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Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Guides

Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital Walkthrough
Shinjuku Hospital Walkthrough
Shibuya and Yoyogi Park Walkthrough
Yoyogi Park and Shibuya Walkthrough
Amala Network
Amala Network 1 Walkthrough
Ginza Walkthrough and Boss Guides
Ginza and the Great Underpass Walkthrough
Ikebukuro Walkthrough
Ikebukuro Walkthrough
Assembly of Nihilo Walkthrough
Assembly of Nihilo Walkthrough
Kabukicho Walkthrough
Kabukicho Walkthrough
Asakusa and Obelisk Walkthrough
Asakusa and Obelisk Walkthrough
Amala Network 2 Walkthrough
Amala Network 2 Walkthrough
Yoyogi Park 2 Walkthrough
Yoyogi Park 2 Walkthrough
Amala Temple Walkthrough
Amala Temple Walkthrough
Mifunashiro and Yurakucho Walkthrough
Mifunashiro and Yurakucho Walkthrough
Diet Building Walkthrough
Diet Building Walkthrough

Endings Guide: How to Get All Endings

Labyrinth of Amala Guides

First Kalpa Guide
First Kalpa Area

Recommended level: 20
Second Kalpa Guide
Second Kalpa Area

Recommended level: 35
Third Kalpa Guide
Third Kalpa Area

Recommended level: 50
Fourth Kalpa Walkthrough
Fourth Kalpa Area

Recommended level: 65
Fifth Kalpa Guide
Fifth Kalpa Area

Recommended level: 75

DLC Dungeon Guides

Where the Demi-Fiend was Born Guide
Where the Demi-Fiend was Born
Center of the Conception Guide
Center of the Conception

Boss Battle Guides

Boss Guides

Boss Guides

Story Boss Guides

Story Bosses
How to Beat Forneus.jpg
How to Beat Specter
How to Beat Thor
How to Beat Berith
How to Beat Ose
How to Beat Kaiwan
How to Beat Mizuchi
How to Beat Moirae Sisters
Moirae Sisters
How to Beat Specter (2nd Encounter)
Specter (2nd Encounter)
How to Beat Girimekhala
How to Beat Sakahagi
How to Beat Specter (3rd Encounter)
Specter (3rd Encounter)
How to Beat Aciel
How to Beat Skadi
How to Beat Albion and Zoas
Albion and Zoas
How to Beat Gabriel Raphael and Uriel
Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel
How to Beat Futomimi
How to Beat Mot
How to Beat Mithra
How to Beat Samael

Maniax / Chronicles Only Boss Guides

How to Beat Matador
How to Beat Daisojou
How to Beat Dante
How to Beat Hell Biker
Hell Biker
How to Beat White Rider
White Rider
How to Beat Red Rider
Red Rider
How to Beat Black Rider
Black Rider
How to Beat Pale Rider
Pale Rider
How to Beat Dante (2nd Encounter)
Dante (2nd Encounter)
How to Beat Mother Harlot
Mother Harlot
How to Beat Trumpeter
How to Beat Beelzebub
How to Beat Metatron mode:show

Mini-Boss Guides

How to Beat Troll
How to Beat Orthrus
How to Beat Yaksini
How to Beat Eligor
How to Beat Koppa Tengu and Incubus
Koppa Tengu and Incubus
How to Beat Naga
How to Beat Surt
How to Beat Mada

Optional Bosses

How to Beat Nekomata
How to Beat Oni
How to Beat Fuu-Ki
How to Beat Kin-Ki
How to Beat Sui-Ki
How to Beat Ongyo-Ki
How to Beat Black Frost
Black Frost

List of Demons

demons partial final.png

List of Demons

All Demons By Races

Avatar Avian Beast
Brute Deity Divine
Dragon Element Entity
Fairy Fallen Femme
Fiend Foul Fury
Genma Haunt Holy
Jirae Kishin Lady
Megami Mitama Night
Others Raptor Seraph
Snake Tyrant Vile
Wargod Wilder Yoma

List of Best Demons

List of Magatamas


List of Magatama

List of Magatamas

List of Magatamas
dark magatamaMarogareh neutral MagatamaWadatsumi light magatamaAnkh light magatamaIyomante
dark magatamaShiranui neutral MagatamaHifumi neutral MagatamaKamudo light magatamaNarukami
dark magatamaAnathema dark magatamaMiasma light magatamaNirvana neutral MagatamaMurakumo
light magatamaGeis neutral MagatamaDjed dark magatamaMuspell neutral MagatamaGehenna
light magatamaKamurogi dark magatamaSatan light magatamaAdama neutral MagatamaVimana
dark magatamaGundari light magatamaSophia dark magatamaGaea blank magatama???

Magatama Tier List

List of Skills


List of Skills

Skills By Type

Skills by Type
Physical Skills Magic Skills Buff Skills Debuff Skills
Healing Skills Misc Skills Passive Skills

Best Skills List and Best Demi-Fiend Skills

List of Items


List of All Items

Items by Type

Item By Categories
Combat Items Recovery Items Overworld Items Gems
Exp and Macca Items Incenses Key Items Reusable Items

Puzzle Boy Guides and Solutions

Puzzle Boy Partial

Puzzle Boy Solutions

All Puzzle Boy Solutions

Puzzle Boy Solutions
Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8
Stage 9 Stage 10 Stage 11 Stage 12
Stage 13 Stage 14 Stage 15 Stage 16
Stage 17 Stage 18 Stage 19 Stage 20

Shin Megami Tensei III: News

Shin Megami Tensei III: Characters


List of Characters

List of Main Characters and Villains

Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne (SMT 3) Characters
Protagonist Protagonist Isamu Nitta Isamu Nitta Chikai Tachibana Chiaki Tachibana HikawaHikawa
Hijiri Icon.pngJyoji Hijiri Yuko Icon.pngYuko Takao - -

About Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne

SMT 3 Nocturne Retail Price and Info
Price $49.99
Genre RPG.
Platforms Switch, Playstation 4, Steam
Publisher Sega
Developer Atlus
Official Site
File Size 8.5 GB

Shape the world with your decisions!

Demifiend SMT 3 Nocturne

In a post-apocalyptic world, our main character is just one of many normal highschool students. Being bestowed a Magatama and taking on a form of a demon, your choices and decisions will shape up the world. For better of for worse.

Recruit Demons to fight for you


In a new demon-infested world, you'll need allies to emerge victorious. Negotiate and talk with demons and convince them to join your cause!

Master the Press Turn Battle System

Pressturn Battle System

Master the Press Turn Battle System! Exploit enemy weaknesses and don't give them a chance to move, or make one mistake and lose it all!

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