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Welcome to our Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) Walkthrough Wiki and Guide. For a comprehensive story walkthrough, boss battle guides, a complete guide to the compendium, demon stats, and a detailed guide to fusing demons, leave it to Game8!

Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Partial Banner

Story Walkthrough and Route Guides

Story Walkthroughs
SMT V Tokyo Tower banner.jpgPrologue - Tokyo Tower SMT V Diet Building bannerTokyo Diet Building
SMT V Jouin High School banner.jpgJouin High School SMT V Shinagawa Walkthrough banner.jpgShinagawa
SMT V Shinagawa Station Walkthrough banner.jpgShinagawa Station SMT V Chiyoda Walkthrough banner.jpgChiyoda
SMT V Tokyo Station Walkthrough banner.jpgTokyo Station SMT V Demon KingDemon King's Castle
SMT V Taito Walkthrough banner.jpgTaito SMT V Temple of Eternity Walkthrough banner.jpgTemple of Eternity
SMT V Empyrean Walkthrough banner.jpgEmpyrean

Boss Guides

Boss Battle Partial
Boss Battle Guides | List of Bosses

All Boss Types

Related Boss Guides
SMTV List of Story BossesStory Bosses SMTV List of Optional BossesOptional Bosses
SMTV List of DLC BossesDLC Bosses

Story Bosses

Story Boss Guides
SMTV How to Beat the HydraHydra SMTV How to Beat EligorEligor
SMT V How to Beat NuwaNuwa SMT V How to Beat LahmuLahmu (1st Fight)
SMT V How to Beat Loup-garouLoup-garou SMT V How to Beat Fionn mac CumhaillFionn mac Cumhaill
SMT V How to Beat LahmuLahmu (2nd Fight) SMT V How to Beat Shohei YakumoShohei Yakumo
SMT V How to Beat Surt.jpgSurt SMT V How to Beat Ishtar.jpgIshtar
SMT V How to Beat Chernobog.jpgChernobog SMT V How to Beat Arioch.jpgArioch
SMT V How to Beat Abdiel.jpgAbdiel SMT V How to Beat Odin.jpgOdin
SMT V How to Beat Zeus.jpgZeus SMT V How to Beat Vasuki.jpgVasuki
SMT V How to Beat Metatron.jpgMetatron SMT V How to Beat Tsukuyomi.jpgTsukuyomi
SMT V How to Beat Nuwa.jpgNuwa SMT V How to Beat Abdiel.jpgAbdiel
SMT V How to Beat Lucifer.jpgLucifer SMT V How to Beat Lucifer (Secret Ending).jpgLucifer (Secret Ending)

Optional Bosses

Optional Boss Guides
SMTV How to Beat PazuzuPazuzu SMTV How to Beat AnahitaAnahita
How to Beat King FrostKing Frost SMTV How to Beat ThunderbirdThunderbird
SMTV How to Beat LokiLoki SMTV How to Beat BelphegorBelphegor
SMT 5 How to Beat MolochMoloch SMT 5 How to Beat Amanozako.pngAmanozako
SMT 5 How to Beat CamaelCamael Shin Megami Tensei V SMT 5 - How to Beat AbaddonAbaddon
Shin Megami Tensei V SMT 5 - How to Beat ArahabakiArahabaki How to Beat Khonsu.pngKhonsu
SMT V Fionn Mac Cumhaill Part 2.pngFionn mac Cumhaill (2nd Fight) SMT V How to Beat Baal.jpgBaal
SMT 5 - How to Beat Huang LongHuang Long SMT V How to Beat Asura and Mithras.pngAsura and Mithras
SMT V How to Beat Amon.pngAmon SMT V How to Beat Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.jpgGabriel, Raphael, and Uriel
SMT V How to Beat Belial.jpgBelial SMT V How to Beat Michael.jpgMichael
SMT5 How to Beat InannaInanna SMT V How to Beat DanuDanu
SMT5 How to Beat MariaMaria SMT V How to Beat Khonsu Ra.pngKhonsu Ra
SMT V How to Beat Zeus Part 2.pngZeus (2nd Fight) How to Beat Shiva.pngShiva

Optional Mini-Bosses

Optional Boss Guides
SMTV How to Beat ApsarasApsaras SMTV How to Beat Leanan SidheLeanan Sidhe
How to Beat Shiki-OujiShiki-Ouji SMTV How to Beat XuanwuXuanwu
SMTV How to Beat JatayuJatayu SMTV How to Beat KumbhandaKumbhanda
SMT 5 How to Beat Quetzalcoatl.pngQuetzalcoatl How to Beat Baihu.jpgBaihu
How to Beat the KunitsukamiThe Kunitsukami SMT 5 - How to Beat FutsunushiFutsunushi
SMT 5 - How to Beat AdramelechAdramelech Shin Megamit Tensei V SMT 5 - How to Beat Zaou-GongenZaou-Gongen

