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Xenoblade 3 Taion Best Arts and Classes

Taion is one of the main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Read on to see the best arts, classes, builds, and accessories for Taion, including the best Ouroboros Arts and Soul Tree Abilities, as well as to learn about their Ascension Quest!

Taion Character Profile

Basic Information

Starting Class
Starting Role
Healer Image Healer
Voice Actors
ENG: Oliver Huband JP: Ryohei Kimura
Taion is a tactician who fights alongside Mio using his smarts and insight. He is known for supporting his allies by putting enemies to sleep or nullifying their damage.

Taion Best Arts

Best Early Game Arts

Name Area of Effect Recharge Gauge Effect
Avenging EagleAvenging Eagle Frontward AOE 5 Auto Attacks Lowers enemy Evasion
Stormy SkiesStormy Skies AOE around user 5 Auto Attacks Heals HP
Hazy FigureHazy Figure AOE around user 4 Auto Attacks Raises Evasion when set on the field

As a Tactician, Taion's primary role will be to provide support and heal allies, so equipping arts that provide various buffs to your party is important. Avenging Eagle in particular, is a very helpful Art since it lowers enemy Evasion allowing you to inflict status effects, such as Break more easily.

Stormy Skies is an absolute must since it allows you to heal allies. Hazy Figure works well in combination with any Zephyr class member in your party and should be used even after you decide to change Taion's class.

Taion Best Accessories

Early Game Accessories

Boosts healing Arts Boosts Healing Arts
Circlet of IntellectCirclet of Intellect Beastfang NecklaceHarvest Neclace

Equip Accessories to Improve Healing Abilities

Make sure to equip items related to Healing Arts when using the Tactician class. Since the Tactician's base healing ability is somewhat low, Accessories that improve the effectiveness of Healing Arts will prove useful in the early game.

Taion Best Classes

Best Classes for Taion

Best Classes
XC3 - Lifesage IconLifesage XC3 - Strategos IconStrategos XC3 - Guardian Commander IconGuardian Commander

Learn Skills that Lower Aggro and Raise Defense

The Medic Gunner's Ninja Healer Skill is great for Taion to learn, as it reduces aggro when Healing Arts are used, while the Heavy Guard's Defensive Soul skill will help Taion last longer on the battlefield.

Taion Class Compatibility

Rank Class
XC3 - Tactician Icon XC3 - Incursor Icon XC3 - Strategos Icon XC3 - Seraph Icon
XC3 - Medic Gunner Icon XC3 - Full Metal Jaguar Icon XC3 - Lone Exile Icon XC3 - Lost Vanguard Icon
XC3 - Zephyr Icon XC3 - Ogre Icon XC3 - Yumsmith Icon XC3 - Stalker Icon XC3 - War Medic Icon XC3 - Signifer Icon XC3 - Troubadour Icon XC3 - Machine Assassin Icon XC3 - Flash Fencer Icon XC3 - Lifesage Icon
XC3 - Thaumaturge Icon XC3 - Martial Artist Icon XC3 - Royal Summoner Icon XC3 - Noponic Champion Icon
XC3 - Swordfighter Icon XC3 - Heavy Guard Icon XC3 - Guardian Commander Icon XC3 - Soulhacker Icon

All Classes and How to Unlock

Taion Best Builds

Guardian Commander Tank Build

Tank Build
Class Master Skills
XC3 - Guardian Commander IconGuardian Commander Split-Second Counter
Fighting Prowess
Critical Strike
Master Arts Arts
Glitter Stream
Way Home
Noble Taunt
Shield Bash
Grand Protection
Gems Accessories
Perilous Presence
Steel Protection
Silver Feather
Sturdy Anklets
Strike Bangle

Taion Best Ouroboros Arts

Arts List

Arts Area of Effect Effect
Body DoubleBody Double One Target Applies 1 randomly chosen debuff when Art hits.
Fleeting FormFleeting Form All party members Regenerate to all.
AtomizeAtomize AOE around User Inflicts Blaze and Blowdown. Evades enemy attacks while Art is active.

The Arts above are best to make use of Taion's role as a supporter. His ability to apply debuffs to enemies is further enhanced by his Unceasing Curse and Shared Curse skills.

Taion Best Soul Tree Abilities

Soul Tree Chart

Taion Soul Tree
Abilities marked with a ★ should be unlocked as soon as possible.

Prioritize Debuff Arts and Skills

For Taion's Ouroboros you should prioritize learning skills and abilities that focus on debuffs. Taion's Ouroboros, unlike Eunie's, focuses more on applying debuffs to party members so make sure to learn as many as possible to improve his usefulness in combat.

Skill-Realted Status related
Unceasing CurseUnceasing Curse Critical PlusCritical Plus

Taion Ascension Quest

Side Story: Taion

At the start of the game, you cannot rank up the Tactician class past Rank 10. To break the class limit and unlock Rank 20 for the class, you must first complete Taion's Ascension Quest: Side Story: Taion.

Side Story: Taion Walkthrough

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