New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Illumina Spot (Outaway Cave) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

New Pokemon Snap - Illumina Spot (Cave) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock
This guide will cover all of the Pokemon that can be found in Illumina Spot of Outaway Cave in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch, as well as how to unlock the level. Locations for all Pokemon in Cave (Illumina Spot), as well as alternate routes, requests, crystabloom and ancient ruins locations can be found here!

Outaway Cave Illumina Spot Map and How to Unlock

How to Unlock Unlocked after reaching Research Level 2 on Cave.

Expedition Points Per Level

Lv. 1→Lv. 2 1
Lv. 2→Max Lv 50,000

Outaway Cave Illumina Spot List of Pokemon

List of Pokemon

Minimum Research Level
New Pokemon Snap SteelixSteelix
Lv. 1
New Pokemon Snap JoltikJoltik
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap CarbinkCarbink
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap NoibatNoibat
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap SableyeSableye
Lv. 2

How to Raise Your Research Level

Pokemon Locations

Pokemon Where to Find
Minimum Research Level 1
New Pokemon Snap SteelixSteelix
  • Along the main path.
Minimum Research Level 2
New Pokemon Snap NoibatNoibat
  • A group of three Noibat can be found at the beginning of the course. Lighting them up with Illumina Orbs is part of the Steelix Takes a Breather request.

  • After the dark chamber, several Noibat may fly out some of the left holes of the cave.

  • In the chamber of the Ancient Ruins when following the alternate path.
New Pokemon Snap CarbinkCarbink
  • Near the start of the course, Carbink will be resting atop some glowing crystals to your right.
New Pokemon Snap JoltikJoltik
  • At the very start of the course, immedieately turn left and find this Joltik on the stone pillar.

  • As soon as you enter the alternate route, zoom in on the crystals to your left to find Joltik on it.
New Pokemon Snap CrobatCrobat
  • At the start of the level, you'll find a group of 3 Noibat. Throw an Illumina Orb at the Noibat on the right, then throw one Fluffruit at one of the smaller holes to the right. Steelix should pop his head out of one of the holes ahead. Noibat will use Supersonic on the Steelix before it jumps out. As it leaps into the next hole, Crobat will appear.

  • In the chamber with a narrow path, Crobat can be found hanging asleep upside down in one of the holes. You can use an Illumina Orb to wake it up.

  • If you woke up the Crobats from the chamber with a narrow path, more Crobat may appear in the chamber that follows.
New Pokemon Snap SableyeSableye
  • Near the start of the course, several Sableye can be found munching near the holes where Steelix first emerges.

  • Across the second Crystabloom, you'll find a group of Sableye cowering behind some rocks.

  • In the chamber of the Ancient Ruins when following the alternate path.

Outaway Cave Illumina Spot Alternate Routes

Alternate Route 1

New Pokemon Snap - Cave (Illumina Spot) Alternate Route 1

Research Level Lv. 2

You can find the branching route at the end of this course. Set your Research Level to 2 and proceed through the course and run a scan to head through this branching route.

Outaway Cave Illumina Spot Requests

Request Name How to Clear
Steelix Takes a BreatherSteelix Takes a Breather
Research Lv. 2 or higher
Throw Illumina Orbs at the three Noibats near the starting point. At the near end of the course, Steelix will emerge and curl into a ball. Take its photo sleeping to complete the request.
Steelix Takes a Breather Walkthrough

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

Outaway Cave Illumina Spot Crystablooms

Crystabloom Where to Find
Crystabloom 1 In the dark chamber with a narrow pathway, you can find this Crystabloom to your left. Lighting it up will wake up a Crobat sleeping inside, and may illuminate the Steelix as he jumps out of the ground.
Crystabloom 2 After the dark chamber, this Crystabloom can be found in one of the holes to your right. Lighting this one up may illuminate Steelix as he passes.
Crystabloom 3 Near the end of the course, this Crystabloom can be found on the ground. Lighting this one up may illuminate the Steelix and Noibat found near the end of the stage.

Outaway Cave Illumina Spot Ancient Ruins

New Pokemon Snap - Illumina Spot Outaway Cave Ancient Ruins
Start the course at Research Level 2. Head to the Brancing Route that leads to an area with more Pokemon inside. The ancient ruins are just behind the exit point.

All Ancient Ruins Locations

New Pokemon Snap Levels

Levels Banner.png

List of All Levels

Florio Nature Park
Park (Day) Park (Night) Illumina Spot
Founja Jungle
Jungle (Day) Jungle (Night)
Sweltering Sands
Sands (Day) Sands (Night)
Blushing Beach
Beach (Day) Beach (Night)
Maricopia Reef
Reef (Day) Reef (Evening)
Lental Seafloor
Undersea Illumina Spot
Fireflow Volcano
Volcano Illumina Spot
Elsewhere Forest
Forest Illumina Spot
Research Camp
Research Camp
Shiver Snowfields
Snowfields (Day) Snowfields (Night)
Outaway Cave
Cave Illumina Spot
Ruins of Remembrance
Ruins Illumina Spot
Secret Side Path
Side Path (Day) Side Path (Night)
Mightywide River
River (Day) River (Night)
Barren Badlands
Badlands (Day) Badlands (Night)


2 Anonymousover 1 year

You need to explore the branching path with the Giant crystals first

1 Billy Bob Thorntonabout 2 years

Crobat is missing in the section where it shows all pokemon at a glance (before the list of where to find them)


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