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New Pokemon Snap Review: Is It Worth It?

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This is our game review for the New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. We have compiled our thoughts after playing through the story and the game's post-game contents. So, is it worth it? Read on to learn more!

New Pokemon Snap Review Score

Overall Score
Mechanics Art & Graphics Game Length Fun
7/10 9/10 6/10 8/10

Overall: The total rating of the game. The scores available range from 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Mechanics: How we rate the gameplay mechanics and systems designed and put in the game.

Art & Graphics: Rating how beautiful the game's graphics are as well as its user interface.

Game Length: The base game's length, replayability, and time needed for 100% completion.

Fun: What everyone wanted. Here, we rate how fun it is to play the game.

New Pokemon Snap Review

A Relaxing Rail Shooter

Relaxing rail shooter

The New Pokemon Snap is a first-person rail shooter game except you'll be using a digital camera instead of a weapon (haha burst mode go brrr). Its evolved graphics will soothe your nerves as you ride through courses filled with quirky Pokemon that can be interacted with. Take photos of your favorite Pokemon and show them to your friends!

The Pokemon are Sooooo Cute!



Adorable Pokemon are found in the wild, showing their natural behavior and interactions with their friends that you won't see in other installments in the series. This is new for players who are used to seeing them battle each other to the death (well, not really). This game will make you love the Pokemon more as you socialize with them in their natural habitat while taking photos of them as you go!

Perfect for Collectors

Research titles

There are a total of 214 Pokemon to find and take pictures of in the Lental Region Photodex. But wait... there's more! Each Pokemon have 4 different poses to see that will surely grab a collector's attention. Research Titles, the game's achievement system, are also awarded as you reach certain milestones. Get them all and place your best title in your profile for bragging rights!

Photo Editing Rocks

New Pokemon Snap Frame Photo Editing.jpg

Players can modify images they take using the in-game photo editor! You can "re-snap" your photos before saving them to your personal album then add filters, frames, and stickers before you post them online! Although these items need to be unlocked first (better than buying them as DLCs kek), they will keep you motivated especially if you like collecting or photo editing.

Online Features

Online Play - Photo Ranking 1.png

You can upload your photos online for everyone to see! Check others' snaps and give Sweet! Medals (basically a "like" button) to those that caught your eye. There are also global and local leaderboards where players are ranked based on their Photodex and Course scores!

You Can't Easily Change Courses

You can

Bruh, I just want to switch courses. C'mon, man

When you realize you chose the wrong course or research level, you'll have a hard time jumping to another course. Professor Mirror won't let you skip the photo evaluation and will just waste your time telling you that it's a shame that you didn't get any snap. We hope that this gets changed in the future and have Professor let us go back straight to the camp.

What's Up with the Requests?

What to do if Requests are not working - Not Completed.png

LenTalk Requests add more excitement in the game as these lead to Pokemon behavior that you probably have never seen yet. Needless to say, you have to put effort before these events happen and take a picture before they end. Now, you're excited to submit the photo so you can complete the request then guess what? The snap didn't count!

Lots of players already encountered this problem and thought that it's caused by a bug, though it really isn't (except for one). There really are specific moments, objects, or Pokemon to be included in the snap needed for the requests. You won't get notified either if you got the necessary photo until you submit it for evaluation. Sheesh

Too Long for Completionists

Play time

Despite the game's main story being only 8 to 10 hours long, the time you need to really beat the game is waaaaaaaay more than that. Completionists will have a hard time reaching their goal as LenTalk Requests and Research Titles will bombard them with lengthy tasks that might keep them playing up to 70 hours or more—that's almost 10 times longer than completing your research about the Illumina Pokemon.

You can probably cut the estimated time if you know where most of the game's contents are already before playing the game. But still, 100% completion is brutal.

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