List of Voluca Lentalk Requests | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

This is a guide to all Lentalk Requests available in the Voluca Area of New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to complete Voluca LenTalk Requests, unlock conditions, as well as rewards.

Voluca Lentalk Requests

Sands (Day)

Request Name How to Clear
Striking a Pose with Its TailStriking a Pose with Its Tail Research Lv. 2 or higher. After revealing the hidden Skorupi from the three Crystablooms at the start of the stage, throw an Illumina Orb at it as it confronts another Skorupi. Take a photo as it assumes it's battle stance!
Todd's Bag
Striking a Pose with Its Tail Walkthrough
The Flying CacneaThe Flying Cacnea Research Lv. 2 Near the start of the course, a Cacnea will stray too close to a sand tornado. Take a photo of him as he flies in the air when he gets swept up by this gust of wind.
Blush 2
The Flying Cacnea Walkthrough
Where Did the Fluffruit Go?Where Did the Fluffruit Go? Research Lv. 2 or higher Make the sand vortex go away by throwing Illumina orbs at the 3 crystablooms, then throw a fluffruit where the vortex was. After Flygon picks up the fluffruit, snap a photo of Flygon feeding it to the Trapinch.
Where Did the Fluffruit Go? Walkthrough
Munching MandibuzzMunching Mandibuzz Research Lv. 3 As soon as the level starts, Turbo all the way to the right side of the oasis. A Mandibuzz will walk out of a cave to your right. You have to feed it with a fluffruit before it flies away. Take a photo of it while it's eating the fluffruit!
Professor Mirror's Shoe
Munching Mandibuzz Walkthrough
A Finicky FlameA Finicky Flame Research Lv. 2 or higher Throw 3 Illumina orbs at Torchic then throw a fluffruit at it.
A Finicky Flame Walkthrough
Sprinting in SurpriseSprinting in Surprise Research Lv. 1 or higher Throw fluffruit in the water surrounding Heliolisk until a Magikarp splashes out of the water, which will cause Heliosk to be surprised and run across the water.
Sprinting in Surprise Walkthrough
LycanrocLycanroc's Reply Research Lv. 2 or higher Allow Lycanroc to run atop the rock formation to reach the end of the cliff. Once it does, scan then Lycanroc will howl! Zoom in and take your shot.
Lycanroc's Reply Walkthrough
Oasis BuddiesOasis Buddies Research Lv. 2 or higher Throw an Illumina orb at Torchic then at Hippowdon to cause Torchic to jump on its head.
Character: Rita
Oasis Buddies Walkthrough
Totally Cool TyranitarTotally Cool Tyranitar Research Lv. 2 or higher Lead Lycanroc to the Tyranitar using Fluffruit. They will taunt each other before Lycanroc attempts to flee into a nearby cave. Take a photo of the moment that Tyranitar smashes the rock leading into the cave.
Monitor: Phil
Totally Cool Tyranitar Walkthrough
OnixOnix's Mighty Leap Research Lv. 3 After disturbing three specific Mandibuzz, they will fly as a flock over where the Onix stay. Take a photo of Onix leaping into the sky to reach these three Mandibuzz,
Onix's Mighty Leap Walkthrough

Sands (Day) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

Sands (Night)

Request Name How to Clear
Roll and StopRoll and Stop Research Lv. 1 or higher Hit a rolling Sandshrew with a Fluffruit.
Roll and Stop Walkthrough
Hide-and-Seek in the DesertHide-and-Seek in the Desert Research Lv. 1 or higher Take a photo of the hidden Trapinch.
Star 1
Hide-and-Seek in the Desert Walkthrough
KangaskhanKangaskhan's Parenting Research Lv. 2 or higher Capture a Kangaskhan feeding its baby a Fluffruit.
Kangaskhan's Parenting Walkthrough
Revenge of SilicobraRevenge of Silicobra Research Lv. 2 or higher Capture a photo of Silicobra fighting a Lycanroc.
Revenge of Silicobra Walkthrough
Rainbow Meteor ShowerRainbow Meteor Shower Research Lv. 2 or higher After revealing ten Minior from the sand at the beginning of the level, several of them in different colors will fly across the sky.
Shooting Star
Rainbow Meteor Shower Walkthrough

