All Console Commands and Cheats

Palworld - List of Console Commands
You can use console commands to manage a dedicated server as an admin. Read on to learn the available cheats and console commands and how to use them in this guide!

List of all Console Commands

All Console Commands

Command Description
/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText} Shuts the server down after the indicated seconds while displaying text.
Can be used without {Seconds} and/or {MessageText}.
/DoExit Shuts the server down immediately.
/Broadcast {MessageText} Allows you to broadcast a message with the [SYSTEM] tag.
/KickPlayer {SteamID} Kick a player from your server.
Specify by typing their SteamID.
/BanPlayer {SteamID} Ban a player from your server.
Specify by typing their SteamID.
/TeleportToPlayer {SteamID} Teleport to a player.
Specify by typing their SteamID.
/TeleportToMe {SteamID} Teleport a player to you.
Specify by typing their SteamID.
/ShowPlayers Lists players currently on the server with their SteamID.
/Info Shows information such as server name and current game version.
/Save Saves all data from your world.

These commands can be used once you are given admin rights in a server.

/Unban is Unavailable

While Unban is not a console command, unbanning a player is possible by editing the banlist.txt file directly.

The file can be found in:

steamapps > common > PalServer > Pal/Saved > SaveGames > banlist.txt

How to Use Console Commands

Play on a Dedicated Server

Console Commands can only be used while playing on Dedicated Servers.

Furthermore, dedicated servers are only available when playing on Steam.

How to Set Up a Dedicated Server

Get the Admin Password

Ask Server Admins

When joining other servers, you may ask current server admins what the AdminPassword is.

Go to Your Files

If you are the server host, you may try to find the Admin Password you setup before under:

steamapps > common > PalServer > Pal > Saved > Config > WindowsServer > PalWorldSettings.ini

Enter the Password When Logging In

After obtaining the Admin Password, simply type /AdminPassword in the chat box followed by the server's admin password:

/AdminPassword server admin password

When done correctly, the game will tell you that you are now an admin in the chat box.

Type the Command on the Chat Box

Once you are an admin, you can freely use console commands by typing it on the Chat Box.

Make sure to use /Save before shutting down your server with either /Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText} or /DoExit, however.

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