Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks to Get Started (April 2024)

Palworld - List of Tips and Tricks

Follow these useful tips and tricks to get the best out of Palworld, from exploration to gathering Pals and much more! Find out insightful information about Palworld's mechanics and how to make the most of everything in it in this guide!

How to Get Started in Palworld

Craft Workbench and Tools

Palworld - Crafting a Workbench

Primitive Workbench
Wood (x2)
Tool Crafting Priority | Role
Stone Pickaxe Crafting Priority: ★★★★★
• Will make it easier to collect stones from nearby nodes.
Stone Axe Crafting Priority: ★★★★☆
• Makes gathering wood more efficient.
• Can also be used as a weapon.
Hand-held Torch Crafting Priority: ★★★☆☆
Keeps you warm during night time.
• A useful light source for dark areas.
Wooden Club Crafting Priority: ★☆☆☆☆
• Useful in combat against Pals.
• Easy to craft with limited materials.
Early Game Materials
Paldium Fragment Wood Stone Fiber
Paldium Fragments will be essential to crafting your Pal Spheres and your Palbox.
Stone and Wood are often requirements for most basic tools.
Fiber, which can also drop from cutting trees, is essential for crafting a Shoddy Bed and Straw Pal Bed for passing the night and keeping your pals from being stressed.

When starting out in Palworld, it is important you know right away what tools to aim for so that you are not stuck farming with your fists for the first five minutes. Get two (2) pieces of Wood and make a Workbench straight away!

Of the several tools available for crafting at the beginning of the game, the Stone Pickaxe, along with the Stone Axe are recommended top picks since they give you access to valuable starting resources immediately.

The starting area to the east of the Expedition Survivor has a nice amount of Stone chunks and trees you can gather resources from. For obtaining Paldium Fragments, little nodes can be found by side of the stream just north past the Plateau of Beginning's fast travel point.

Craft Pal Spheres to Catch Pals

Palworld - Capture Pals

Pal Sphere Level Unlocked Factory Tier Crafting Cost
Palworld - Pal Sphere Icon Pal Sphere 2 1 Paldium Fragment x1
Wood x5
Stone x5

Alternatively, you may find a free Pal Sphere on the ground at the area east of the Expedition Survivor, by the trees.

After you've done the absolute basics of making a Primitive Workbench, and gathering Wood, Stone, and Paldium Fragments, you'll be entrusted to craft a Pal Sphere. You should use it on a Cattiva, which will be a big help in your first Base thanks to wide variety of Work Suitabilities like Mining and Handiwork.

Here's some tips for catching Pals without wasting your Pal Spheres:

  • Lower its health as much as possible without killing it. Switch to weaker weapons as needed to avoid dropping its HP to 0.
  • While you're still holding the Pal Sphere throw button, you can cancel the throw (right click on PC)
  • Once you unlock the Fire/Poison Bow and Arrow, use it to inflict Status Effects, making Pals easier to catch.
  • Recall your Pal or select Don't attack from the Radial Menu (the 4 key on PC) before the enemy is knocked out.
  • Use a Mounted Pal like Rushoar or Chillet to control your Pal, allowing you to freely choose between a variety of ranged attacks to lower enemies' health effectively.

Once you have obtained a Pal, you will want to figure out how to level up fast along with it to maximize your efficiency in catching more Pals!

How to Catch Pals

Understand the Day/Night Cycle

Palworld - Cold Damage Night

Tool Role
Hand-held Torch You can make this immediately before making a base. Craft this on a Primitive Workbench.
Keeps you warm during night time.
• A useful light source for dark areas.
Cloth Outfit Obtainable at Level 4 for 2 Technology Points. Requires Cloth which is crafted from Wool.
Protects against the cold of the night.
• Reduces damage taken.

Once you make it to Level 4, you may want to get the Cloth Outfit. You will need Wool from Lamballs for making Cloth.

Don't get caught out in the cold! On your first day in Palworld, time will progress normally, and you'll fall prey to the following if you aren't prepared.

  • The day lasts 32 minutes, so if possible, try to make your first Base before then.
  • It's cold and night and you'll gradually lose health! If you haven't built a Base yet, craft a Hand-held Torch from a Primitive Workbench, or make a campfire to keep warm.
  • Torches are good for lighting up the dark, and double as a weak weapon.
  • To sleep through the night, you'll need to build a house with a roof using the Wooden Structure Set, and put a Shoddy Bed inside. Don't forget to make a Straw Pal Bed for your Pal too if you want to start off on the right foot!