Sands (Night) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock


Request Name How to Clear
The Singing DragonThe Singing Dragon Research Lv. 2 Play the Melody to make the flock of Altaria come out.
Effect 10
The Singing Dragon Walkthrough
Little Lost ShinxLittle Lost Shinx Research Lv. 3 Reunite Shinx with Luxray by luring it with Fluffruit.
Little Lost Shinx Walkthrough
Luxray VisionLuxray Vision Research Lv. 3 Make Luxray's eyes glow yellow.
Luxray Vision Walkthrough
A Skilled HunterA Skilled Hunter Research Lv. 2 Capture a photo of Talonflame snatching Fluffruit off the ground.
Mouth 4
A Skilled Hunter Walkthrough
A Goofy PoseA Goofy Pose Research Lv. 1 Get Monferno to stick its rear out at Tyrantrum.
A Goofy Pose Walkthrough
Rest Your WingsRest Your Wings Research Lv. 2 or higher Capture a photo of Aerodactly eating a Fluffruit.
Sparkles 4
Rest Your Wings Walkthrough
A Quaking VolcanoA Quaking Volcano Research Lv. 3 Take a photo of Tyrantrum as it rams its head against the cave wall.
Effect 15
A Quaking Volcano Walkthrough
When Graveler Shows Its HandWhen Graveler Shows Its Hand Research Lv. 1 After letting three specific Graveler fall from the sides of the Volcano, feed the Graveler at the center a Fluffruit. He will use his inner arms to munch on the fluffruit.
Effect 13
When Graveler Shows Its Hand Walkthrough
Archeops at EaseArcheops at Ease Research Lv. 1 and 2 Capture a photo of Archeops eating a Fluffruit.
Archeops at Ease Walkthrough
Climbing the LavafallClimbing the Lavafall Research Lv. 1 and 3 Capture a photo of Slugma climbing up a lavafall.
Climbing the Lavafall Walkthrough
So Excited!So Excited! Research Lv. 3 Use an Illumina Orb to make Torkoal stand on its hind legs.
Rita (Surprised)
So Excited! Walkthrough
Volcanic Hide-and-SeekVolcanic Hide-and-Seek Research Lv. 3 Snap a photo of Charmander jumping in celebration after summoning Charizard.
Volcanic Hide-and-Seek Walkthrough
Red-Hot EnergyRed-Hot Energy Research Lv. 2 or higher Capture a photo of Charizard as it bursts through the lava pit.
Monitor: Professor Mirror
Red-Hot Energy Walkthrough
Typhlosion ExplosionTyphlosion Explosion Research Lv. 3 Get Typhlosion to explode while fighting Aerodactyl.
Typhlosion Explosion Walkthrough
3 000-Degree Flames3,000-Degree Flames Research Lv. 3 or higher Take the right path through the volcano. Make the Flareon come to the center by throwing a fluffruit at one or an illumina orb at the crystabloom, then feed it a fluffruit. After it eats it, give it another one, and snap a picture of it using Flamethrower on the fruit.
3,000-Degree Flames Walkthrough
A Slice of RainbowA Slice of Rainbow Research Lv. 3 Capture a photo of Ho-Oh passing by the area.
Todd (Heart-Eyes)
A Slice of Rainbow Walkthrough

Volcano Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

Illumina Spot

Request Name How to Clear
Vocal VolcaronaVocal Volcarona Research Lv. 2 or higher Capture a photo of the two Volcarona looking at the Crystabloom
Vocal Volcarona Walkthrough

Illumina Spot (Fireflow Volcano) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

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>>1 Thank you for your comment! This should be very helpful for our fellow snappers! We're currently writing walkthroughs for all of these requests, so we'll be sure to consult with this info. Thank you so much for supporting our guides <3

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For the flying cacnea. At beginning of sand day course a tornado will pick up the cacnea take a picture of cacnea floating in tornado. Kangaskhans parenting at beginning of night in sands it will be on dune. Hit with apple to get it to turn around. Throw another apple and it will feed it to the baby snap a pick while it is feeding baby.


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