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23413Tactician is a type of Healer class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and is the default class of Taion. Read on to learn more about the class, including its best arts, skills, characters, accessories, and gems, as well as find out how to unlock the class.

Tactician Class Overview

Tactician Basic Information

Class Role Default Character
TacticianTactician Healer ImageHealer TaionTaion
Attack Defense Health Support
Tacticians are more diversionary in their support; granting buffs to allies and debuffs to enemies using their paper talismans.

Character Class Rating

Noah Mio Eunie
Taion Lanz Sena

Class Rating is the speed at which each character ranks up an individual class, so the lower their Class Rating, the slower it takes for them to rank up the class.

How to Unlock Tactician

Unlock Class Changing in Chapter 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unlock Changing Classes.png
Tactician is the starting class of Taion, one of the main characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, so their class will be available for other party members to equip once you are able to change classes.

Changing classes is unlocked after completing The Hillside Hulk Standard Quest during Chapter 2 of the game.

Taion Character Profile

Complete Side Story: Taion to Unlock Rank 20

After you unlock this class, it will have a rank cap of 10, so you are unable to upgrade its Arts and skills further than that rank. To break the rank cap and extend the limit up to Rank 20, you must first complete the quest Side Story: Taion.

Side Story: Taion Walkthrough

Best Tactician Characters

Recommended Characters
EunieEunie TaionTaion

The best Tactician characters are those that make excellent support teammates, but also have decently high Healing Stats. Eunie and Taion are both excellent options for Tacticians.

Best Tactician Arts

Recommended Combat Arts

Art Attack Type AoE Base Effect
OverfallOverfall Ether Attack One Target None
Stormy SkiesStormy Skies Healing AOE around User None
Avenging EagleAvenging Eagle Ether Attack Frontward AOE None

Tacticians do not make the most effective Healers in a squad due to their lackluster Healing stat, so should focus more on inflicting debuffs on their opponents.

Overfall and Avenging Eagle are both powerful, debuff-inflicting Arts that are great to use for Tacticians, while Stormy Skies is kept in the palette as your one Healing Combat Art.

Recommended Master Arts

Rank 1 and 10 Master Arts

Art Base Effect Class Rank
Ether CannonEther Cannon Accuracy Down
Rank 10
Multi BlastMulti Blast Area heal on hit
Rank 1
Energy GrenadeEnergy Grenade Continuous dmg field
Rank 1

For Tacticians, Ether Cannon and Energy Granade are the best Master Arts since they are Ether Attacks with helpful debuff effects. Multi Blast is also a good option to add more Healing Arts to your palette.

Rank 20 Master Arts

Art Base Effect Class Rank
SoulfireSoulfire Heal all on hit / Atk down
Rank 20

Although Tidal Wave is an excellent Talent Art, Soulfire offers mostly the same effects, including the same amount of damage and recharge. What pulls Soulfire above Tidal Wave is its additional Attack Down debuff.

Once you are able to use Rank 15 Master Arts from Strategos, it is highly recommended to swap them out.

Best Master Skills for Tactician Builds

Skill Effect Class Rank
Ninja HealerNinja Healer Reduces aggro generated from healing Arts by 30%.
Rank 5
Sappy-Sappy Drain!Sappy-Sappy Drain! Increase success rate of debuff effects by 15 percentage points.
Rank 5
Cursed EdgeCursed Edge Boosts damage dealt by 50% when attacking a debuffed enemy.
Rank 5

Sappy-Sappy Drain! and Cursed Edge are the two best Master Skills for Tacticians as it increases the effectiveness of their debuffs. Ninja Healer is also recommended to decrease the aggro generated by Tacticians.

Best Accessories for Tactician Builds

Reduced Aggro from Healing Arts Boosted Amount of HP Healed Increased Healing
Affection RingAffection Ring Immaculate NecklaceImmaculate Necklace Circlet of IntellectCirclet of Intellect

Because Tacticians have relatively lackluster Healing stats, this can mostly be remedied by equipping the right accessories onto your character. Circlet of Intellect and Immaculate Necklace are best to increase Healing, while Affection Ring is also good useful for decreased aggro.

List of Accessories

Best Gems for Tactician Builds

Boosted Debuff Power Boosted Debuff Duration Reduced Aggro from Arts
Swelling Scourge ISwelling Scourge Refined Incantation IRefined Incantation Disperse Bloodlust IDisperse Bloodlust

Since Taciticians mostly use debuffs to support their allies in combat, boosting the power and duration of these debuffs with Gems is ideal. Additional aggro reduction is also recommended.

All Gems and Their Effects

List of Tactician Arts

Talent Arts

Base Art Information
Tidal WaveTidal Wave Area of Effect AOE around User Power Multiplier 500%
Buff/ Debuff - Reaction None
Recharge Type Role Action Recharge Recharge Gauge 4
Effect Heals all allies when Art hits, to a maximum of 150% of Healing Power.

Combat Arts

Base Art Information
OverfallOverfall Area of Effect One Target Power Multiplier 220%
Buff/ Debuff Ether Defense Down Reaction None
Recharge Type Auto-Attack Recharge Recharge Gauge 5
Effect None
Stormy SkiesStormy Skies Area of Effect AOE around User Power Multiplier 200%
Buff/ Debuff - Reaction None
Recharge Type Auto-Attack Recharge Recharge Gauge 5
Effect None
Hazy FigureHazy Figure Area of Effect AOE around User Power Multiplier 0%
Buff/ Debuff Evasion Up Reaction None
Recharge Type Auto-Attack Recharge Recharge Gauge 4
Effect Field range of effect - small
Avenging EagleAvenging Eagle Area of Effect Frontward AOE Power Multiplier 180%
Buff/ Debuff Evasion Down Reaction None
Recharge Type Auto-Attack Recharge Recharge Gauge 5
Effect None
Dark BannerDark Banner Area of Effect Frontward AOE Power Multiplier 110%
Buff/ Debuff Sleep Reaction None
Recharge Type Auto-Attack Recharge Recharge Gauge 8
Effect None

Master Arts

Art Rank Mastered
Dark BannerDark Banner 1
OverfallOverfall 10
Tidal WaveTidal Wave 20

Arts Guide: List of All Arts and Effects

List of Tactician Skills

Class Skills

Skill Base Effect
Ethereal AbilityEthereal Ability Boosts damage dealt by ether Arts by 30%.
ShieldrenderShieldrender Adds 60% chance for attack to be unblockable.
Eternal CurseEternal Curse Extends duration timers of debuffs applied to enemies by 30%.
Inevitable EvitabilityInevitable Evitability 6% chance to evade enemy attack.

Master Skills

Skill Rank Mastered
Ethereal AbilityEthereal Ability 5
Inevitable EvitabilityInevitable Evitability 15

List of All Skills

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