Illumina Spot (Elsewhere Forest) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

New Pokemon Snap - Illumina Spot (Elsewhere Forest) Walkthrough: List of Pokemon and How to Unlock
This guide will cover all of the Pokemon that can be found in Illumina Spot of Elsewhere Forest in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch, as well as how to unlock the level. Locations for all Pokemon in Forest (Illumina Spot), as well as alternate routes, requests, crystabloom and ancient ruins locations can be found here!

Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot Map and How to Unlock

How to Unlock Unlocked after reaching Research Level 1 in Forest (Day).

Expedition Points Per Level

Lv. 1→Lv. 2 1
Lv. 2→Max Lv 35,000

Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot List of Pokemon

List of Pokemon

Minimum Research Level
New Pokemon Snap MiloticMilotic
Lv. 1
New Pokemon Snap MagikarpMagikarp
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap TrevenantTrevenant
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap KecleonKecleon
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap BulbasaurBulbasaur
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap SerperiorSerperior
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap NinetalesNinetales
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap LotadLotad
Lv. 2
New Pokemon Snap EspeonEspeon
Lv. 2

How to Raise Your Research Level

Pokemon Locations

Pokemon Where to Find
New Pokemon Snap MiloticMilotic
  • Milotic can be found swimming underwater in this course. Throw a Fluffruit at it for the Pokemon to surface and then throw an Illumina Orb to reveal its glowing patterns.
New Pokemon Snap KecleonKecleon
  • As you proceed through the second area, run a scan to find the ??? and throw an Illumina Orb at it to reveal the Pokemon.
New Pokemon Snap BulbasaurBulbasaur
  • At the starting point, look to your left to find two Bulbasaurs in one of the islands.
New Pokemon Snap LotadLotad
  • At the starting point, look to your right to find two Lotads swimming.
  • The second group can be found left of the island where Kecleon is.
  • The third group is near the exit point.
New Pokemon Snap TrevenantTrevenant
  • You can find the first Trevenant after passing through the island with Kecleon on it.
  • The second Trevenant can be found sleeping next to a Crystabloom.
New Pokemon Snap MagikarpMagikarp
  • The first Magikarp can be found swimming at the beginning of this course.
  • You can find the second group near the area with the Crystabloom.
New Pokemon Snap EspeonEspeon
  • Espeon can be found sleeping on an island left of Serperior.
New Pokemon Snap NinetalesNinetales
  • At the starting point, look behind and find the two Lotads swimming in the area. Above them is a cliff with a fruit tree that Ninetales passes by before moving to the next area.
  • Another Ninetales appears if Milotic has been illuminated and has jumped out of the water to inspect the Crystabloom.
New Pokemon Snap SerperiorSerperior
  • Serperior can be found on an island left of the Crystabloom. If Milotic is illumanited, it will swim near this Pokemon to interact with it.

Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot Alternate Routes

There doesn't appear to be any alternate routes in this course.

Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot Requests

Request Name How to Clear
MiloticMilotic's Mighty Leap
Research Lv. 2 or higher
Throw an Illumina orb at Milotic while it's conjuring a twister for a second twister.
Milotic's Mighty Leap Walkthrough

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot Crystablooms

Crystabloom Where to Find
Crystabloom 1 You can find this Crystabloom on the second area beside a sleeping Trevenant.

All Crystabloom Locations

Elsewhere Forest Illumina Spot Ancient Ruins

New Pokemon Snap - Illumina Spot (Elsewhere Forest) Ancient Ruins
Start this course at Research Level 2. On the second area just past the giant root, look underwater and run a scan to locate the Ancient Ruins.

All Ancient Ruins Locations

New Pokemon Snap Levels

Levels Banner.png

List of All Levels

Florio Nature Park
Park (Day) Park (Night) Illumina Spot
Founja Jungle
Jungle (Day) Jungle (Night)
Sweltering Sands
Sands (Day) Sands (Night)
Blushing Beach
Beach (Day) Beach (Night)
Maricopia Reef
Reef (Day) Reef (Evening)
Lental Seafloor
Undersea Illumina Spot
Fireflow Volcano
Volcano Illumina Spot
Elsewhere Forest
Forest Illumina Spot
Research Camp
Research Camp
Shiver Snowfields
Snowfields (Day) Snowfields (Night)
Outaway Cave
Cave Illumina Spot
Ruins of Remembrance
Ruins Illumina Spot
Secret Side Path
Side Path (Day) Side Path (Night)
Mightywide River
River (Day) River (Night)
Barren Badlands
Badlands (Day) Badlands (Night)

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