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This is a page on the item Illumina Orb from the New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Read on for more information on Illumina Orb's effect and how to use it!

How to Unlock Illumina Orbs

Take a Photo of the Crystabloom

New Pokemon Snap - Glowing Crystabloom
You unlock the Illumina Orb for the first time after taking a photo of a glowing Crystabloom during your Jungle (Night) level. Note that this only unlocks the Illumina Orbs for Florio Island and Belusylva Island.

To unlock the Illumina Orbs for other islands, select a nighttime level and take a photo of a glowing Crystabloom. Complete the level and have the photo evaluated.

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Illumina Orb Effects

Triggers the Illumina Phenomenon

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Using an Illumina Orb on a Pokemon triggers the Illumina Phenomenon. The Illumina Phenomenon makes Pokemon glow and radiate with life energy. These orbs can also cause some Pokemon to display unsual behavior.

These rare behavior are sometimes related to a specific LenTalk Request.

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Illuminates Crystablooms

Clefairy by Moonlight.jpg

Using an Illumina Orb on the native plant Crystabloom will also cause them to glow. When an inactive crystabloom is touched by an Illumina orb, the effect transfers to nearby Pokemon and puts them to the Illumina state.

Other Effects on Pokemon

Illumina Phenomenon - Scorbunny with Illumina Orb - Gif.gif
To use an Illumina Orb, throw the orb at a specific Pokemon. This will give you a chance to capture an amazing photo of a glowing Pokemon just like Scorbunny on the gif above. As seen here, it turns Scorbunny's normally red flames into a glowing blueish color. Capturing these moments might lead you into having a higher Photodex Photo score!

How to Use Illumina Orbs

Aim Your Camera Then Press the Y Button

Aim Your Camera Then Press the Y Button.png

You can toss an Illumina Orb at a Pokemon by pressing the Y button

Tip: Use the Camera Focus As A Guide

Throw the Illumina Orb Based on the Cameras Focus.png

The indicator in the center of the screen can help you aim.

The Illumina Orb is thrown at the direction your camera is pointed at. Remember to point the white circle at where you intend to throw it. Aim higher when throwing further away, and aim lower when throwing closer to the foreground. Getting the hang of throwing Illumina Orbs will be key to lighting up your subjects for better shots!

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