New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

New Pokemon Snap - Beginner
This is a guide to getting started in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. This guide will cover tips on starting the game, such as how to take a photo, how to get a high Photodex Photo score, and more!

Getting Started

Clear the Story First

Reef (Evening).jpg

We recommend focusing on progressing through the story and beating the game first before exploring the rest of the game's contents. This is so that you can unlock all of the features that are super helpful for capturing different Pokemon behavior.

Progression Guides
Complete Story Walkthrough Post Game Contents and 100 Percent Guide

Adjust the Controls

Set Camera  Pointer Speed between 8 and 10.png

Before you head out for your research, make sure to adjust your controller settings to what suits you. You can adjust camera and pointer speed, turn off gyro controls, change button mapping, and more!

Game Controls and Best Settings

There are No Missables!

Don't worry about missing anything as you speedrun to the credits roll as nothing is missable in the game! Courses can be replayed anytime and you can adjust the Research Level to change the Pokemon that appear.

Levels List and How to Unlock Levels

Taking Snapshots

Choosing a Subject

Camera Guide - Take Photos.png

Remember to use the circle in the center of your viewfinder (Pointer), it will help you line up your shots and select a subject for the photo. Even if other Pokemon are included, the photo will still be included to the subject's group in the photo evaluation at the end of the course.

Camera Guide: Camera Features and How to Use

Running Out of Memory

New Pokemon Snap - Memory Indicator
You should enjoy the scenery of each course and take a lot of snaps of the Pokemon around, but not too much. Take note that you can only take 72 snaps per run and running out of memory will immediately end the expedition. You can check how many shots you have left by looking at the number on the upper right corner of the screen.

Use Items and Camera Features

Fluffruit Image.png
You can use items like Fluffruit, play a Melody, throw an Illumina Orb, or use the Scan tool to change a Pokemon's behavior. This can lead to a higher score or a rarer pose!

List of Items and Tools

Photo Evaluation

Scoring and Star System Explained

New Pokemon Snap Score System.png
Other than receiving a score for every photo you take, stars are also rewarded to photos that exhibit their subjects performing rare poses! Learn about each of the criteria for Professor Mirror's scoring system!

Photo Scoring Guide: Star Meaning and How to Get a High Star Rating

Using the Auto-Select Feature

Auto Select Feature.jpg

Auto-Select is a useful feature that helps players choose snaps to submit for Professor Mirror's evaluation. This will automatically select snaps with the highest scores or new poses with a high star rating. Check our guide below to know how to use this feature efficiently!

How to Use Auto Select Efficiently

Retake Pokemon Poses

Retaking Snaps.jpg

When replaying courses or taking snaps of Pokemon that you have seen before, be sure to still take a picture if you can as you may get a higher score on the same pose or even find a completely new pose! This is one of the things to remember when increasing the Research Level of a course.

How to Raise Your Research Level and Reach the Max Research Level Quickly

Side Contents

Requests From Friends

Shockingly Well-Done Photo.jpg

LenTalk Requests is probably the hardest part of the game as it requires you to take the most unusual behavior of a Pokemon. Requests are unlocked by completing courses on different Research Levels and rewards you with different collectibles such as Filters, Stickers, and Frames.

To keep you motivated, these requests also give hints on how to get the 4-star poses of most Pokemon for your Photodex completion!

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests


Research Titles.jpg

You can get different rewards by completing LenTalk requests or by reaching certain milestones. You can use these to customize your profile and even make your snaps more interesting!

How to Unlock All Research Titles How to Unlock All Profile Icons
How to Unlock All Stickers How to Unlock All Filters
How to Unlock All Frames

Saving and Sharing Snaps

Customize Photos

Edit Photos.png
One of the newest features of New Pokemon Snap is the Re-Snap feature. This feature allows players to edit and adjust the photos they have already taken. You can change the brightness, focus, blur, and also zoom on photos saved in your album after completing a course.

How to Use Re-Snap

Photo with sticker and frame.png
Not just that, there are more ways to edit them! You can make your photos stand out even more by adding stickers, frames, and filters just like the image above. This will allow you to add a bit of extra flare to the images you share online.

Photo Editing Mode Guide

Share Photos Online

Share Photos Online.jpg
You can share your photos online and test your skill as a Pokemon Photographer, provided you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership. Once you are a member, you can then compete in global leaderboards with other Pokemon photographers around the world in various rankings!

Ranking System Explained

Sweet! Medal.png
You can also view photos of other Pokemon Photographers and show your approval by giving them a Sweet! medal. If a photo gets a lot of Sweet! medals, it has the potential to become the most popular shot!

How to Get Sweet! Medals

Print out your Photos

How to Print New Pokemon Snap Photos Decorate.png
Why just have your Photodex in game when you can make a real one! With New Pokemon Snap, you can now take home the photos you take in the Lental region to make a real-world collection of your favorite Pokemon.
Learn How to Print New Pokemon Snap Photos

Secrets and Easter Eggs

All Secrets and Easter Eggs Banner.png
In a game full of life and activities, there are bound to be some hidden secrets and easter eggs to be found! We've compiled a list of references you can check out!
All Secrets and Easter Eggs

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