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New Pokemon Snap Price

This page will detail pricing for New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch cost. Learn how much New Pokemon Switch will cost, and whether or not there are any known methods of getting it at free or reduced price.

Will New Pokemon Snap Be Free?

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As the release date of New Pokemon Snap is getting nearer, some players are getting curious as to whether or not they can play the New Pokemon Snap for free.

Having this game for free would be a great treat for F2P players, but as a full-on new entry with fresh content, the all-new game inspired by the 1999 Nintendo 64 game Pokemon Snap needs to be purchased for it to be played. New Pokemon Snap will not be available for free, and it will cost $59.99 USD. You can purchase it from different online stores in Digital and Physical Copy.

As for a free playable demo version of New Pokemon Snap, nothing has been announced yet by Nintendo, but it seems unlikely that are plans to release a demo version before release. If anything regarding a playable demo changes before New Pokemon Snap's release, we will update this page immediately!

New Pokemon Snap Price

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You can now purchase your own copy of New Pokemon Snap by pre-ordering online and get exclusive bonuses for buying a Physical copy!

New Pokemon Snap will cost you $59.99 (USD) on the Nintendo eShop. Price from other stores may vary, so check the table below for the different prices. Get yours now!

Shop Price
Nintendo eShop $59.99
Walmart $59.88
Amazon $59.88
Best Buy $59.99
GameStop $59.99
Target $59.99
GAME £49.99
Smyths £44.99

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