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Welcome to our Game8's walkthrough wiki for Horizon Forbidden West. For a detailed story walkthrough, strategy guides on enemies and their weaknesses, side quest guides, collectibles and loot location guides, and more, Game8 has you covered!

Horizon Forbidden West Quests & Story Walkthrough

List of All Quest Types

Horizon Forbidden West - List of All Quests Partial.png
List of All Quests

Main Story
Story Walkthrough & Main Quests
Optional Quests
Side Quests Errands
Salvage Contracts Hunting Grounds
Rebel Camps Relic Ruins
Tallnecks Cauldrons
The Arena Gauntlet Runs
Rebel Outposts Melee Pits

Horizon Forbidden West Weapons

List of All Weapon Types

Weapons Partial Banner

List of All Weapons

Hunter Bows Warrior Bows Sharpshot Bows
Spears Blastslings Tripcasters
Ropecasters Shredder Gauntlets Boltblasters
Spike Throwers - -

Other Weapon Lists

Legendary Weapons Fire Ammo Weapons
Frost Ammo Weapons Shock Ammo Weapons
Purgewater Ammo Weapons Acid Ammo Weapons
Plasma Ammo Weapons Explosive Ammo Weapons
Adhesive Ammo Weapons

Horizon Forbidden West Outfits

List of All Outfit Types

Outfits Partial Banner

List of Outfits

Hunter Warrior Infiltrator
Survivor Trapper Machine Master
Mixed Gear - -

Other Outfit Lists

Legendary Outfits

Horizon Forbidden West Skills

HFW Skills Partial Banner

List of All Skills

Hunter Skills

Currently UnavailableAmmo Expert Horizon Forbidden West - Concentration RegenConcentration Regen Horizon Forbidden West - Concentration+Concentration+
Horizon Forbidden West - Deep ConcentrationDeep Concentration Horizon Forbidden West - Heavy Weapon+Heavy Weapon+ Currently UnavailableHigh Volley
Horizon Forbidden West - Knockdown ShotKnockdown Shot Horizon Forbidden West - PowershotsPowershots Currently UnavailableRanged Master
Currently UnavailableSpread Blast Currently UnavailableStamina Regen Currently UnavailableSustained Burst
Horizon Forbidden West - Triple NotchTriple Notch Currently UnavailableUltra Shot Horizon Forbidden West - Valor Surge MasterValor Surge Master
Currently UnavailableWeapon Stamina+ Currently UnavailableWorkbench Expert

Warrior Skills

Currently UnavailableAerial Slash / Jump-Off Horizon Forbidden West - Block BreakerBlock Breaker Currently UnavailableBurst Fire
Currently UnavailableCritical Boost Currently UnavailableCritical Strike+ Horizon Forbidden West - Energized DurationEnergized Duration
Currently UnavailableEnergy Surge Currently UnavailableEvader Currently UnavailableHalfmoon Slash
Horizon Forbidden West - Melee DamageMelee Damage Currently UnavailableMelee Detonator Horizon Forbidden West - Melee MightMelee Might
Horizon Forbidden West - Nora WarriorNora Warrior Currently UnavailablePower Attack+ Horizon Forbidden West - Resonator BlastResonator Blast
Horizon Forbidden West - Resonator Blast+Resonator Blast+ Currently UnavailableResonator Buildup Horizon Forbidden West - Resonator DamageResonator Damage
Horizon Forbidden West - Spinning ScytheSpinning Scythe Currently UnavailableSpread Shot Horizon Forbidden West - The DestroyerThe Destroyer

Trapper Skills

Currently UnavailableElemental Fury Currently UnavailableFood Duration Horizon Forbidden West - Nimble CrafterNimble Crafter
Currently UnavailablePenetrating Rope Horizon Forbidden West - Quick TrapperQuick Trapper Currently UnavailableQuick Wire
Currently UnavailableResilient Trapper Horizon Forbidden West - Skilled SalvagerSkilled Salvager Currently UnavailableTrap Limit
Currently UnavailableTrap Specialist

Survivor Skills

Currently UnavailableBouncing Bomb Currently UnavailableBurst Dodge Horizon Forbidden West - Low Health DefenseLow Health Defense
Horizon Forbidden West - Low Health MeleeLow Health Melee Horizon Forbidden West - Low Health RangedLow Health Ranged Horizon Forbidden West - Low Health RegenLow Health Regen
Currently UnavailableLow Health Valor Currently UnavailableMedicine Capacity Horizon Forbidden West - OvershieldOvershield
Currently UnavailablePlant Forager Horizon Forbidden West - Potent MedicinePotent Medicine Currently UnavailablePotion Proficiency
Currently UnavailablePower Shredder Currently UnavailableSecond Chance Currently UnavailableShard Salvager
Currently UnavailableShredder Mine Currently UnavailableSticky Bomb Currently UnavailableToughened
Currently UnavailableTriple Shredder Currently UnavailableValor on Impact


Currently UnavailableBraced Shot Currently UnavailableDouble Notch Currently UnavailableFocused Shot
Horizon Forbidden West - Low ProfileLow Profile Horizon Forbidden West - Quiet MovementQuiet Movement Currently UnavailableQuiet Spear
Currently UnavailableRadial Blast Currently UnavailableSilent Strike Gain Horizon Forbidden West - Silent Strike HealSilent Strike Heal
Horizon Forbidden West - Silent Strike+Silent Strike+ Currently UnavailableSmoke Bomb Capacity Horizon Forbidden West - Stealth Ranged+Stealth Ranged+
Currently UnavailableStealth Stalker Horizon Forbidden West - Stealth Tear+Stealth Tear+

