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Xenoblade 3 Lanz Best Arts and Classes

Lanz is one of the main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Read on to see the best arts, classes, builds, and accessories for Lanz, including the best Ouroboros Arts and Soul Tree Abilities, as well as to learn about their Ascension Quest!

Lanz Character Overview

Basic Profile

Starting Class
Starting Role
Defender Image Defender
Voice Actors
ENG: Jack Bardoe JP: Kosuke Tanabe
Lanz is an ally of Noah’s who wields a great sword that doubles as a shield. He uses his giant weapon to draw in enemy attacks and protect his allies.

Lanz Best Arts

Best Early Game Arts

Name Area of Effect Recharge Gauge Effect
bull rushBull Rush One Target 26 seconds Topple
crash outCrash Out Frontward AOE 17 seconds Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 70%
solid stanceSolid Stance Self 44 seconds Reduces damage taken & damage dealt by 25%

When using Lanz, you will want to make use of Bull Rush, which allows him to Topple enemies. Furthermore, as a Defender class with the main role of taking enemy aggro, Solid Stance is recommended to buff his defenses.

When deciding between Uppercut Slash or Crash Out, it is recommended to go with Crash Out due to its lower recharge time.

Lanz Best Accessories

Best Early Game Accessories

Increased Block Rate Increased HP
Light Weak GuardLight Weak Guard Bronze Temple GuardBronze Temple Guard

Increased HP or Block Rate is Recommended

When Lanz has the Heavy Guard class equipped, it is recommended to make him even tankier with an HP-boosting accessory or a Block Rate-boosting one.

Unlike the Zephyr class which relies on evasion, Heavy Guard must be able to take all the attacks they receive directly. Therefore, these accessories maximize the amount of time Lanz can withstand damage.

Lanz Best Classes

Best Classes for Lanz

Best Classes
XC3 - Heavy Guard IconHeavy Guard XC3 - Guardian Commander IconGuardian Commander XC3 - Lost Vanguard IconLost Vanguard

Excellent Starting Skills Allows for a High Degree of Flexibility

Lanz's initial class is Heavy Guard, which allows him to acquire the Defensive Soul class skill from the start. He is also a very flexible character in terms of changing classes, benefiting from the first class change's skill, the Ogre's Fighting Prowess.

Although Sword Fighter is listed as the second recommendation, there is no problem in changing Lanz's class to something that balanced your current party.

Lanz Class Compatibility

Rank Class
XC3 - Heavy Guard Icon XC3 - War Medic Icon XC3 - Signifer Icon XC3 - Soulhacker Icon
XC3 - Ogre Icon XC3 - Thaumaturge Icon XC3 - Troubadour Icon XC3 - Royal Summoner Icon XC3 - Lifesage Icon
XC3 - Swordfighter Icon XC3 - Medic Gunner Icon XC3 - Lone Exile Icon XC3 - Guardian Commander Icon XC3 - Incursor Icon XC3 - Martial Artist Icon XC3 - Seraph Icon
XC3 - Zephyr Icon XC3 - Stalker Icon XC3 - Lost Vanguard Icon XC3 - Flash Fencer Icon
XC3 - Tactician Icon XC3 - Yumsmith Icon XC3 - Full Metal Jaguar Icon XC3 - Strategos Icon XC3 - Machine Assassin Icon

All Classes and How to Unlock

Lanz Best Builds

Heavy Guard Tank Build

Tank Build
Class Master Skills
XC3 - Heavy Guard IconHeavy Guard Com an' Get Me!
Antibody System
Mind for Guarding
Master Arts Arts
Shield Wall
No Love Lost
Demise Thrust
Bull Rusht
Crash Out
Uppercut Slash
Gems Accessories
Perilous Presence
Steel Protection
Titanium Temple Guard
Crystalline Chemise
Berserker's Armor Vest

Lanz Best Ouroboros Arts

Arts List

Arts Area of Effect Effect
Titan FistsTitan Fists One Target Inflicts Shackle Blocking and Blowdown
Sudden ImpactSudden Impact One Target Inflicts Topple on all enemies when Interlink is at level 3.
Burning RainBurning Rain AOE around User Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 50%.

Lanz's Ouroboros is a Defender type, so make to always Burning Rain Equipped to draw aggro from enemies. Although you can equip any Art you like to the remaining 2 slots, TItan FIsts are recommended to prevent shackle blocking, allowing your party to fight more effectively.

Lanz Best Soul Tree Abilities

Soul Tree Chart

Lanz Soul Tree
Abilities marked with a ★ should be unlocked as soon as possible.

Prioritize Defense-Related Abilities

For Lanz's Ouroboros, learning abilities that focus on Block Rate and resisting various enemy attacks should take priority. One skill of particular note is Hefty Protection, since it reduces the damage your party takes (within a certain radius) by 20%.

Skill-Realted Status related
Hefty ProtectionHefty Protection Block Rate PlusBlock Rate Plus

Lanz Ascension Quest

Side Story: Lanz

At the start of the game, you cannot rank up the Heavy Guard class past Rank 10. To break the class limit and unlock Rank 20 for the class, you must first complete Lanz's Ascension Quest: Side Story: Lanz.

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