How to Clear Three in a Row Request Walkthrough | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

This is a guide to completing Three in a Row, a request in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find what kind of photo you need, and how to take it, in order to clear Three in a Row, as well as the reward!

Three in a Row Map and Request Information

General Info

Course Beach (Day) Lv. 2 or higher
Target Pokemon New Pokemon Snap ExeggutorExeggutor
Quest Giver Rita
How to Unlock ・After discovering a route that leads to a hidden beach in Blushing Beach.
Request Text ・“Earlier, I saw some Exeggutor napping. They looked so cute! I was hoping you could see them, too!”

Course and Map Information

New Pokemon Snap - Three in a Row Map
Beach (Day) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock

How to Clear Three in a Row

Favorite Sleeping Spot

For this request, you need to line up three Exeggutors in their favorite sleeping spot. The Exeggutor's favorite sleeping spot is in the first area of the course, where one Exeggutor is already sleeping. Scan mode will also reveal exactly where it is.

Lure 2 Exeggutor with Fluffruit

One Exeggutor is already asleep in the spot, so you need to lure the other two Exeggutor walking around it with Fluffruit.

As soon as the course begins, you'll need to start throwing Fluffruit to make sure the nearest Exeggutor to the starting point starts moving. When you're in front of the sleeping Exeggutor, you can start luring in the second awake Exeggutor, if you're already confident that you lured the first Exeggutor far enough.

Preferred Spawn Point

Where the two Exeggutor spawn is random, but it's preferred that they start off already facing in the direction of where you want them to go, so it's easier to catch their attention and lure them with the fluffruit.

Since the request happens at the start of the level, you can just keep retrying the course through the Pause Menu to get the preferrable spawn point.

Tree's a Crowd

You'll know you have succesfully lured in the two Exeggutor if they suddenly ditch the Fluffruit and start moving towards the sleeping Exeggutor.

They will sit down in a line and go to sleep, which is when you should take the photo! Don't worry if you're not directly in front of them. You can still get a 4★ Platinum even when off to their side.

Reward for Clearing Three in a Row

No Reward

There are no obtainable rewards for completing this request.

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