Day and Night Cycle

Decide Your First Base Location

How to Make a Palbox
① Unlock the Palbox crafting recipe from the Technology menu.
② Once the Palbox has been unlocked from the Technology menu, open up the build screen (B button on PC) and inspect its requirements.
③ Build the Palbox by having Paldium Fragment (x1), Wood (x8), and Stone (x3).
④ Set your base preferably on a wide, flat area for easy navigation and Pal pathfinding and once they start transporting resources.

The first important decision you make in Palworld is where to create your first Base.

You'll want to consider the following when placing your Base:

  • Good access to Materials like Wood, Stone, Paldium Fragments, and Ore
  • Wide open and flat area where you can build structures easily
  • Has a choke point: Only one easy way to enter, preventing being surrounded during Raids
  • Not near an existing Fast Travel point, as it will create a new one automatically

Best Base Locations and How to Move Bases

Create a Dedicated Ore Mining Base

Palworld - Best Ore Mining Base Guide Banner

Considering that Ores are used to refine all Ingot tiers from the mid to late game, consider creating your first base near a cluster of Ore Mining Nodes.

While it's a good idea to have a generic base at the start, there are benefits on making your first best an Ore Mining base.

  • Always useful regardless of how far you are into your playthrough
  • Helps you passively level up quickly, letting you unlock new technologies
  • New technologies lets you upgrade your base level, eventually allowing you to create a second base

Best Ore Farming Base Guide

Complete Missions to Increase Base Level

Palworld - Complete Base Missions to Increase Base Level

It is important that you invest into completing your base's current missions to increase your base level through Palbox. Doing so will:

  • Will increase the max number of Pals that can be assigned to your base.
  • Can increase the number of bases you can set up (starting at Base Level 10)

More Pals assigned to your base means more tasks can be automated for farming resources and crafting necessities!

How to Upgrade Palbox

Catch Good Early-Game Pals

Daedream Palworld

From the get-go, you'll want to collect some reliable pals who will serve you well either on the base or on the battlefield.

Besides Cattiva, we recommend the following for starters, but the truth is that you'll be recruiting many more Pals for a variety of purposes, and this is just a small sample to get you going.

  • Daedream - A Dark type Pal with Dark skills which are super effective to Neutral type enemies.
  • Foxparks - You can unlock its Huggy Face Partner Skill fairly early via the Foxparks' Harness Technology to hit bosses with flamethrower action.
  • Vixy - Not for the absolute start of the game, but once you get the Ranch, can produce plenty of Pal Spheres and Arrows for free.

Best Early Game Pals for Your Party and Base

Use the Technology Menu to Unlock More Upgrades

Palworld - Unlock from the Technology Tree at Level 3.png

As you level up, you'll gain Technology Points which you can use to unlock additional upgrades for your Base.

Beyond the absolute basics, like the Wooden Structure Set, Campfire, and a Shoddy Bed, here's some things you should pick up for sure in your first 15 levels. Note that this is not a complete list!

  • Fire/Poison Bow and Arrow: Allows you to inflict Status Conditions to more easily catch Pals.
  • Logging Site and Stone Pit: Will single-handedly solve your bottleneck for Wood and Stone.
  • Crusher: Will single-handedly solve your bottleneck for Paldium Fragments.
  • Ranch: Can be used with Vixy to farm Pal Spheres.
  • Crossbow: Much more powerful than the preceding bows; you can even skip the Three Shot Bow for this one.
  • Mega Sphere: The better Pal Sphere! Expensive, but worth it for the times when you need it.
  • Foxparks' Harness: Turns Foxparks into a living flamethrower.
  • Daedream's Necklace: Allows Daedream to attack even while you have a different Pal out. Just watch out for it when trying to catch Pals!
  • Rushoar's Saddle: Rushoar is one of the earliest mountable monsters you can catch, and its saddle can be unlocked from the Technology menu at Level 6.
  • Chillet's Saddle: If you are feeling lucky, you can try catching the Chillet (Level 11) overworld boss to the east of the first Rayne Syndicate Towers, and unlock the saddle at Level 13.

Best Technology to Unlock First

Level Up Your Player and Pals

Palworld - Catch 10 of Each Pal.png

Once you've got a good Party going, you'll want to increase their level to take on tougher threats like Zoe and Grizzbolt, the first Tower Boss.