Punishing Foes

Punishing Foes Guides
SMT 5 How to Beat OyamatsumiOyamatsumi SMT 5 How to Beat Horus.pngHorus
SMT 5 How to Beat Girimekhala.pngGirimekhala SMT 5 - How to Beat HecatoncheiresHecatoncheires
SMT 5 - How to Beat ChimeraChimera SMT V How to Beat Seth.jpgSeth
SMT 5 - How to Beat BishamontenBishamonten SMT 5 - How to Beat Jikokuten.jpgJikokuten
SMT 5 - How to Beat KoumokutenKoumokuten SMT 5- How to Beat ZouchoutenZouchouten
SMT V How to Beat Garuda.pngGaruda

DLC Bosses

DLC Boss Guides
How to Beat Artemis.pngArtemis SMT V How to Beat Cleopatra.jpgCleopatra
SMT V How to Beat Mephisto.jpgMephisto SMTV How to Beat MatadorMatador
SMTV How to Beat DaisoujouDaisoujou How to Beat Hell BikerHell Biker
How to Beat White Rider.pngWhite Rider How to Beat Red Rider.pngRed Rider
SMT 5 How to Beat Black Rider.pngBlack Rider How to Beat the Pale Rider.pngPale Rider
How to Beat the Mother Harlot.pngMother Harlot How to Beat Trumpeter.pngTrumpeter
SMT V How to Beat Demi-Fiend.pngDemi-Fiend

Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks | Beginner's Guide

Game Mechanics

Press Turn System GuidePress Turn System Guide Shin Megami Tensei V - Battle System Explained.pngBattle System Explained
SMTV Difficulty Settings.pngList of Difficulty Modes Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) - How to Fuse Demons.pngHow to Fuse Demons
Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) - List of Affinities.pngList of Affinities SMT5 Effects of Skill Potential Banner.pngEffects of Skill Potential
SMT5 Status Ailments Banner.pngList of Status Ailments Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) - How to Use Magatsuhi.pngHow to Use Magatsuhi Skills
SMT5 Moon Phases Banner.pngMoon Phases Effects SMTV How to Fast TravelHow to Fast Travel
List of Interactable ObjectsInteractable Objects SMTV How to Get Essences.pngHow to Get Essences
All Miman Locations in Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5)All Miman Locations

Stat and Build Guides

Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) - Stats Explained.pngAll Stats Explained SMT5 Best BuildBest Nahobino Builds
SMT5 Stat Banner Strength.pngStrength SMT5 Stat Banner Vitality.pngVitality
SMT5 Stat Banner Magic.pngMagic SMT5 Stat Banner Agility.pngAgility
SMT5 Stat Banner Luck.pngLuck

Farming Guides

How to Level up Fast in SMT 5How to Level Up Fast How to farm Macca in SMT VHow to Farm Macca
How to Farm GloryHow to Farm Glory SMTV How to Farm Mitamas.png How to Farm Mitamas

Tips and Tricks

SMTV Best Names for the Nahobino.pngBest Names for the Nahobino Best Demons in SMT 5.pngBest Demons to Use
Best Miracles Tier List.pngBest Miracles Tier List All Abscesses in SMT 5All Abscesses Locations
SMT5 Stat Banner Cironnup Foxes Locations.pngAll Cironnup Locations SMT5 Aogami Essences Banner.pngAll Aogami Essence Locations
SMT5 Special Fusions Banner.pngList of Special Fusions


Apsaras or Leanan Sidhe SMT 5Apsaras or Leanan Sidhe SMTV What Carries Over in NG .pngWhat Carries Over in NG+
SMT 5 - Principality or LilimPrincipality or Lilim Should You Eat the Golden Apple SMT 5Should You Eat the Golden Apple?
SMT 5 - Black Frost or DionysusBlack Frost or Dionysus SMT 5 Horn of PlentyWhere to get the Horn of Plenty
SMT 5 - How to Get Dragon ScalesHow to Get Dragon Scales SMT V Should You Spare Khonsu?.pngShould You Spare Khonsu?
SMT 5 - Futsunushi or AdramelechFutsunushi or Adramelech

