Medal Merchant Locations

Palworld - Medal Merchant Locations

Medal Merchants sell Pal Hats, Fruits, and Elixirs for Dog Coins in Palworld. Read on for a list of Token Merchant items, Medal Merchant locations, as well as how to earn more Dog Coins.

What Is A Medal Merchant?

Merchant That Exchanges Dog Coins For Items

Palworld - Medal Merchant.png

This Merchant sells items such as Pal Hats, Skill Fruits, Elixirs, and more in exchange for Dog Coins. The Medal Merchant is a new addition to the latest update of Palworld.

Farm Dog Coins to Buy Items

Palworld - Trap Mimog.png

Dog Coins are a new currency that can be collected by various ways such as defeating Mimog Pals.

How to Farm Dog Coins

All Medal Merchant Locations

Medal Merchant Interactive Map

Interactive Map Key

Fast Travel Dungeon Field Bosses Black Marketeer
Palworld - Fast Travel Pin Dungeon Boss Icon Black Marketeer Icon
Wandering Merchant Pal Merchant Lifmunk Effigy Tower Boss
Palworld - Wandering Merchant Palworld - Pal Merchant Palworld - Lifmunk Icon Palworld - Tower Boss
Best Base Location Skill Fruit Captured Pal Egg
Palworld - Best Base Location Palworld - Skill Fruit Icon Palworld - Captured Pal Icon Palworld - Egg Icon
Treasure Chest Journal Pal Spawns
Palworld - Chest Icon Palworld - Journal Icon Palworld - Pal Icon -

Palworld Interactive Map

Appears in Ruins

The Token Merchant randomly appears in Ruins and Churches, and can be easily spotted by the Ruin entrance.

The Token Merchant does not have a fixed spawn, and appears in Ruins similar to Base Visitors.

Medal Merchant Items

All Token Merchant Items

Token Merchant Items
Mysterious Accessory Box
Box of Mystery Accessories
Cattiva Hat
Lamball Helm
Cawgnito Hat
Dumud Helm
Sibelyx Hat
Lyleen Floral Cap
Ring of Freight +1
Multiclimate Undershirt +1
Life Fruit
Power Fruit
Stout Fruit
Life Elixir
Stamina Elixir
Power Elixir
Speed Elixir
Carrying Elixir
Concentrated All Purpose Pal Extract

Medal Merchant Guide

Buy Mysterious Accessory Box

Palworld - Box of Mystery Accessory

The Mysterious Accessory Box increases you Accessory Slot by 1. Buying this will enable you to equip another accessory such as the Attack Pendant, which makes your attacks deal more damage than usual.

Buy Elixirs After the Accessory Boxes

Palworld - Elixirs

After you buy the first two Accessory Boxes, the next best things to buy are the Elixirs. These increases your stats permanently depending on what kind of Elixir you buy.

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