Here's some tips to increase the level of your player, Party Pals, and Base Pals:

  • Catch up to 10 of each Pal species. Each of the first 10 will provide a sizeable EXP Bonus to your Player and Party Pals regardless of the enemy's level or your Difficulty Setting.
  • Reroll the Alpha Bosses at the end of Dungeons by leaving the room and coming back. Each time, you can catch the Alpha's underlings to get the EXP Bonus for several different species.
  • Level up Pals in your Base by lining up tasks for them to complete while you're away. When you're at Base, your Player and Party Pals will gain EXP from their tasks too.

How to Level Up Fast

Palworld Advanced Tips

Catch Pals with Specific Work Suitabilities

Palworld - Expands the Number of Working Pals in Base.png

As you expand your base with new Technology, you'll need to catch Pals who have Work Suitability levels that match well with them, to help you continue growing and reach higher levels of Technology and efficiency.

Think of Work Suitabilities as jobs your Pals can take at the base. For example, those with Transporting Work Suitability will automate carrying resources back and forth to your existing Storage Chests.

Try to catch a Pal with Mining Level 2 early on, such as Tombat, as this is required to mine Ore which will be needed to craft Ingots for use in most mid-level structures.

All Work Suitabilities Explained: Best Pal for Every Work Suitability

Setup Base for Pal Automation

Facilities for Automating Resources

Palworld - Unlock Facilities for Automated Farming

(Tech Level | Points)
Crafting Requirements
Berry Plantation
(Lvl. 5 | 2 pts.)
Berry Seeds (x3)
Wood (x20)
Stone (x20)
Stone Pit
(Lvl. 7 | 2 pts.)
Stone (x50)
Wood (x20)
Paldium Fragment (x20)
Logging Site
(Lvl. 7 | 2 pts.)
Wood (x50)
Stone (x20)
Paldium Fragment (x10)
Total Requirements
Lvl. 7 | 6 pts. Berry Seeds (x3)
Wood (x100)
Stone (x100)
Paldium Fragment (x30)

Berry Seeds can be obtained from gathering nearby bushes where you can also obtain Red Berries.

At Level 7 with 6 Technology Points needed, you should have at least been able to unlock three (3) resource facilities that you can automatically farm resources. These are important for passively earning Red Berries for food, Stone and Wood for crafting necessities.

Pal Automation Recommendations

Palworld - Have Pals Automate Farming

Facility Recommended Pal Work Suitability
Berry Plantation Pengullet Watering and Transportation
Tanzee Planting and Gathering
Logging Site Tanzee
(Alt: Eikthyrdeer)
Lumbering and Transportation
Stone Pit Cattiva Mining and Transportation

You can have Eikthyrdeer (Lvl. 2 Lumbering) for the Logging Site once you have more Pals for automation.

Once you have built all the necessary facilities for automating resource gathering, the next step would be to capture Pals needed for those facilities. You will want to have Pals with the appropriate Work Suitabilities matching an existing facility above so that they can start working.

For example, the Berry Plantation is a multi-stage process that requires more than one Work Suitability (Planting, Watering, Gathering, etc.). It is efficient to have at least two (2) Pals that can take care of those processes at base (Pengullet and Tanzee being suggested.)

Breed Pals at the Breeding Farm

Palworld - Breeding

One of the most useful ways to get the strongest Pals in the game is through Breeding a male and a female Pal at the Breeding Farm (Mixed Farm on Game Pass), and placing a Cake. The resulting child will inherit some of its parents' aspects, resulting in a much stronger Pal to help you on your journey!

Some Breeding pairs will also result in Fusion Pals, subspecies of an existing Pal with higher stats and a different type.

Breeding Guide

How to Bake a Cake

Ingredient How to Get
Palworld - Flour Material Flour ×5 Use Wheat Seeds to build a Wheat Plantation, and a Mill to turn Wheat into Flour.
Palworld - Red Berries Material Red Berries ×8 Produce with the Berry Plantation, or put Caprity in the Ranch.
Palworld - Milk Material Milk ×7 Catch a Mozzarina and put it in your Ranch.
Palworld - Egg Material Egg ×8 Catch a Chikipi and put it in your Ranch.
Palworld - Honey Material Honey ×2 Catch a Beegarde and put it in your Ranch.

The Cooking Pot structure is required to bake the Cake. Bring the required Ingredients and use a Pal with Kindling to craft it.

