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Palworld - Breeding Calculator

This is the best Palworld Breeding Calculator for all breeding combos in Palworld! Use this calculator to search for breeding combos from Child or Parent Pals as well as chain breeding combos for Passive Skills (Traits), and learn how to breed with a full breeding guide, with details on the mechanics of breeding here.

Breeding Guides
Breeding Calculator Best Breeding Combos

Palworld Breeding Calculator

All Breeding Combos Calculator

Best Breeding Combos

How to Use the Breeding Calculator

Select a Target Pal to breed for using the Breeding Calculator above to see all possible Breeding Combos which will yield that Pal.

Game8 Breeding Calculator Instructions
Step 1 Click the 'Select a Pal' Search Bar
Step 2 Either choose the Pal you would like to create from the drop down list, or type the name of the Pal directly in the Select a Pal Bar
Step 3 Select 'Sort by Best Combos' for the easiest pairings, or 'Sort by Paldeck No.' to order the parents from lowest to highest in the Paldeck

Paldeck List of All Pals

Chain Breeding Calculator

Breed from Any Pal to Any Other Pal (New 2/9!)

How to Use the Chain Breeding Calculator

This tool will show how to create any Pal from any other Pal and provide the shortest possible Breeding Chain to do so, as well as other possible Breeding Chains. You can use this to chain breed Passives and IVs, or just to find a route to breed the Pal you want. Keep in mind that this tool is still being improved so bugs may occur. If you find any issues, please let us know in the comments!

Game8 Chain Breeding Calculator Instructions
Step 1
Enter the Pal you want to start with in the 'Choose a Source Pal' box, and the Pal you want to make in the 'Choose a Resulting Pal' box. You can either select them from the dropdown or type their names directly.
Step 2
If there is an immediate breeding combo available, you will see the Pal you want to make listed in the Child column! Otherwise, click the Plus Button button to see the next step in the Breeding Chain. You'll automatically scroll down to the next step, so scroll back up and click a different button if you want to see a different route.

The Breeding Combo Length column indicates the number of times you need to Breed to create the Pal you want. The results are sorted with shorter Breeding Chains appearing at the top.
Step 3
Continue repeating Step 2 until you find a result where the Pal you want to make is shown in the Child column. Then, in your game, follow each of the Breeding Combos listed in the Selected Breeding Combo boxes, then complete the final step listed to create the Pal you wanted.

How to Chain Breed Passive Skills

Other Breeding Tools

Search by Owned Pals

Found within a convenient Google Spreadsheet, this tool allows players to input all the Pals they own and see what Pals they can breed from those Parents, and even filter to the Breeding Combos they already own for the Pals they don't own yet.

Make a copy for yourself with the link below, and if you like it, share it with others as it's free to copy!

Breeding Combo Search by Owned Pals

Breeding Guide

Breeding is an essential feature to creating the strongest Pals in Palworld. Pals can cross-breed with different species and their offsprings inherit the characteristics of their parents. Through certain conditions, you can also breed a special variant called a Fusion Pal.

  1. Pals of Different Species Can Breed
  2. Offsprings Inherit Their Parents’ Characteristics
  3. Get Fusion Pals Through Breeding
  4. Do Pals Evolve?

Pals of Different Species Can Breed

Palworld - Breeding Different Species
The Pals that you want to breed do not need to be of the same species - they can also cross-breed with Pals of different species. You can breed different species and get an offspring entirely different from the parents.

The resulting Egg can also have a different Element from the parents. For example, breeding a Fire and Dragon Pal can yield an offspring of the Ice Element!

How to Hatch Palworld Eggs

Offsprings Inherit Their Parents’ Characteristics

Offsprings Inherit Their Parents Characteristics
The resulting Pal can inherit the characteristics of its two parents. This means that the parents inherent skills and other stats are then adopted by the offpsring.

In addition to this, breeding and combining Lucky Pals will result in even stronger Pals altogether!

An offspring can learn its parents Active Skills and Passive Skills and because of this, you'll potentially have a Pal that has skills it normally cannot learn.

How to Chain Breed Passive Skills

Signature Passive Skills Can Be Inherited

Palworld - Signature Passive Skills Can Be Inherited

No Passive Skills are unobtainable by other Pals – even rare Passive Skills like Legend can be inherited by an offspring when a Pal is bred with a Legendary Pal.

Get Fusion Pals Through Breeding

Palworld - Mossanda Lux

Some Pals have special variants called Fusion Pals and are obtainable through cross-breeding different Pal species.

