New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Game Controls and Best Settings

Game Controls and Best Settings.png

A guide to basic game controls and button layouts in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn what each button does, how to control the Neo-One, as well as recommended settings and how to change controls!

Game Control Settings


Neo One Controls.png

Button Action
ZL.png or L button.png Zoom
L stick.png Pointer and Camera Operation
R stick.png Camera Operation
ZR.png Turbo
R button.png Melody
D-Pad Turn Around / Face Direction
X button.png Scan
Y button.png Illumina Orb
A button.png Photograph
B button.png Fluffruit

The button layout here is based on default controls.

Research Camp

Base Camp New Pokemon Snap.png

Button Action
L stick.png or D-Pad Move
A button.png Select
B button.png Back

The button layout here is based on default controls.

How to Unlock New Command Settings

How to Unlock New Commands.png

Command Unlock Condition
Zoom Available from the Beginning
Pointer and Camera Operation Available from the Beginning
Turn Around Available from the Beginning
Take Photo Available from the Beginning
Scan Upon heading out to second Research outing
Fluffruit After the Illumina Spot Research Outing
Illumina Orb By taking a photo of a shining Crystabloom at night in the Jungle.
Melody Jungle Day and Night Level 2
Turbo Complete the first four Illumina Spots

How to Change Controller Settings

To change Controller Settings, go to the Buttons tab in Settings. There, you have the option to choose between 4 fixed sets of controller settings.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Recommended Settings

Set Camera / Pointer Speed between 8 and 10

Set Camera  Pointer Speed between 8 and 10.png
It is recommended to make your camera and pointer speed faster since you'll want to quickly aim your pointer at a subject of interest. The default settings are way too slow for you to quickly react to a subject's movements, so we recommend turning this setting up!

Beware of Motion Sickness

However, for those who are sensitive to quick and sudden camera movements, take this advice with a grain of salt. Having the camera and pointer speed set faster may make those prone to motion sickness dizzy!

Turn On Gyro Settings for a More Natural Experience

Turn On Gyro Settings for a More Natural Experience.png
Gyro controls are available for New Pokemon Snap. Having this setting on makes taking photos a lot easier than navigating using analog sticks. Toggling the option is as simple as going to the Settings on the Pause Menu or from the Base Camp Screen.

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