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Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Partial Banner

Story Walkthrough and Route Guides

Story Walkthroughs
SMT V Tokyo Tower banner.jpgPrologue - Tokyo Tower SMT V Diet Building bannerTokyo Diet Building
SMT V Jouin High School banner.jpgJouin High School SMT V Shinagawa Walkthrough banner.jpgShinagawa
SMT V Shinagawa Station Walkthrough banner.jpgShinagawa Station SMT V Chiyoda Walkthrough banner.jpgChiyoda
SMT V Tokyo Station Walkthrough banner.jpgTokyo Station SMT V Demon KingDemon King's Castle
SMT V Taito Walkthrough banner.jpgTaito SMT V Temple of Eternity Walkthrough banner.jpgTemple of Eternity
SMT V Empyrean Walkthrough banner.jpgEmpyrean

Boss Guides

Boss Battle Partial
Boss Battle Guides | List of Bosses

All Boss Types

Related Boss Guides
SMTV List of Story BossesStory Bosses SMTV List of Optional BossesOptional Bosses
SMTV List of DLC BossesDLC Bosses

Story Bosses

Story Boss Guides
SMTV How to Beat the HydraHydra SMTV How to Beat EligorEligor
SMT V How to Beat NuwaNuwa SMT V How to Beat LahmuLahmu (1st Fight)
SMT V How to Beat Loup-garouLoup-garou SMT V How to Beat Fionn mac CumhaillFionn mac Cumhaill
SMT V How to Beat LahmuLahmu (2nd Fight) SMT V How to Beat Shohei YakumoShohei Yakumo
SMT V How to Beat Surt.jpgSurt SMT V How to Beat Ishtar.jpgIshtar
SMT V How to Beat Chernobog.jpgChernobog SMT V How to Beat Arioch.jpgArioch
SMT V How to Beat Abdiel.jpgAbdiel SMT V How to Beat Odin.jpgOdin
SMT V How to Beat Zeus.jpgZeus SMT V How to Beat Vasuki.jpgVasuki
SMT V How to Beat Metatron.jpgMetatron SMT V How to Beat Tsukuyomi.jpgTsukuyomi
SMT V How to Beat Nuwa.jpgNuwa SMT V How to Beat Abdiel.jpgAbdiel
SMT V How to Beat Lucifer.jpgLucifer

Optional Bosses

Optional Boss Guides
SMTV How to Beat PazuzuHow to Beat Pazuzu SMTV How to Beat AnahitaHow to Beat Anahita
How to Beat King FrostHow to Beat King Frost SMTV How to Beat ThunderbirdHow to Beat Thunderbird
SMTV How to Beat BelphegorHow to Beat Belphegor SMTV How to Beat LokiHow to Beat Loki
SMT 5 How to Beat Amanozako.pngHow to Beat Amanozako SMT 5 How to Beat MolochHow to Beat Moloch

Optional Mini-Bosses

Optional Boss Guides
SMTV How to Beat Leanan SidheHow to Beat Leanan Sidhe SMTV How to Beat ApsarasHow to Beat Apsaras
SMTV How to Beat JatayuHowt to Beat Jatayu How to Beat Shiki-OujiHow to Beat Shiki-Ouji
SMT 5 How to Beat Quetzalcoatl.pngHow to Beat Quetzalcoatl SMTV How to Beat XuanwuHow to Beat Xuanwu
How to Beat Baihu.jpgHow to Beat Baihu SMTV How to Beat KumbhandaHow to Beat Kumbhanda
How to Beat the KunitsukamiHow to Beat the Kunitsukami

Punishing Foes

Punishing Foes Guides
SMT 5 How to Beat OyamatsumiHow to Beat Oyamatsumi SMT 5 - How to Beat ChimeraHow to Beat Chimera
SMT 5 - How to Beat HecatoncheiresHow to Beat Hecatoncheires SMT 5 - How to Beat Jikokuten.jpgHow to Beat Jikokuten
SMT 5 How to Beat Girimekhala.pngHow to Beat Girimekhala SMT 5 How to Beat Horus.pngHow to Beat Horus
SMT 5 - How to Beat KoumokutenHow to Beat Koumokuten -

