New Pokemon Snap (Switch)

Release Date: When Does Pokemon Snap Come Out on Nintendo Switch?

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This is a guide to the release date of the New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch. Learn when will the New Pokemon Snap (2021) come out and more!

New Pokemon Snap Release Date

Coming Out on April 30, 2021

Are you excited to feel the nostalgia with the New Pokemon Snap (2021)? The long wait is nearly over! The New Pokemon Snap will come out on April 30, 2021. You can now pre-order from the Nintendo eShop for $59.99, and at retailers like GameStop and Amazon.

Buy New Pokemon Snap on the Offical Nintendo Site

Release Time

The release time of the New Pokemon Snap will be on midnight (12:00 AM) of its release date. However, this might also depend on the timezone of the region where you purchased the game. If you want to be the first on your block to get into the game, it is best to pre-load it before the release.

How to Pre-Load (Download Before Release)

Digital Version Pre-Order Bonus

Sadly, the New Pokemon Snap digital version doesn't have any pre-order bonuses, but for those die-hard fans of Pokemon Snap, this won't stop us! You can still get pre-order bonuses from buying the physical copy from specific retailers. Get yours now!

Pre-Order Guide: All Pre-Order Bonuses

New Pokemon Snap Trailer

Release Date Trailer

Here is the official New Pokemon Snap (2021) release date trailer.

For more trailers and gameplay footage, you can check the link below.

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What Kind of Game is New Pokemon Snap?

Explore lush scenery on unknown islands to snap photos of Pokémon in their natural habitats

Seek out and take in-game photographs of Pokémon in their native environments in the New Pokémon Snap™ game, only for the Nintendo Switch™ system! Snap photos from the NEO-ONE as you you encounter and research lively wild Pokémon. You might see unexpected expressions or behaviors—Pokémon patrolling their territory, playing, or lurking in out-of-the-way spots.

Check out the rest of the trailers to get a better idea of what kind of game New Pokemon Snap is.
List of All Trailers

New Pokemon Snap - Software Information

Software Information
New Pokemon Snap Physical Copy.png
Release Date: April 30, 2021 Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1 Player Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Studios
Genre: Simulation Game File Size: 6.8GB
Supported Languages: Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, English
Supported Play Modes: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode.
Software compatibility and play experience may differ on Nintendo Switch Lite.
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Users Interact

New Pokemon Snap Has A File Size Of 6.8 GB

The official listing on Nintendo's site says that New Pokemon Snap needs 6.8 GB of space! If you're planning on downloading the Digital Version from the E-shop, make sure you have enough storage space!

Is New Pokemon Snap a Switch Exclusive?

Seeing as Pokemon is one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises, it's very likely that New Pokemon Snap will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive game. Aside from a few puzzle games that are also available on mobile devices, most Pokemon games can be expected to be Nintendo exclusives.

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