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This is a list of the complete voice cast for New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here we will show both the English and Japanese voice actors and also how to change between English and Japanese voice settings.

New Pokemon Snap Voice Actors

Character Voice Actors

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Character English Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Professor Mirror
(Jpns.: Prof. Kagami)
Ben Lepley Ryotaro Okiayu
Rita Anairis Quinones Manami Numakura
(Jpns.: Toru)
Griffin Burns Kappei Yamaguchi
Phil Erica Mendez Makoto Koichi

Pokemon Voice Actor

Pokemon Voice Actor
Ikue Otani

New Pokemon Snap Voice Actors Trivia

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  • Ben Lepley voiced another Pokemon Professor before - Professor Sycamore in Pokemon Masters.
  • Kappei Yamaguchi also voiced Todd/Toru in the Pokemon anime.
  • Ikue Otani is known for being the voice of Ash's Pikachu in the Pokemon anime and related films.

How to Change Language of Voice Actors

Select via Settings in Research Camp

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To change your voice settings to the language of your preference, go to the Sound tab under Sound settings in your Research Camp. There, you have the option to choose your preferred Language for Character Voices.

Change Language for Character Voices

You can change the Language for Character Voices at any time! Note that doing so will not change the language of on-screen text, including subtitles. Language for on-screen text is chosen at the beginning of the game and can't be changed at any point afterward.

How to Change Your Language Settings

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New Pokemon Snap Characters

Main Character Professor Mirror
Phil Rita
Todd Snap Captain Vince
English and Japanese Voice Cast

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