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Xenoblade 3 Eunie Best Arts and Classes

Eunie is one of the main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Read on to see the best arts, classes, builds, and accessories for Eunie, including the best Ouroboros Arts and Soul Tree Abilities, as well as to learn about their Ascension Quest!

Eunie Character Profile

Basic Information

Starting Class
Starting Role
Healer Image Healer
Voice Actors
ENG: Kitty Archer JP: Megumi Han
Eunie is a childhood friend of Noah and Lanz who has a sharp tongue and rough personality. She specializes in setting up support fields that heal and strengthen her allies in battle.

Eunie Best Arts

Best Early Game Arts

Name Area of Effect Recharge Gauge Effect
Myopic ScreenMyopic Screen One Target 14 seconds Causes Daze
Group HealGroup Heal AOE around user 15 seconds Heals HP
Healing RingHealing Ring AOE around user 11 seconds Increreases Attack when set on the field

These Arts allow Eunie to fulfill her role as a Healer while providing her with some offensive utility by inflicting the Daze status. The Medic Gunner's unique 'Field Arts' allow Eunie to gain access to her Talent Arts fairly quickly, so make use of Group Heal and Healing Ring as often as possible, while also assisting your allies in the heat of battle, by applying Stun with Myopic Screen

Eunie Best Accessories

Early Game Accessories

Healing Arts reduce aggro boosts Healing Arts
Friendship RingFriednship Ring Harvest NecklaceHarvest Neclace

Equip Accessories that Improve Healing Arts

We recommend equipping Eunie with accessories that enhance her Healing Arts when she is a Medic Gunner. Any accessory that increases the amount of HP restored with Healing Arts will be particularly useful in the early game, when Eunie is the Healer in your party.

Eunie Best Classes

Best Classes for Eunie

Best Classes
XC3 - Lifesage IconLifesage XC3 - War Medic IconWar Medic XC3 - Full Metal Jaguar IconFull Metal Jaguar

Learn Ether-Based and Defensive Skills Early

Eunie can learn the useful Ethereal Ability and Defensive Soul by changing to the Tactician and Heavy Guard classes respectively. Switching to the Swordfighter class is also recommended, since the Shadow Eye Art will help reduce aggro in battle.

Eunie Class Compatibility

Rank Class
XC3 - Medic Gunner Icon XC3 - Full Metal Jaguar Icon XC3 - Lone Exile Icon XC3 - Lost Vanguard Icon
XC3 - Tactician Icon XC3 - Incursor Icon XC3 - Strategos Icon XC3 - Seraph Icon
XC3 - Swordfighter Icon XC3 - Heavy Guard Icon XC3 - Stalker Icon XC3 - War Medic Icon XC3 - Signifer Icon XC3 - Thaumaturge Icon XC3 - Soulhacker Icon XC3 - Machine Assassin Icon XC3 - Royal Summoner Icon XC3 - Lifesage Icon
XC3 - Ogre Icon XC3 - Yumsmith Icon XC3 - Guardian Commander Icon
XC3 - Zephyr Icon XC3 - Troubadour Icon XC3 - Martial Artist Icon XC3 - Flash Fencer Icon

All Classes and How to Unlock

Eunie Best Builds

Medic Gunner Healer Build

Healer Build
Class Master Skills
XC3 - Medic Gunner IconMedic Gunner Ethereal Ability
Natural Selection
Critical Strike
Master Arts Arts
Way Home
No Love Lost
Violent Flurry
Myopic Screen
Group Heal
Gems Accessories
Soothing Breath
Lifesaving Expertise
Affection Ring
Immaculate Necklace
Circlet of Enlightenment

Eunie Best Ouroboros Arts

Arts List

Arts Area of Effect Effect
Feather SanctuaryFeather Sanctuary One Target Applies 1 buff to a party member.
Typhoon FieldTyphoon Field AOE around User Heals all allies when Art hits, to max of 100% of Healing Power.
Liberty WingLiberty Wing One Target Revive incapacitated.

Eunie's Ouroboros will take on a primarily Healer/Supporter role. As such, Arts that heal and buff party memebers are a priority. Feather Sanctuary in particular will prove to be very useful, and will we be further augmented by Eunie's Shared Blessing and Unceasing Blessing skills.

Eunie Best Soul Tree Abilities

Soul Tree Chart

Eunie Soul Tree
Abilities marked with a ★ should be unlocked as soon as possible.

Focus on Healing and Buff-Related Abilities

While the most important abilities for Eunie's Ouroboros are healing and buff-related, abilities that also lengthen the debuffs effect should also be taken into consideration. Shared Blessing and Unceasing Blessing are two particular skills Eunie should learn to make a her Ouroboros a better supporter.

Skill-Realted Status related
Unceasing BlessingUnceasing Blesing Healing Power UpHealing Power Up

Eunie Ascension Quest

Side Story: Eunie

At the start of the game, you cannot rank up the Medic Gunner class past Rank 10. To break the class limit and unlock Rank 20 for the class, you must first complete Eunie's Ascension Quest: Side Story: Eunie.

Side Story: Eunie Walkthrough

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