DLC Bosses

DLC Boss Guides
SMTV How to Beat MatadorHow to Beat Matador SMTV How to Beat DaisoujouHow to Beat Daisoujou
How to Beat Hell BikerHow to Beat Hell Biker How to Beat Artemis.pngHow to Beat Artemis
How to Beat White Rider.pngHow to Beat White Rider How to Beat Red Rider.pngHow to BeatRed Rider
SMT 5 how to beat black rider.pngHow to Beat Black Rider

Tips and Tricks


Tips and Tricks | Beginner's Guide

Game Mechanics

Press Turn System GuidePress Turn System Guide Shin Megami Tensei V - Battle System Explained.pngBattle System Explained
How to Farm GloryHow to Farm Glory How to Level up Fast in SMT 5How to Level Up Fast
All Abscesses in SMT 5All Abscesses Locations List of Interactable ObjectsInteractable Objects
Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) - How to Fuse Demons.pngHow to Fuse Demons How to farm Macca in SMT VHow to Farm Macca
All Miman Locations in Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5)All Miman Locations Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) - How to Use Magatsuhi.pngHow to Use Magatsuhi Skills
SMTV Best Names for the Nahobino.pngBest Names for the Nahobino SMTV Difficulty Settings.pngList of Difficulty Modes
SMTV How to Get Essences.pngHow to Get Essences SMTV How to Fast TravelHow to Fast Travel
SMTV How to Change LanguageHow to Change Language SMTV How to Farm Mitamas.png How to Farm Mitamas
SMT5 Effects of Skill Potential Banner.pngEffects of Skill Potential Best Miracles Tier List.pngBest Miracles Tier List
Shin Megami Tensei V SMT 5 Best Nahobino BuildsBest Nahobino Builds SMT5 Status Ailments Banner.pngList of Status Ailments
Best Demons in SMT 5.pngBest Demons to Use SMT5 Stat Banner Cironnup Foxes Locations.pngAll Cironnup Locations
SMT5 Aogami Essences Banner.pngAll Aogami Essence Locations SMT5 Moon Phases Banner.pngMoon Phases Effects
SMT5 Special Fusions Banner.pngList of Special Fusions Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) - List of Affinities.pngList of Affinities


Shin Megami Tensei V (SMT 5) - Stats Explained.pngAll Stats Explained SMT5 Stat Banner Strength.pngStrength
SMT5 Stat Banner Vitality.pngVitality SMT5 Stat Banner Magic.pngMagic
SMT5 Stat Banner Agility.pngAgility SMT5 Stat Banner Luck.pngLuck


Apsaras or Leanan Sidhe SMT 5Apsaras or Leanan Sidhe SMTV What Carries Over in NG .pngWhat Carries Over
SMT 5 - Principality or LilimPrincipality or Lilim Should You Eat the Golden Apple SMT 5Should You Eat the Golden Apple?
SMT 5 - Black Frost or DionysusBlack Frost or Dionysus SMT 5 Horn of Plenty.pngWhere to get the Horn of Plenty

Sidequest Walkthroughs

Sidequest Walkthroughs Partial
List of Sidequests and Rewards

Da'at: Minato

A Preta Predicament No Stone Unturned
Bully Breaker Pollution Panic
The Spirit of Love The Water Nymph
The Cursed Mermaids The Demon of the Spring
To Cure a Curse The Gold Dragon's Arrival
The Ultimate Omelette Talisman Hunt
Movin' on Up

Da'at: Shinagawa

Chakra Drop Chomp Those Seeking Sanctuary
Holding the Line A Wish for a Fish
Magic from the East Can I Keep Them?
Iced Out Kumbhanda's Bottle
Birds of a Feather The Tyrant of Tennozu
The Root of the Problem A Goddess Stolen
The Falcon's Head

