New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Game Length: How Long is New Pokemon Snap?

New Pokemon Snap - Game Length: How Long to Beat New Pokemon Snap?

This is a guide to game length in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Find out how long it will take to complete the game, as well as how many hours you will need to spend in order to 100% the game.

How Long Does It Take to Beat New Pokemon Snap?

New Pokemon Snap Game Length

New Pokemon Snap Game Length

The New Pokemon Snap will take most players about 8 to 10 hours of play time if they decide to focus on the story until the credits roll. Compared to the N64 Pokemon Snap, the new game will take much longer to complete as more contents are added, including more Pokemon from the new generations. For diehard fans who want to get their money's worth from this game, you can typically expect to spend around 70 to 80 hours to 100% the game.

8 ~ 10 Hours for the Main Story

Scorbunny and Pichu.png

Unlike the N64 Pokemon Snap, it also has more Pokemon to discover from across 8 generations. Plus, players have other tasks in the game, like helping Professor Mirror uncover the truth behind the Illumina Phenomenon. Focusing on this investigation will take about 8 to 10 hours.

The actual play time depends on whether the player reach the required expedition points or other requirements to unlock the next area in one go.

Progression Guide and Complete Story Walkthrough

15 ~ 20 Hours for LenTalk Requests


Here's one of the most challenging part of the game. Professor Mirror and the others will give Requests where you should capture specific Pokemon poses. Most of these poses are 4-star rank, which means they are the rarest and most difficult events to trigger.

Completing all the Requests will take about 15 to 20 hours, or even more if you keep missing or unsure of what to keep an eye out for.

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

20+ Hours for Completing Maps

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You also need to find all available Pokemon on each course and complete your maps. To do that, you have to max out all Research Levels first so you can be sure that all Pokemon in the course are discoverable.

From there, you can start taking snaps of Pokemon, crystablooms, and ancient ruins. Remember that some species appear on multiple locations around the course and alternate routes contain more hidden Pokemon needed for map completion.

Upon completing a course map, a crown will be displayed beside its name on your Photodex (Lab > Photodex > Map).

Levels List and How to Unlock Levels

20+ Hours for Unlockables

Research Titles.jpg

There are tons of unlockables in the game that you can get by completing Requests or reaching certain milestones. These unlockables are used to customize your profile or edit your snaps into something more interesting.

Checking these often, especially the Research Titles, is the best way to track your overall progress to 100-percenting the game.

List of Unlockables

70 ~ 80 Hours for 100% Completion


If you are a completionist and are planning for a 100% Completion, it might take you about 70 to 80 hours to do so.

This includes finishing the Story, fulfilling all Requests, collecting all Research Titles, and completing the Photodex with all photos in diamond stars.

This may sound difficult but it actually gets easier as you play the game and get the hang out of the point system and the different poses of each Pokemon.

Post Game Contents and 100 Percent Guide

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