Sidequest Walkthroughs

Sidequest Walkthroughs Partial
List of Sidequests and Rewards

Da'at: Minato

SMTV A Preta Predicament BannerA Preta Predicament SMTV No Stone Unturned BannerNo Stone Unturned
SMTV Bully BreakerBully Breaker SMTV Pollution PanicPollution Panic
SMTV The Spirit of LoveThe Spirit of Love SMTV The Water NymphThe Water Nymph
SMTV The Cursed MermaidsThe Cursed Mermaids SMTV The Demon of the SpringThe Demon of the Spring
SMTV To Cure a CurseTo Cure a Curse SMTV The Gold DragonThe Gold Dragon's Arrival
SMTV The Benevolent OneThe Benevolent One SMTV The Ultimate OmeletteThe Ultimate Omelette
SMTV Talisman HuntTalisman Hunt SMTV Movin on UpMovin' on Up
SMTV Keeper of the WestKeeper of the West SMTV The Succession of RaThe Succession of Ra

Da'at: Shinagawa

SMTV Chakra Drop ChompChakra Drop Chomp SMTV Those Seeking SanctuaryThose Seeking Sanctuary
SMTV Holding the Line.pngHolding the Line SMTV A Wish for a Fish Guide.pngA Wish for a Fish
SMTV Magic from the EastMagic from the East SMTV Can I Keep ThemCan I Keep Them?
SMTV Iced OutIced Out SMTV KumbhandaKumbhanda's Bottle
SMTV Birds of a FeatherBirds of a Feather SMTV The Tyrant of TennozuThe Tyrant of Tennozu
SMTV The Root of the ProblemThe Root of the Problem SMTV A Goddess StolenA Goddess Stolen
SMTV The One I LoveThe One I Love SMTV The FalconThe Falcon's Head
SMTV Keeper of the SouthKeeper of the South

Da'at: Chiyoda

SMTV The Path to Myojin ForestThe Path to Myojin Forest SMTV Lighting the WayLighting the Way
SMTV Black Frost Strikes BackBlack Frost Strikes Back SMTV A Sobering StandoffA Sobering Standoff
SMTV Stones of MaliceStones of Malice SMTV One MokoiOne Mokoi's Trash...
SMTV He of a Hundred HandsHe of a Hundred Hands SMTV An Unusual ForecastAn Unusual Forecast
SMTV A Power Beyond ControlA Power Beyond Control SMTV The Search for OyamatsumiThe Search for Oyamatsumi
SMTV Clash with the KunitsukamiClash with the Kunitsukami SMTV The Horn of PlentyThe Horn of Plenty
SMTV Roar of HatredRoar of Hatred SMTV Glitter in GinzaGlitter in Ginza
SMTV The Angel of DestructionThe Angel of Destruction SMTV The Ancient GuardianThe Ancient Guardian
SMTV Keeper of the EastKeeper of the East

Da'at: Taito

SMTV On Bended KneesOn Bended Knees SMTV Downtown Rock n RollDowntown Rock 'n Roll
SMTV The Egyptians FateThe Egyptians' Fate SMTV A Princess in a PickleA Princess in a Pickle
SMTV In Defense of TokyoIn Defense of Tokyo SMTV The Raid on TokyoThe Raid on Tokyo
SMTV A Need for NectarA Need for Nectar SMTV AbaddonAbaddon's Assault
SMTV Keeper of the NorthKeeper of the North SMTV The Bull GodThe Bull God's Lineage
SMTV An Incentive for IncenseAn Incentive for Incense SMTV The Destined LeaderThe Destined Leader
SMTV The Holy RingThe Holy Ring SMTV The Sleeping SandsThe Sleeping Sands
SMTV The Winged SunThe Winged Sun SMTV FionnFionn's Resolve
SMT V A Universe in Peril BannerA Universe in Peril


SMT V The SeraphThe Seraph's Return SMT V The Red DragonThe Red Dragon's Invitation
SMT V The Noble Queen BannerThe Noble Queen SMT V The Wrathful Queen BannerThe Wrathful Queen
SMT V The Compassionate Queen BannerThe Compassionate Queen SMTnV A Plot Revealed BannerA Plot Revealed

DLC Quests

DLC Sidequests
SMTV A Goddess in TrainingA Goddess in Training SMT V The DoctorThe Doctor's Last Wish
SMT V The Rage of a QueenThe Rage of a Queen SMT V Return of the True DemonReturn of the True Demon

List of Demons

List of Demons Partial.png

List of Demons

List of Demons by Races

Avatar Avian Beast
Brute Deity Divine
Dragon Drake Element
Fairy Fallen Femme
Foul Fury Genma
Haunt Holy Jaki
Jirae Kishin Kunitsu
Lady Night Raptor
Herald Snake Tyrant
Vile Wargod Wilder
Yoma Megami Fiend

