How to Attack Enemies on Water

Palworld - How to Attack Enemies on Water

This guide lists the ways you can attack enemies while they are on water in Palworld. Read on to learn which weapons you can use and how you can use pals to attack enemies on water.

How to Attack Enemies on Water

Use Ranged Weapons

If your target is in the water but surrounded by land, the easiest way to attack it is by using ranged weapons, as Palworld offers a wide variety of options in that regard.

List of Ranged Weapons

List of Weapons
Palworld - Old Bow Weapon Old Bow Palworld - Crossbow Weapon Crossbow Palworld - Three Shot Bow Weapon Three Shot Bow
Palworld - Fire Bow Weapon Fire Bow Palworld - Poison Bow Weapon Poison Bow Palworld - Handgun Weapon Handgun
Palworld - Single-shot Rifle Weapon Single-shot Rifle Palworld - Double-barreled Shotgun Weapon Double-barreled Shotgun Palworld - Pump-action Shotgun Weapon Pump-action Shotgun
Palworld - Assault Rifle Weapon Assault Rifle Palworld - Rocket Launcher Weapon Rocket Launcher Palworld - Decal Gun Set Weapon Decal Gun Set
Palworld - Fire Arrow Crossbow Weapon Fire Arrow Crossbow Palworld - Musket Weapon Musket Palworld - Poison Arrow Crossbow Weapon Poison Arrow Crossbow
Palworld - Makeshift Handgun Weapon Makeshift Handgun Palworld - Legendary Crossbow Weapon Legendary Crossbow Palworld - Legendary Old Bow Weapon Legendary Old Bow
Palworld - Legendary Handgun Weapon Legendary Handgun Palworld - Legendary Pump-action Shotgun Weapon Legendary Pump-action Shotgun Palworld - Legendary Assault Rifle Weapon Legendary Assault Rifle
Palworld - Legendary Rocket Launcher Weapon Legendary Rocket Launcher

List of Weapons

Bring Pals with Ranged Attacks

Some Pals boast a ranged attack that can support you in defeating an enemy far away in the water.

Additionally, certain partner skills, sometimes providing a combination attack between pals and players, unlock ranged abilities that help in defeating enemies from a distance.

All Partner Skills Effects

Use a Flying Mount

If you need or prefer to get closer to your targets, you can mount a flying pal. You can use their attack to defeat the enemy, and you can also use a ranged weapon while mounted.

However, be aware that riding flying pals consume stamina, and you will fall to the ground once their stamina is depleted. Make sure to replenish stamina by dismounting to avoid accidents.

Best Flying Pals to Ride

Best Flying Mounts
Palworld - Jetragon Jetragon Palworld - Frostallion Frostallion Palworld - Astegon Astegon

Fastest Flying Mount Pals Tier List

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