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Is New Pokemon Snap Multiplayer? Multiplayer Features Explained

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Want to know about the multiplayer features available for New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch? Learn all about the online multiplayer features of the game and whether you can play online with friends!

New Pokemon Snap is a Singleplayer Experience

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As seen on the game's information, New Pokemon Snap is not a multiplayer game. Most of the gameplay will be a singleplayer experience where you will take the role of the main character exploring and researching the Lental Region.

Multiplayer Features

Online Multiplayer

Although the campaign of the game may only be played alone, there are some online features that allow for some interaction with other players. These include sharing of photos, giving other photos Sweet! Medals, and even Lental Chat.

Keep in mind that a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and a Nintendo Account is required for online features.

Read more about Online Features here

Sweet! Medals

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You can upload your photos online so other players can view those photos and give you Sweet! Medals. These medals serve as the game's "like" button. You can also view other players' snaps and give Sweet! Medals to those that caught your eye!

How to Get Sweet! Medals

Online Rankings

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Leaderboards are also available that ranks players according to their Photodex score. This ranking system can be based on either your local or global rankings. Make sure to aim for higher scores to raise your online ranking!

How do Photo Scores Work?

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