List of Miracles

List of Miracles Partial Banner
List of Miracles and their Effects

List of Miracles

Miracle Type
Supremacy Miracles Banner.pngSupremacy Miracles Doctrine Miracles Banner.pngDoctrine Miracles
Awakening Miracles Banner.pngAwakening Miracles Cosmos Miracles Banner.pngCosmos Miracles

List of Skills

List of Skills Partial Banner.png

List of Skills

List of Skills

Skill Type
Physical Skills Banner.pngPhysical Skills Ailment Skills Banner.pngAilment Skills
Fire Skills Banner.pngFire Skills Ice Skills Banner.pngIce Skills
Force Skills Banner.pngForce Skills Elec Skills Banner.pngElec Skills
Dark Skills Banner.pngDark Skills Light Skills Banner.pngLight Skills
Recovery Skills Banner.pngRecovery Skills Support Skills Banner.pngSupport Skills
Almighty Skills Banner.pngAlmighty Skills Passive Skills Banner.pngPassive Skills
Misc Skills Banner.pngMisc Skills

List of Items

Item List Partial Banner.png
List of Items and Effects

All Items By Type

Item Guides By Type
SMTV List of Balms Sutras and IncensesList of Balms, Sutras, and Incenses SMTV List of Key ItemsList of Key Items
SMTV List of Combat ItemsList of Combat Items SMTV List of Recovery ItemsList of Recovery Items
List of RelicsList of Relics Support Items Banner.pngList of Support Items
Misc Items Banner.pngList of Misc Items

List of Quest Navigators

List of Quest Navigators Partial Banner.png

List of Quest Navigators

List of Quest Navigators

All Quest Navigators
SMT5 Amanozako.jpgAmanozako SMT5 Jack-Jack-'o-Lantern SMT5 Hua Po.jpgHua Po
SMT5 Decarabia.jpgDecarabia SMT5 Yatagarasu.jpgYatagarasu SMT5 Aitvaras.jpgAitvaras

List of Maps

List of Maps Partial Banner.png

List of Maps

List of Maps

Maps Per Ward
Minato Ward Map Banner.pngMinato Ward Shinagawa Ward Map Banner.pngShinagawa Ward
Chiyoda Ward Map Banner.pngChiyoda Ward Taito Ward Map Banner.pngTaito Ward

Message Boards

Message Board Partial

List of Discussion Groups

Message Boards

Discussion board.pngDiscussion Board Question Board.pngQuestion Board
Demon Topic Board.pngDemon Topics Review Board.pngReview Board

Latest SMT 5 News

Latest News and Updates Partial.png

Latest SMT 5 News

Latest SMT 5 News

SMT 5 Cast and Characters

Characters Partial

Characters Front Page

List of Characters

Main Character Nahobino Character IconMain Character: Nahobino Tao Isonokami Character IconTao Isonokami Yuzuru Atsuta Character IconYuzuru Atsuta
Miyazu Atsuta Character IconMiyazu Atsuta Ichiro Dazai Character IconIchiro Dazai Shohei Yakumo Character IconShohei Yakumo
Nuwa Character IconNuwa Abdiel Character IconAbdiel Aogami Character IconAogami
Hayao Koshimizu Character IconHayao Koshimizu

About Shin Megami Tensei V

Shin Megami Tensei V Product Information

Software Information
Cover Art
Role-Playing Game
Release Date: November 12, 2021 Publisher: Sega
Players: 1 Player Developer: Atlus
Platform: Nintendo Switch Game File Size: 12.8 GB
Official Site:
Supported Languages: French, German, English, Italian, Spanish
Supported Play Modes: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode.
Software compatibility and play experience may differ on Nintendo Switch Lite.
ESRB Rating: Mature 17+
Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence

Explore the Post-Apocalyptic World of Da'at

Daat Shin Megami Tensei 5

After a massive earthquake, Tokyo comes into ruin. After exiting the the tunnel, you are welcomed into the apocalyptic world of Da'at. What challenges will you face in this desolate world?

Battle Demons as the Nahobino

Shin Megami Tensei 5 Battle Screen

Upon fusing with Aogami, you will gain access to several abilities that will allow you to triumph against any enemy you'll face. Neither man nor demon, unleash your might as the Nahobino!

Assemble your own Demon Army

SMT 5 Recruiting Demons

Bolster your forces by adding demons as your allies. Negotiate with them and recruit them to your roster to overcome the trials you'll encounter!

Shape the Story With Your Decisions

Shin Megami Tensei 5 Choices

While progressing the game, you will encounter moral choices that will greatly affect the world around you. Choose a side you will fight for whether it be good or bad.

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