For example, you'll be able to obtain a Mossanda Lux by breeding a Mossanda and a Grizzbolt. Note that not all combinations will yield unique Pal variants; you need specific combinations to get these variants.

List of All Fusion Pals and How to Get

Do Pals Evolve?

Palworld - Do Pals Evolve
Pals do not evolve into a stronger version of themselves. Breeding will be the primary way to obtain powerful Pals with desirable skills.

Breeding also produces specific Fusion Pals that may seem like Pal evolution, but are just variants of existing Pals.

Can Pals Evolve in Palworld

How to Breed Pals

Breeding in Palworld can be done by unlocking the Breeding Farm then selecting two opposite gender pals to breed - use Cake to begin the breeding process. After breeding, they will lay an egg which can then be incubated for it to hatch!

  1. Unlock the Breeding Farm
  2. Place a Male and Female Pal in the Farm to Breed
  3. Put Cake in the Breeding Farm Box
  4. Incubate the Egg

Unlock the Breeding Farm

Palworld - Breeding Farm in Technology Tree

Technology Crafting Requirements
Breeding Farm
(Lv. 19 | 2 pts.)
Wood (x100)
Stone (x20)
Fiber (x50)

To be able to breed Pals in Palworld, you must first reach Level 19 of the Technology Tree to learn how to make a Breeding Farm. The Breeding Farm is a craftable construct where you'll be placing your Pals in order for them to breed.

The Breeding Farm needs Wood, Stone, and Fiber as its building materials, so have some of those ready!

How to Get Breeding Farm

Place a Male and Female Pal in the Farm to Breed

Palworld - Breeding Egg
Breeding a new Pal requires you to both have a male and female parent stationed inside the Breeding Farm. You will notice that the Breeding Farm will have indicators for when two parents are present inside the pen.

Put Cake in the Breeding Farm Box

Palworld - Breeding Farm Cake
Cake is a special resource in Palworld that is needed to breed Pals. Without enough Cake, it will be impossible for your Pals to hatch an egg.

So, think of it as a resource that needs to be replenished from time to time. Just outside the Breeding Farm, there is a box that can be opened to store Cake inside.

How to Bake a Cake

The Cooking Pot structure is required to bake the Cake. Bring the required Ingredients and use a Pal with Kindling to craft it.

Ingredient How to Get
Palworld - Flour Material Flour ×5 Use Wheat Seeds to build a Wheat Plantation, and a Mill to turn Wheat into Flour.
Palworld - Red Berries Material Red Berries ×8 Produce with the Berry Plantation, or put Caprity in the Ranch.
Palworld - Milk Material Milk ×7 Catch a Mozzarina and put it in your Ranch.
Palworld - Egg Material Egg ×8 Catch a Chikipi and put it in your Ranch.
Palworld - Honey Material Honey ×2 Catch a Beegarde and put it in your Ranch.

Cake Recipe and How to Get

Progress Bar Fills With Enough Cake

There will be a progress bar present when two parents are in the process of breeding. You'll know that two parents are breeding when you see the message 'Love is blossoming between the two Pals' inside the Breeding Farm.

If there is enough Cake, the progress bar will continue to fill up, and upon reaching full - a new egg will be laid.

Incubate the Egg

Palworld - Egg Incubator

Item Materials
Palworld - Egg Incubator Icon Egg Incubator
Stone ImageStone x30

Egg Incubators can help speed up the process of hatching eggs rather than just waiting around for them to hatch. They can be unlocked via the Technology Tree and are a craftable construct that can be placed in your base.

When placed inside an egg incubator, an egg will begin the process of hatching and will eventually yield a new Pal!

How to Get Egg Incubator

Satisfy Egg Hatching Conditions

Some eggs will have special conditions that the player can satisfy for the egg to hatch sooner. For example, Scorching Eggs prefer to have a heat source nearby, so placing a Campfire next to its incubator will speed up the hatching process.

On the other hand, Damp Eggs and Frost Eggs will hatch faster in cooler conditions than being near a heat source.

Pal IV Stat Checker

Use Game8's IV Stat Calculator to Find Pals With Perfect Talent Values!

Palworld IV Stat Calculator - Game8

Use our Palworld IV Calculator to calculate the IVs of your Pals Attack, Defense and HP Stats in Palworld!

Our IV Checker will allow you to check the individual value of each of your Pal's Stats with both Passive Skills applied or just the base values to see which of your Pals are the strongest of their species!

Palworld IV Stat Calculator

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