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Heavy Guard is a type of Defender class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and is the default class of Lanz. Read on to learn more about the class, including its best arts, skills, characters, accessories, and gems, as well as find out how to unlock the class.

Heavy Guard Class Overview

Heavy Guard Basic Information

Class Role Default Character
Heavy GuardHeavy Guard Defender ImageDefender LanzLanz
Attack Defense Health Support
Heavy Guards use their massive weapons to defend allies. Alternatively, because of their high Defense, they are often used to draw out enemy aggro.

Character Class Rating

Noah Mio Eunie
Taion Lanz Sena

Class Rating is the speed at which each character ranks up an individual class, so the lower their Class Rating, the slower it takes for them to rank up the class.

How to Unlock Heavy Guard

Unlock Class Changing in Chapter 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unlock Changing Classes.png
Heavy Guard is the starting class of Lanz, one of the main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so their class will be available for other party members to equip once you are able to change classes.

Changing classes is unlocked after completing The Hillside Hulk Standard Quest during Chapter 2 of the game.

Lanz Character Profile

Complete Side Story: Lanz to Unlock Rank 20

After you unlock this class, it will have a rank cap of 10, so you are unable to upgrade its Arts and skills further than that rank. To break the rank cap and extend the limit up to Rank 20, you must first complete the quest Side Story: Lanz.

Best Heavy Guard Characters

Recommended Characters
LanzLanz SenaSena

Lanz and Sena make excellent Heavy Guards due to their high amounts of HP and excellent defensive stats, allowing them to outlast many other characters.

Best Heavy Guard Arts

Recommended Combat Arts

Art Attack Type AoE Base Effect
Bull RushBull Rush Physical Attack One Target None
Crash OutCrash Out Physical Attack Frontward AOE Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 50%.
Solid StanceSolid Stance Stance Self Reduces damage taken by 25% and damage dealt by 25%.

As a Heavy Guard, you'll need to draw in enemy aggro to keep attacks away from your allies, while also making sure you can withstand attacks. Bull Rush is also kept in so you can still execute combos.

Unlike Zephyrs who have high evasion, Heavy Guards actually need to take all the damage the enemy inflicts on them, so Solid Stance is vital in this case.

Recommended Master Arts

Rank 1 and 10 Master Arts

Art Base Effect Class Rank
Glow RingGlow Ring Target Lock
Rank 10
Mighty BeatMighty Beat AOE / High aggro / Smash
Rank 10
FlamelordFlamelord Front attack ↑
Rank 1

Other Defender Master Arts that can draw in aggro and force enemies to lock their target onto you are best for this class. Since this class will likely stay on the front lines, Flamelord also works well for them.

Rank 20 Master Arts

Art Base Effect Class Rank
Blossom DanceBlossom Dance High aggro / Pierce
Rank 20

Though Mad Taunt is an excellent Art that draws in plenty of Aggro over a wide area, it does not inflict any damage to enemies. Blossom Dance is an equally great Talent Art for Heavy Guards, so it is also recommended.

Best Master Skills for Heavy Guard Builds

Rank 5 Master Skills

Skill Effect Class Rank
Fighting ProwessFighting Prowess Boosts damage dealt by physical Arts by 30%.
Rank 5
ProtectorProtector's Pride Boost recharge speed by 30% when non-Defenders are targeted.
Rank 5
Natural SelectionNatural Selection Reduced damage taken by 20% when HP is at 30% or lower.
Rank 5

Defender Master Skills are recommended for Heavy Guards since they are constantly being attacked by the enemy. Fighting Prowess is also a decent skill to equip since many of the Arts in the class are Physical Attacks.

Rank 15 Master Skills

Skill Effect Class Rank
Mind for GuardingMind for Guarding Increase damage reduction rate when blocking by 10 percentage points.
Rank 15
Com anCom an' Get Me! When blocking, deals 100% of Attack damage to enemy drawing aggro.
Rank 15
Fortified Ether GuardFortified Ether Guard Boosts Ether Defense by 10%.
Rank 15

There are plenty of excellent Skills for Defenders that are available after Rank 10, so make sure to break the class limits of these classes to gain access to their Master Skills.

Among these, Fortified Ether Guard is the best skill to equip since the class already has a Physical Defense boosting skill, so it lacks defenses in Ether Attacks. However, this skill is only available in the post game.

Best Accessories for Heavy Guard Builds

Increased Maximum HP Increased Block Rate Increased Damage when Targeted
Titanium Temple GuardTitanium Temple Guard Solid Weak GuardSolid Weak Guard Dragonfang NecklaceDragonfang Necklace

As a Defender, Heavy Guards will need to withstand plenty of enemy attacks, so it is best to equip them with gear that increases HP and Block Rate. Since they will constantly be targeted by enemies, a Dragonfang Necklace, or an accessory with similar effects, is also recommended.

List of Accessories

Best Gems for Heavy Guard Builds

Increased Block Rate Increased Maximum HP Boosted Aggro from Arts
Steel Protection ISteel Protection Ironclad IIronclad Brimming Spirit IBrimming Spirit

Increasing the Block Rate and HP of Heavy Guards is ideal since they are constantly being attacked by enemies. Brimming Spirit is also great to have to draw in more enemy aggro.

All Gems and Their Effects

List of Heavy Guard Arts

Talent Arts

Base Art Information
Mad TauntMad Taunt Area of Effect AOE around User Power Multiplier 0%
Buff/ Debuff - Reaction None
Recharge Type Role Action Recharge Recharge Gauge 4
Effect None

Combat Arts

Base Art Information
Bull RushBull Rush Area of Effect One Target Power Multiplier 200%
Buff/ Debuff - Reaction Topple
Recharge Type Time Recharge Recharge Gauge 30s
Effect None
Crash OutCrash Out Area of Effect Frontward AOE Power Multiplier 200%
Buff/ Debuff - Reaction None
Recharge Type Time Recharge Recharge Gauge 20s
Effect Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 50%.
Uppercut SlashUppercut Slash Area of Effect One Target Power Multiplier 300%
Buff/ Debuff - Reaction None
Recharge Type Time Recharge Recharge Gauge 24s
Effect Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 50%.
Variable TurretVariable Turret Area of Effect One Target Power Multiplier 200%
Buff/ Debuff - Reaction None
Recharge Type Time Recharge Recharge Gauge 30s
Effect Blocks enemy attacks while Art is active.
Solid StanceSolid Stance Area of Effect Self Power Multiplier 0%
Buff/ Debuff - Reaction None
Recharge Type Time Recharge Recharge Gauge 50s
Effect Reduces damage taken by 25% and damage dealt by 25%.

Master Arts

Art Rank Mastered
Crash OutCrash Out 1
Solid StanceSolid Stance 10
Mad TauntMad Taunt 20

Arts Guide: List of All Arts and Effects

List of Heavy Guard Skills

Class Skills

Skill Base Effect
Defensive SoulDefensive Soul Boosts Physical Defense by 10%.
II'll Protect You Reduces damage taken by allies in a fixed radius by 20%.
AggravatorAggravator Accrues Aggro every second.
Tenacious BlockerTenacious Blocker Boosts Block Rate by 30% when HP is at 30% or lower.

Master Skills

Skill Rank Mastered
Defensive SoulDefensive Soul 5
Tenacious BlockerTenacious Blocker 15

List of All Skills

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