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Post Game Contents and 100 Percent Guide

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This is a guide for Post Game Contents and 100% Game Completion in New Pokemon Snap (Pokemon Snap 2) for the Nintendo Switch. Already done uncover the truth behind the Illumina Phenomenon? Read on below to know what to do after beating the game and how to achieve 100% completion!

List of Post Game Contents

Burst Mode

Burst Mode.jpg

Beating the game unlocks the Burst Mode. This mode allows you to take multiple shots with one press of the shutter. You can change the number of shots taken with Burst Mode or turn it off in the settings.

This allows you to have more options when selecting the best shot for evaluations or for your personal album. Just be careful not to run out of memory though!

How to Unlock Burst Mode

Maricopia Reef - Reef (Evening)

Reef (Evening).jpg

You will also discover another course at Maricopia Reef that will let you explore the area in the evening! More Pokemon will come out at sunset including some of those you haven't seen in the previous areas. Start exploring and get those remaining Photodex entries!

Reef (Evening) Walkthrough

Mightywide River - River (Day & Night)

New Area 2 - Mightywide River (Day Night).jpg

As part of the free content update released in August 3, 2021, a new course called Mightywide River in Belusylva Island is available after completing the main story.

Mightywide River Walkthrough
River (Day) River (Night)

Barren Badlands - Badlands (Day & Night)

New Area 3 - Barren Badlands (Day Night).jpg
In addition to the Mightywide River, a new course called Barren Badlands in Voluca Island is also available after completing the main story.

Barren Badlands
Badlands (Day) Badlands (Night)

Course Scores

New Pokemon Snap - New Course Score

In addition to Burst Mode and the new Reef course, Course Scores will also be unlocked. Course Score is based on how thoroughly you explored the selected course.

To increase your Course Score, take as much high scoring snaps as you can before you reach the teleportation point at the end or run out of photo memory. Your Course Score will be shown after Professor Mirror evaluates your snaps from the course.

How to Get a High Course Score

How to 100% Clear the Game

100% Clear Checklist
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Complete the Photodex


Like almost every game in the series, one of your main goals is to complete your Pokedex, or Photodex in this case. Remember that some Pokemon only appear during a specific time of the day and some only appear after reaching a higher Research Level in a course. Be sure to explore each course thoroughly to find every Pokemon in the game!

Lental Region Photodex

Fulfill All Requests

Shockingly Well-Done Photo.jpg

LenTalk Requests is probably the hardest part of the game as it requires you to take the most unusual behavior of a Pokemon. Requests are unlocked by completing courses on different Research Levels and rewards you with different items such as Filters, Stickers, and Frames.

To keep you motivated, these requests also give hints on how to get the 4-star poses of most Pokemon for your Photodex completion!

LenTalk Guide and List of Requests

Earn All Research Titles

Research Titles.jpg

Research Titles is an in-game achievement system that you can complete by reaching specific milestones while exploring courses. These titles help you track your game progress and sometimes reward you with collectibles!

You can view the titles you've unlocked and set your preferred title in your profile through Your Space. Show your achievement to your friends and to the world!

How to Unlock All Research Titles

Achieve Diamond Stars on All Poses

Achieving Diamond Stars on all poses will take a while, especially for those 4-star poses. Diamond Stars are achieved by getting more than 4000 points in a photo.

You'll need to take note of each criteria: size, direction, placement, and other Pokemon in the photo to obtain the highest photo score possible. It might take a lot of runs and practice to get used to this scoring system but you'll get there sooner than you know it!

Photo Scoring Guide

Max Out Research Levels

Research Level Up.jpg

Taking better photos and discovering new Pokemon for the Photodex give expedition points and increase Research Level for a course. Although it sounds easy, maxing out the Research Level for every course is challenging as you will need to take photos with a higher score than the ones you have.

Remember that even though you already got the Diamond Star for a pose, you can still get a higher score for the same pose and obtain more expedition points for the course!

How to Raise Your Research Level Quickly

Complete Each Course Map

Jungle Night complete.jpg

Every Pokemon in the course will now be discoverable after maxing out its Research Level. From there, you can start taking snaps of Pokemon, crystablooms, and ancient ruins to complete the course maps.

Remember that some species appear on multiple locations around the course and alternate routes contain more hidden Pokemon needed for map completion. Upon completing a course map, a crown will be displayed beside its name on your Photodex (Lab > Photodex > Map).

Levels List and How to Unlock Levels

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