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Welcome to the Game8 Fire Emblem Engage walkthrough and complete strategy guide. This guide will cover all Fire Emblem Engage news, updates, quests, character and emblem progression and more!

Fire Emblem Engage
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Fire Emblem Engage Walkthrough

Engage Story Banner.png
▶︎ Story Walkthroughs

All Story Chapters

Story Walkthroughs
Prologue Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Chapter 9
Chapter 10 Chapter 11
Chapter 12 Chapter 13
Chapter 14 Chapter 15
Chapter 16 Chapter 17
Chapter 18 Chapter 19
Chapter 20 Chapter 21
Chapter 22 Chapter 23
Chapter 24 Chapter 25
Chapter 26 -

▶︎ All Story Chapters

All Paralogues

Base Game Paralogues
Budding Talent Mysterious Merchant
The Exalt The Lady of the Plains
The Radiant Hero The Instructor
The Crux of Fate The Azure Twin
The Holy Knight The Sage Lord
The Dawn Maiden The Young Lion
The Caring Princess The Hero-King
The Connector -
Divine Paralogues (DLC)
The Ancestor The Radiant Strategist
The Brash General The Doting Sister
The Shepherd Exalt The Lonely Heir

▶︎ All Paralogues

All Fell Xenologue Chapters

Fell Xenologue Chapter
Dragons From Afar Seeds of Unrest
Path to War Clash of Queens
The Fell Heir Seven Bracelets

▶︎ All Fell Xenologue Chapters

Fire Emblem Engage Characters

FE Engage Characters

► All Characters and Playable Units

List of All Characters

Lythos Characters
Alear Male Alear (M) Alear FemaleAlear (F)
VanderVander ClanneClanne FrammeFramme --
Firene Characters
AlfredAlfred BoucheronBoucheron EtieEtie CelineCeline
LouisLouis ChloeChloe JeanJean --
Solm Characters
Timerra Timerra Merrin Merrin Panette Panette FogadoFogado
Pandreo Pandreo Bunet Bunet Seadall Seadall --
Brodia Characters
DiamantDiamant AmberAmber JadeJade AlcrystAlcryst
LapisLapis CitrinneCitrinne SaphirSaphir --
Elusia Characters
IvyIvy ZelkovZelkov KagetsuKagetsu HortensiaHortensia
RosadoRosado GoldmaryGoldmary AnnaAnna LindonLindon
Independent Characters
YunakaYunaka Fire Emblem Engage - VeyleVeyle
The Four Hounds
ZephiaZephia GrissGriss MarniMarni MauvierMauvier

Fell Xenologue DLC Characters

DLC Characters
Fire Emblem Engage - NelNel Fire Emblem Engage - NilNil

Fire Emblem Engage Emblems

FE Engage - Emblems.png

► List of All Emblems

All Emblems Guides

Emblem Characters
MarthMarth SigurdSigurd CelicaCelica BylethByleth
CorrinCorrin LynLyn RoyRoy ErikaEirika
LeifLeif MicaiahMicaiah LucinaLucina IkeIke
Fire Emblem Engage - Emblem Alear13th Emblem
DLC Emblems
EdelgardEdelgard DimitrDimitri ClaudeClaude
TikiTiki FEE - Hector Icon.pngHector FEE - Soren Icon.pngSoren
FEE - Camilla Icon.pngCamilla FEE - Chrom IconChrom FEE - Veronica Icon.pngVeronica

Fire Emblem Engage Tips and Tricks

Fire Emblem Engage Tips and Tricks
▶︎ Beginner's Guide to Fire Emblem Engage

All Tips and Tricks

Tier Lists and Builds
Best Units Best Classes for Each Unit
Best Emblem Ring Pairings Class Tier List
Best Party Composition Best Units for Maddening Run
How to Build Characters Emblem Tier List
Unit Guides
How to Recruit Units Class Change: When to Promote Units
Best Gifts for All Characters Growth Rates and Stat Caps
Every Stat Explained How to Increase Weapon Proficiency
How to Get the Pact Ring All Paired Endings
Romance Options What Happens on Your Birthday?
How to Get S Rank Support Should you Gift the Horse Manure?
Valuable Items/Farming Guides
SP Farming EXP Farming
Gold Farming Where to Get Master Seals
Where to Get Second Seals How to Get the Silver Card
How to Farm Iron, Steel, and Silver Ingots How to Farm Bane Books
Emblem Guides
Skill Inheritance How to Farm Bond Fragments
All Synchro Skills How to Reach Level 20 Bond Level
How to Use Emblem Rings Bond Effects
Engage Mechanic Explained -
Battle and Combat Guides
How to Reroll Skirmishes How to Reroll Stats on Level Up
Should You Optimize? Poison Mechanic Explained
Permadeath Explained How to Open Treasure Chests and Doors
Dodge vs Avoid Explained What Does Luck Affect?
Build Stat and Attack Speed Follow-Up Attack Guide
How to Rewind Exploration Guide
How to Use Auto-Battle Break Mechanic Explained
Battle Symbols Explained Weapon Durability
Spirits of the Fallen Weapon Triangle Explained
How to Navigate Dark Maps Terrains Explained
Other Guides/FAQs
Missable Items Post Game Content
How to Unlock DLC Lookout Ridge
Difficulty Level Differences Maddening Difficulty Guide
Lost Items Are There Dark Seals?
Fell Xenologue Unlock Guide -