Get Ancient Technology Points and Purchase Ancient Technology

Palworld - Ancient Technology.png

Ancient Technology are more unique and specialized Technology items that you can unlock using Ancient Technology Points, which you can find by defeating Alpha Field Bosses and Tower Bosses. Some of the best Ancient Technology you can get include Feed Bags and the Pal Distillation Pod.

Best Ancient Technology and How to Unlock

Go to the Statue of Power to Skip the Statue of Power Upgrade

The Statue of Power is the first Ancient Technology that is available to the player, but did you know that you can also find one for free at the Desolate Church Fast Travel point? Bring Pal Souls here to upgrade your Pals' stats, and exchange Lifmunk Effigies improve your Catching Power!

Statue of Power Guide

Get a Gun Early

Palworld - Early Gun Banner

Guns are a powerful ranged weapon that is normally unlocked a bit later in the game. However, there are multiple ways to get a Gun early on, even if you just started a new world!

  • Open Chests at the No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary to try to find a Schematic
  • Buy a Makeshift Handgun for 16,600 Gold at Fisherman's Point
  • For earlier gun availability, use Lifmunk and Tanzee's Partner Skills

How to Get a Gun Fast and Early in Palworld

Explore the World with Game8's Interactive Map

Palworld - Interactive Map.png

After defeating Zoe and Grizzbolt, you'll be thrust forward into the world to explore however you please.

To make planning your progression easier, use our Interactive Map to scope out points of interest, and other useful locations!

Palworld Interactive Map

Hunt for Lucky Pals

Palworld - Lucky Pals

Lucky Pals are a special variation of Pals that are much larger and have unique passive skill called Rare that increases its Work Speed and Attack by 15%.

Catching these Pals are the same as every other Pal, it's just that you need to pay attention to when you're looking for out in the wild.

  • Listen for a Sparkling Sound
  • Check if the Pal is larger than normal

Lucky Hunting Guide: How to Hunt Lucky Pals

Game Settings and Multiplayer Tips

How to Set Up a Server

Palworld - Multiplayer Guide - Base Building in Server

Making and joining a dedicated server for Palworld is currently only available for Steam players, and the process can be confusing.

Learn how to set up a dedicated server with the Palworld Dedicated Server tool on Steam, find the IP address of your server, and join other players' server in our complete guide.

How to Set Up a Dedicated Server

Best World Settings

Palworld - Best Game Settings

Your World Settings are one of the largest contributors when it comes to maximizing your overall experience and allow you to customize the difficulty to your preferences.

Before you get too far into the game, decide on how you want to approach the game by finding the best World Settings for you.

Best World Settings for Palworld

Multiplayer Guide

Palworld - Multiplayer Guide

Palworld offers an expansive open-world that is free to explore and make your own! This includes inviting friends over to your own world, or creating and joining a server.

Learn more about Palworld's multiplayer system and options in our extensive Multiplayer Guide!

Palworld Multiplayer Guide

Does Palworld Have Crossplay?

Palworld - Crossplay

Crossplay is available for players with the same distribution service even if they are on different consoles. This means that a PC player can visit an Xbox's player's world as long as both are on Game Pass.

Note that even if both players are on PC, Steam PC players will not be able to do multiplayer with Game PC Players.

Crossplay Compatibility Chart

Platform 1 Platform 2 Compatible?
Game Pass (PC) Game Pass (Xbox) Compatible
Steam Steam Compatible
Game Pass (Xbox) Game Pass (Xbox) Compatible
Game Pass (PC) Game Pass (PC) Compatible
Steam Game Pass (PC) Not Compatible
Steam Game Pass (Xbox) Not Compatible

Crossplay Explained

Is There PvP in Palworld?

Palworld - Is There PvP?

PvP options are still being tested by the game's developers. While it is not available upon the game's initial launch, it will certainly play an integral part in Palworld's overall gameplay.

Stay updated with Palworld's PvP system by checking out our article below!

Is There PvP in Palworld?

How to Play Palworld on Mobile Devices


You can play Palworld on Mobile Devices through the Steam Link Mobile App or Xbox Game Pass Mobile App! Each comes with its own limitations and PC Game Pass Players are still unable to play via mobile, but for those on Xbox Game Pass or Steam PC, this is quite a handy feature!

Check out all of the steps to connect in the guide within the link below!

How to Play Palworld on Mobile Devices

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