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List of Elite Bosses

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Elite Bosses are enemies that can be found scattered throughout the many Areas that can be explored in Diablo Immortal. Read on to learn how to locate and defeat each Elite Boss that can be found, their rarity, as well as rewards!

List of All Elite Bosses

Unique Elites

Elite Location
ZaerhudZaerhud Dark Wood
KodiKodi Dark Wood
Captain ShaduraCaptain Shadura Dark Wood
Meghann the RuthlessMeghann the Ruthless Dark Wood
Demeka the FierceDemeka the Fierce Dark Wood
Bash GoreclawBash Goreclaw Frozen Tundra
KarisuthKarisuth Shassar Sea
Kayul the DeadlyKayul the Deadly Shassar Sea
Kabaz the ProwlerKabaz the Prowler Shassar Sea
AtanasAtanas Realm of Damnation
Gobbo the TallGobbo the Tall Bilefen
The GiberrerThe Giberrer Frozen Tundra
Zelash ToothgrinderZelash Toothgrinder Frozen Tundra
BoggorBoggor Bilefen
ZethgrudZethgrud Shassar Sea
Ming Shan the DevotedMing Shan the Devoted Mount Zavain
Kiwei the SteadyKiwei the Steady Library of Zoltun Kulle
BrogothBrogoth Frozen Tundra
Six Fingered AbenSix Fingered Aben Shassar Sea
Officer HaganOfficer Hagan Ashwold Cemetery

How to Fight Elite Bosses

Spawns Randomly

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Elite Bosses will spawn at random on specific points on the map in each area. The frequency in which these Elites get summoned depends entirely on the type of Elite they are – Champions will be the most frequently spawned type of Elite, with the frequency of spawns going down from Rare to Ancient and finally to Unique Elites.

List of Locations: All Location Guides and Maps

Other Types of Elite Bosses

Blue Skull.pngChampion Yellow Skull.pngRare Red Skull.pngAncient
Potential Rewards
Random Items
・Three Experience Globes
Rift Progression Globes (In Rifts Only)
・Small chance for a Legendary Item (Ancient Elites only)

Other types of Elite Enemies – Champion, Rare, and Ancient – are Elite Enemies that are generally "special" forms of the regular enemies that you encounter in the Game World. These Elites do not have special names to them, unlike Unique Elites, but are a cut above regular enemies in terms of difficulty.

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