Fire Emblem Engage Somniel

Fire Emblem Engage Somniel Walkthroughs

► Somniel Minigames and Things to Do

Things to Do at the Somniel

Somniel Activities Guides
Donations Effects and Rewards Tower of Trials
Tempest Trials Outrealm Trials
amiibo Support Sommie Max Level Rewards
How to Cook Better Training at the Arena
How to Adopt Animals Relay Tickets
Why Should You Polish the Emblem Rings? Fishing Guide
Wyvern Riding Cafe Terrace
Achievements Strength Training
Fortune Teller How to Change the Time of Day
How to Customize Your Profile Card How to Use Photo Mode
Recreation Ancient Well
Somniel Shops Guides
Weapon Forge and Smithy How to Engrave Weapons
Augmenting Weapons Boutique
All Outfits, Clothes, and Accessories Armory
Flea Market -

Fire Emblem Engage Classes

Fire Emblem Engage - Classes Banner
List of All Classes

All Base Classes

Base Classes
ArcherArcher Axe ArmorAxe Armor Axe CavalierAxe Cavalier
Lance ArmorLance Armor Lance CavalierLance Cavalier Lance FighterLance Fighter
Lance FlierLance Flier MageMage Martial MonkMartial Monk
NobleNoble Sword ArmorSword Armor Sword FighterSword Fighter
Sword FlierSword Flier Sword CavSword Cavalier SentinelSentinel

All Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes
AvenirAvenir BerserkerBerserker Bow KnightBow Knight
GeneralGeneral Great KnightGreat Knight Griffin KnightGriffin Knight
HalberdierHalberdier HeroHero High PriestHigh Priest
Mage KnightMage Knight Martial MasterMartial Master PaladinPaladin
Royal KnightRoyal Knight SageSage SniperSniper
SwordmasterSwordmaster VidameVidame WarriorWarrior
Wolf KnightWolf Knight Wyvern KnightWyvern Knight Divine DragonDivine Dragon
LordLord Tireur dTireur d'elite

All Special Classes

Special Classes
ThiefThief DancerDancer Fell ChildFell Child

Fire Emblem Engage Unit Types

Unit Types Partial Banner.png
► List of All Unit Types

Unit Types
Dragon Cavalry Mystical Flying
Backup Qi Adept Covert Armored

Fire Emblem Engage Skills

Fire Emblem Engage - List of All Skills Partial.png

► List of All Skills

Fire Emblem Engage Weapons

Weapons Partial 2.png

► List of All Weapons

All Weapon Types

All Weapon Types
Fire Emblem Engage FE Engage Arts
Fire Emblem Engage FE Engage Axe
Fire Emblem Engage FE Engage Bow
Fire Emblem Engage FE Engage Lance
Fire Emblem Engage FE Engage Staff
Fire Emblem Engage FE Engage Sword
Fire Emblem Engage FE Engage Tome
Special Weapons

► All Engage Weapons

Fire Emblem Engage Items

Items Partial.png

► List of All Items

All Item Types

All Item Types
Consumables Crystals
Gifts Ingredients Materials

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Rings

FE Engage - Bond Rings.png
Bond Rings: How to Get, Equip and Upgrade to S Rank

Bond Ring Guides

Bond Ring Guides
All Bond Rings and Skills Best Bond Rings to Roll For

All Base Game Bond Rings

Marth Bond Rings
Caeda Ogma Navarre Merric Minerva
Linde Tiki Kris Katarina Legion
Sigurd Bond Rings
Deirdre Arden Azelle Quan Ethlyn
Ayra Lachesis Lewyn Erinys Seliph
Celica Bond Rings
Alm Faye Lukas Silque Delthea
Mae Genny Saber Valbar Conrad
Micaiah Bond Rings
Sothe Nailah Elincia Leanne Nephenee
Sanaki Naesala Tibarn Caineghis Black Knight
Roy Bond Rings
Lilina Wolt Dieck Lugh Rutger
Fir Raigh Cecilia Sophia Fae
Leif Bond Rings
Nanna Finn Osian Asbel Shiva
Olwen Mareeta Linoan Sara Ced
Lucina Bond Rings
Chrom Lissa Gaius Cordelia Nowi
Tharja Owain Inigo Severa Morgan
Lyn Bond Rings
Eliwood Hector Florina Dorcas Serra
Matthew Rebecca Ninian Nino Jaffar
Ike Bond Rings
Mist Titania Shinon Gatrie Soren
Mia Ilyana Lethe Ranulf Greil
Byleth Bond Rings
Edelgard Ferdinand Bernadetta Dimitri Felix
Ingrid Claude Raphael Lysithea Flayn
Corrin Bond Rings
Azura Ryoma Hinoka Takumi Sakura
Xander Camilla Leo Elise Jakob
Eirika Bond Rings
Seth Ross Lute Joshua Tana
Amelia Innes Gerik Marisa L'Arachel

Special Bond Rings

FEH Bonus
Order of the Heroes
Alfonse Sharena Anna

Fire Emblem Engage Latest News

FE Engage - News and Updates.png
► Fire Emblem Engage News and Updates

Latest News

Pre-Release News

About Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Banner
Release Date January 20, 2023
Full Title Fire Emblem Engage
Developer © Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS
Price $59.99
Genre Strategy RPG
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Website Official Website
Twitter Official Twitter Account

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