Machine Master

Horizon Forbidden West - Chain BurstChain Burst Currently UnavailableEfficient Repair Currently UnavailableHeavy Lifter
Horizon Forbidden West - Lasting OverrideLasting Override Horizon Forbidden West - Machine DamageMachine Damage Currently UnavailableMachine Elemental+
Horizon Forbidden West - Machine HealthMachine Health Horizon Forbidden West - Mounted ArcherMounted Archer Currently UnavailableMounted Defense
Currently UnavailableOverride Subroutines Horizon Forbidden West - Part BreakerPart Breaker Currently UnavailablePropelled Spike
Currently UnavailableSpike Trap Currently UnavailableSplitting Spike

Horizon Forbidden West Enemy Machines

Enemy Machines Partial Banner

List of All Enemy Machines

Machine Types

Acquisition Combat Recon Transport

List of All Machines

List of Enemy Machines
GrazerGrazer BurrowerBurrower ScroungerScrounger
LeaplasherLeaplasher ScrapperScrapper SpikesnoutSpikesnout
SkydrifterSkydrifter PlowhornPlowhorn ChargerCharger
LancehornLancehorn LonglegLongleg BristlebackBristleback
FanghornFanghorn Redeye WatcherRedeye Watcher WidemawWidemaw
ClawstriderClawstrider CorruptorCorruptor BellowbackBellowback
GlinthawkGlinthawk Shell-walkerShell-walker StalkerStalker
GrimhornGrimhorn RavagerRavager SnapmawSnapmaw
SunwingSunwing ClamberjawClamberjaw RollerbackRollerback
RockbreakerRockbreaker BehemothBehemoth DreadwingDreadwing
TideripperTideripper ShellsnapperShellsnapper StormbirdStormbird
ThunderjawThunderjaw FrostclawFrostclaw ScorcherScorcher
SlitherfangSlitherfang TremortuskTremortusk FireclawFireclaw
SlaughterspineSlaughterspine TallneckTallneck SpecterSpecter
Specter PrimeSpecter Prime

Horizon Forbidden West Items

Horizon Forbidden West List of All Items Partial.png List of All Items

All Items
Resources Items Tools

Horizon Forbidden West Collectibles

Collectibles Horizon Forbidden West
All Collectibles

All Collectible Guides
Survey Drone Modules Black Boxes Signal Towers/Lenses
Vista Points War Totems -

Horizon Forbidden West Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Horizon Forbidden West - Tips and Tricks Partial.png
Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Guides
Trophy List Difficulty Modes Best Settings
Language Settings List of Controls How to Fast Travel
Explorer Mode vs. Guided Mode How to Override Machines Photo Mode
Forbidden West Setting and Location How to Set Up Jobs Best Skills
Can You Skip Cutscenes? How to Get Boar Hides Flashpoint Choices
How to Save How to Get Wild Meat How to Get Greenshine
Best Weapons Guide Beginner's Guide How to Climb Up the Launch Tower
How to Get Flying Mounts Best Outfits and Armor List of All Mounts and How to Call Them
How to Change Face Paints How to Use the Pullcaster Valor Surge Tier List: What is the Best Valor Surge?
Easy Loot Setting: What Does Easy Loot Do? Can You Lure Call? Can You Respec Skill Points?
How to Change Weapon Techniques List of Bugs and Glitches Weapon Stamina and Weapon Technique Explanation
What Does Acid Damage Do? What Does Purgewater Damage Do? What Does Plasma Damage Do?
What Does Explosive Damage Do? What Does Adhesive Damage Do? What Does Fire Damage Do?
What Does Shock Damage Do? What Does Frost Damage Do? How to Level Up Fast
Fast Money Farming How to Get the Diving Mask How to Use the Shieldwing
How to Use The Tripcaster How to Unlock the Chest in Hidden Embers 100% Completion Guide
Restoring GAIA: Which Subprogram Should you Get First? What To Do in Scalding Spear Best Builds Guide
List of All Machine Strike Player Locations List of Machine Strike Pieces All Shop and Merchant Locations
Missables and Unrepeatable Events How to Clear Blocked Paths: Firegleam and Metal Flower Guide How to Get Luminous Brainstem
All Datapoint Locations - -

Horizon Forbidden West Characters

All Characters

Horizon Forbidden West - List of Characters.png
List of All Characters

Aloy Erend Varl
Tilda Regalla Ted Faro
Elisabet Sobeck Nil Rost
Kotallo Travis Tate Sun-King Avad
Blameless Marad Vanasha Uthid
Hekarro Zo Morlund
Petra Fashav Beta
Dekka Ivvira MINERVA
Talanah Drakka Jetakka

News and Game Info

The Latest Horizon Forbidden West News

Horizon Forbidden West - News and Game Info.png
News and Game Info

All News Categories

Other News Articles

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date

Horizon Forbidden West Desert Wasteland
Release Date: Now available in the U.S. region.
February 18th, 2022
Where to Buy: PlayStation Store

Horizon Forbidden West has released on February 18, 2022 on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Note: It may take a few minutes for the game to unlock even after the official release time, but you should be able to start playing soon!

When Does Horizon Forbidden West Come Out?

About Horizon Forbidden West

Software Information
Horizon Forbidden West Box Art
Current Price:
Release Date: Feb. 18, 2022 Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Players: 1 Player Developer: Guerilla Games
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 Game File Size: TBA
Official Site: Guerilla Games
ESRB Rating: Teen
Blood, Drug Reference, Language, Mild Sexual Themes, Violence

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