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Introducing Professor Mirror! The Newest Pokemon Professor

Professor Mirror New Pokemon Snap

This is an introduction to Professor Mirror, a character in New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Find out who Professor Mirror is, as well as how can he help you along your adventure!

Who is Professor Mirror?

The New Pokemon Snap Professor

Professor Mirror.png

English Voice Actor Ben Lepley
Japanese Voice Actor Ryotaro Okiayu

Just like any other Pokemon game, the Lental Region also has a dedicated Professor that will guide you in your adventure. But unlike all other Professors, this one is not named after a tree. While there's no official explanation on why his name is Mirror, it can be inferred that it is because a camera has a mirror lens and it is more appropriate than a tree name. Or might be named after a bush called Coprosma repens, which is commonly known as a mirror bush.

Research Expert on the Lental Region

Scoring Photodex Photo.jpg
Professor Mirror is a Lental Region research expert that will analyze each Photodex Photo you take. He will evaluate each Photodex Photo you have and score them from one to four stars. Four-stars is the highest score you can obtain on a photo, and you'll want to aim for the highest score possible. Make sure to get the whole Pokemon in the frame looking nice and big to get a high score!

Illumina Orb Inventor

Professor Mirror Illumina Orb Inventor.png
Professor Mirror has invented an amazing orb called the Illumina orb, which is related to the Illumina phenomenon. This orb can be used by players to create unusual effects with Pokemon.

Illumina Orb

Scorbunny with Illumina Orb - Gif.gif
The Illumina Orb is an item in New Pokemon Snap that you can use to make a Pokemon glow. It can change the color of fire that Pokemon emits from red to blue.

What is the Illumina Phenomenon?

Professor Mirror Name Origin

Is there a Mirror Tree?

Mirror Bush - Professor Mirror.png

All of the Professors from the Pokemon series are named after a tree. But, is Professor Mirror named after one?

We haven't found a tree named after a mirror. But, there's a bush named Coprosma repens that originated from the coastal areas of New Zealand. This bush is most commonly known as mirror bush because of its shiny leaves, looking like glass or mirror.

They might have thought of using this name for the New Pokemon Snap's Professor because the game is about capturing photos of Pokemon using a camera, which has a mirror lens.

Coprosma repens is not a tree, but it is still a plant. Maybe this is the reason behind Professor Mirror's name.

How Professor Mirror Evaluates the Photodex

Based on Pokemon Poses

He will score each photo based on Pose, Size, Direction, Placement, other Pokemon included in the shot, as well as the Background. The nicer shot you have, the higher score you get!

Photo Scoring Guide: Star Meaning and How to Get a High Star Rating

Based on Type of Pokemon

Mythical Celebi.png
Players will have chances to take photos of some Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. All of this might also affect Professor Mirror's decision on what kind of score a Photodex Photo will receive.

Lental Region Photodex: List of All Pokemon Appearing in New Pokemon Snap

Based on Pokemon Behavior

At higher levels, Pokemon may display different expressions and behaviors; capturing that moment may give you a higher score. The total score you will get in each Photo has an equivalent number of stars, indicating how common or rare the behavior of the Pokemon shown. Four-star photos are the most difficult to snap. But with all of these photography tips from Professor Mirror, you’ll be able to snap a great Photo!

Additionally, rarer behaviors will be easier to observe as your Research Level increases!

How to Raise Your Research Level Quickly | Reaching the Max Research Level

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