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Phil Character Profile and Introduction

New Pokemon Snap Phil
This is an introduction to Phil, a character in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Find out who Phil is, as well as his role in the game!

Who is Phil?

From Outside the Lental Region (?)


English Voice Actor Griffin Burns
Japanese Voice Actor Kappei Yamaguchi

The official site of New Pokemon Snap mentions that Phil joins the research team upon arriving in Lental Region. It seems like it is his first time visiting the region. He might be from somewhere outside Lental, but where could he be from?

Phil's Travel Companion

Professor Mirror and Todd Snap

It was also mentioned that Phil arrived in Lental with “certain someone”. That ”certain someone" is none other than Todd Snap! Todd Snap is the original main character from the N64 Pokemon Snap who now acts as Phil's mentor.

Todd Snap Returns to Pokemon Snap!

Lental Region Research Team Member

Phil Research Team Member.png
Phil is one of the Lental Region's research team members, just like the protagonist that you will be playing as. Upon arriving at Lental Region, he decided to join the research team along with you, taking pictures of the region's ecology. He will accompany you in your adventure together with Professor Mirror's research assistant, Rita.

Your Rival

Phil Image.png
Unlike the previous Pokemon Snap game, you will have a rival, and Phil takes on that role. He is very competitive and will always give his all to best you in becoming the top research photographer.

However, your rivalry won't have an effect on the actual gameplay at all and you won't really have to go against each other. In fact, Phil will contribute to sending you LenTalk Requests to help you get the best snaps!

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

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