How to Clear Rainbow Meteor Shower Request Walkthrough | New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

This is a guide to completing Rainbow Meteor Shower, a request in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find what kind of photo you need, and how to take it, in order to clear Rainbow Meteor Shower, as well as the reward!

Rainbow Meteor Shower Map and Request Information

General Info

Course Sands (Night) Lv. 1 or higher
Target Pokemon New Pokemon Snap MiniorMinior
Quest Giver Todd
How to Unlock ・After you research all areas in the Lental region
Request Text ・“We know that Minior cores come in seven different colors. I bet it'd be amazing if we could snap a photo of all seven at once.”

Course and Map Information

Rainbow Meteor Shower Map.jpg
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How to Clear Rainbow Meteor Shower

Unearth Minior Cores 1 - 3

This might be one of the most precise requests yet. You only have the first 2 minutes of the level to uncover a handful of different Minior scattered in the earlier parts of the course. With the help of Scan, you should have a good idea where to throw your Illumina Orbs. We also recommend zooming in for as much as you unearth these Minior since the NEO-ONE moves slower while zoomed in.

The first one can be found right as the course starts. Immediately aim to your bottom-right hand corner and throw an Illumina Orb at the ground. Successfully doing so will let the first Minior rise from the ground. Quickly pan your camera to the left and with a Scan you'll find Minior #2 And Minior #3 close to each other. Throw Illumina Orbs where the scan marks them to be until you get them each to rise from the sands.

Unearth Minior Cores 4 and 5

Continuing where you left off with Minior 3, pan over to the right side where you'll find the large rock. There are two more Minior on either side of this rock. We recommend getting the left one first since it will be out of sight very shortly, then proceed to unearth Minior #5.

Remember that you can keep using Scan to get a good idea of where the Minior Cores are buried. Stay on your toes, we have five more to go.

Unearth Minior Cores 6 and 7

After unearthing Minior 5, face your camera back to the front in the direction of the walking Cacnea. Even without using Scan, you should be able to spot one of the white protrusions from the sand as the location of the 6th Minior. After unearthing that one, pan slightly to the right where you'll find Minior #7 past the Skorupi and the Silicobra

Reveal Minior 8

Look straight up ahead at the lone Skorupi who will shortly be hit by a falling Minior. Reveal this Orange Core Minior much like you did the others.

Throw Illumina Orbs at the Crystablooms to Reveal Minior 9

After Minior 8, the three Crystablooms should be to your right. Throw all Illumina Orbs at all three of them to let another Minior fall from the sky. Throw Illumina Orbs in its direction to let it come out from the sands. Just one left!

Unearth Minior 10

Use Scan to find the location of this last one, it should be right past Minior #9 past a smaller dune. You'll have until the peak of the hill to grab this last one. Once you do, turn around and watch the rainbow of Minior fly over the oasis.

Take a Photo of the Flying Minior

That must have been intense! Thankfully, you'll be treated to a magical sight of colorful Minior flying over the oasis when you're successful! You worked hard for this request, so before you take it all in, don't forget to take a photo! Submit it to the professor for evaluation to complete this request.

Reward for Clearing Rainbow Meteor Shower

Shooting Star

Completing this request will reward you with the following collectible: Shooting Star.
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