a Sequel?

New Pokemon Snap is a sequel because it has features that are not present on the N64 Pokemon Snap game. Read more below for the New Pokemon Snap's features.

New Pokemon

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Compared to the old Snap game, the New Pokemon Snap has more Pokemon to discover. You will have a chance to encounter Pokemon across 8 Generations. To know the list of Pokemon available in the New Pokemon Snap, click the button link below.

List of Pokemon

Pokemon Photodex

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In the New Pokemon Snap, you will have a Pokemon Photodex, in which you can store all of the photos you have taken during your Lental Region Adventure.

Edit Your Shots

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Unlike the N64 Pokemon Snap, here you can edit each photo to your liking by using the Re-Snap ability. Adjust the photos by changing the brightness, focus, blur, and zoom on photos. You can also make your photos stand out even more by adding stickers, frames, and filters.

This feature is essential when playing online as your snaps might be voted as the most popular shot. There's no information yet whether if you will receive rewards for having the most popular shot. But, having those would be great!

Mysterious Phenomenon

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Pokemon and vegetation in Lental Region have sometimes been seen to glow. Research and uncover the truth behind the Illumina phenomenon as you study Pokemon and their natural habitats.

What is the Illumina Phenomenon?

Online Features

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Another new addition to New Pokemon Snap for Switch is an online mode. This will allow you to share your best photos around the world and let you participate in Global rankings.
Online Features

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