Da'at: Chiyoda

The One I Love The Path to Myojin Forest
Lighting the Way Black Frost Strikes Back
A Sobering Standoff Stones of Malice
One Mokoi's Trash... He of a Hundred Hands
An Unusual Forecast A Power Beyond Control
The Search for Oyamatsumi Clash with the Kunitsukami
The Horn of Plenty Roar of Hatred
Glitter in Ginza

DLC Quests

DLC Sidequests
A Goddess in Training

List of Demons

List of Demons Partial.png

List of Demons

List of Demons by Races

Avatar Avian Beast
Brute Deity Divine
Dragon Drake Element
Fairy Fallen Femme
Foul Fury Genma
Haunt Holy Jaki
Jirae Kishin Kunitsu
Lady Night Raptor
Herald Snake Tyrant
Vile Wargod Wilder
Yoma Megami -

List of Miracles

List of Miracles Partial Banner
List of Miracles and their Effects

List of Skills

List of Skills Partial Banner
List of Skills and their Effects

List of Items

Item List Partial Banner.png

List of Items and Effects

List of Quest Navigators

List of Quest Navigators Partial Banner.png

List of Quest Navigators

List of Maps

List of Maps Partial Banner.png

List of Maps

List of Maps

Maps Per Ward
Minato Ward Map Banner.pngMinato Ward Shinagawa Ward Map Banner.pngShinagawa Ward
Chiyoda Ward Map Banner.pngChiyoda Ward Taito Ward Map Banner.pngTaito Ward

Message Boards

Message Board Partial

List of Discussion Groups

Message Boards

Discussion board.pngDiscussion Board Question Board.pngQuestion Board
Demon Topic Board.pngDemon Topics Review Board.pngReview Board

Latest SMT 5 News

Latest News and Updates Partial.png

Latest SMT 5 News

Latest SMT 5 News

SMT 5 Cast and Characters

Characters Partial

Characters Front Page

List of Characters

Main Character Nahobino Character IconMain Character: Nahobino Tao Isonokami Character IconTao Isonokami Yuzuru Atsuta Character IconYuzuru Atsuta
Miyazu Atsuta Character IconMiyazu Atsuta Ichiro Dazai Character IconIchiro Dazai Shohei Yakumo Character IconShohei Yakumo
Nuwa Character IconNuwa Abdiel Character IconAbdiel Aogami Character IconAogami
Hayao Koshimizu Character IconHayao Koshimizu

About Shin Megami Tensei V

Shin Megami Tensei V Product Information

Software Information
Cover Art
Role-Playing Game
Release Date: November 12, 2021 Publisher: Sega
Players: 1 Player Developer: Atlus
Platform: Nintendo Switch Game File Size: 12.8 GB
Official Site:
Supported Languages: French, German, English, Italian, Spanish
Supported Play Modes: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode.
Software compatibility and play experience may differ on Nintendo Switch Lite.
ESRB Rating: Mature 17+
Blood, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence

Explore the Post-Apocalyptic World of Da'at

Daat Shin Megami Tensei 5

After a massive earthquake, Tokyo comes into ruin. After exiting the the tunnel, you are welcomed into the apocalyptic world of Da'at. What challenges will you face in this desolate world?

Battle Demons as the Nahobino

Shin Megami Tensei 5 Battle Screen

Upon fusing with Aogami, you will gain access to several abilities that will allow you to triumph against any enemy you'll face. Neither man nor demon, unleash your might as the Nahobino!

Assemble your own Demon Army

SMT 5 Recruiting Demons

Bolster your forces by adding demons as your allies. Negotiate with them and recruit them to your roster to overcome the trials you'll encounter!

Shape the Story With Your Decisions

Shin Megami Tensei 5 Choices

While progressing the game, you will encounter moral choices that will greatly affect the world around you. Choose a side you will fight for whether it be good or bad.

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