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Welcome to Game8's walkthrough wiki for Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes for the Nintendo Switch. Here you can find mission and quest walkthroughs, character guides, enemy and item information, battle rewards, and other Tips and Tricks. Learn everything we know about the all-new story set in the same universe as Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes News and Game Info

News and Game Info Partial.png

News and Game Info

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Out Now!

Game is out now!
June 24th, 2022

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Purchase the digital version for bonuses through the Nintendo eShop!

Itching to play? Check out our Story Walkthrough to see recommended strategies, and best choices for support conversations!
Story Walkthrough

Demo Available to Try!

FEW3H - Demo Available Now.png
A demo for the game is also available via the Nintendo eShop. Progress will carry over to the full game, so download the demo and start playing to be ready for the game's full release!

Demo Guide

Latest Trailer

On the game's release day, June 24th, 2022, we get another look at all of the characters and a few snippets of gameplay. The video showcases the new looks of the familiar characters from Three Houses and we get to see Shez battle Byleth one more time.

List of All Trailers and Gameplay Videos

Is Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes a Sequel?

FEW3H - Edelgard Dimitri Claude.png

Familiar faces Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and many more from the Three Houses cast make their appearance

Many characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses are set to make reappearances in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Learn whether or not Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is a sequel, and what to expect from the story that will soon unfold in Fodlan.
Is Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes a Sequel?

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Story Walkthrough

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes - Story Walkthrough
Story Walkthrough: List of Chapters

All Story Walkthroughs

Full Story Walkthrough
Chapter 0 Three HousesCrossed Roads
Chapter 1 Three HousesA Chance Encounter
Chapter 2 Three HousesThree Houses
Chapter 3 FEW3H - Scarlet Blaze The Shadows of Adrestia FEW3H - Azure GleamCrisis in Fhirdiad FEW3H - Golden WildfireThe Battle for the Locket
Chapter 4 FEW3H - Scarlet BlazeThe Struggle Commences FEW3H - Azure GleamTo War! FEW3H - Golden WildfireTo War!
Chapter 5 FEW3H - Scarlet Blaze Skirmish in the Fog FEW3H - Azure Gleam Skirmish in the Fog FEW3H - Golden Wildfire The Golden Guardian
Chapter 6 FEW3H - Scarlet Blaze Bridge of Betrayal FEW3H - Azure Gleam Conspiracy in the Air FEW3H - Golden WildfireThe Leader's Stratagem
Chapter 7 FEW3H - Scarlet Blaze The Triumph of Valor FEW3H - Azure Gleam The King Awakens FEW3H - Golden WildfireA Contest of Beasts
Chapter 8 FEW3H - Scarlet Blaze The Maiden's Peril FEW3H - Azure Gleam The Blood-Stained Lance FEW3H - Golden Wildfire What Makes a King
Chapter 9 FEW3H - Scarlet Blaze Unrest in Enbarr FEW3H - Azure Gleam Reunion at the Fortress City FEW3H - Golden Wildfire The End of the Alliance
Chapter 10 FEW3H - Scarlet Blaze Shifting History FEW3H - Azure Gleam Fanaticism FEW3H - Golden Wildfire Love and Loss
Chapter 11 FEW3H - Scarlet BlazeHeroic Bloodlines FEW3H - Azure GleamReprisal FEW3H - Golden Wildfire The Sword Swings Wide
Chapter 12 FEW3H - Scarlet BlazeThe Rising Darkness FEW3H - Azure GleamA Trick of the Goddess FEW3H - Golden WildfireTwo Kings
Chapter 13 FEW3H - Scarlet BlazeSevering the Past FEW3H - Azure GleamClash of Torment FEW3H - Golden WildfireDarkness Attacks
Chapter 14 FEW3H - Scarlet BlazeTorment of the Eagle and Lion
(If Byleth is recruited)
A Clash of Ambitions
(If Byleth is defeated)
FEW3H - Azure GleamThe Absent Emperor FEW3H - Golden WildfireA Symbol of the Past
Chapter 15* Three HousesThe Hour of Vengeance
Chapter 16* Three HousesInto the Chasm
Final Chapter FEW3H - Scarlet BlazeA Path Forward FEW3H - Azure GleamThe End of Tragedy FEW3H - Golden WildfireField of Beginnings

All Paralogues

List of All Paralogues

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Characters

FEW3H - Characters.png
List of All Characters

Main Characters

Protagonist House Leaders
Shez - Three HopesShez Edelgard - Three HopesEdelgard Dimitri - Three HopesDimitri Claude - Three HopesClaude

Characters by House

Black Eagles
Hubert - Three HopesHubert Ferdinand - Three HopesFerdinand Linhardt - Three HopesLinhardt Caspar - Three HopesCaspar
Bernadetta - Three HopesBernadetta Dorothea - Three HopesDorothea Petra - Three HopesPetra Monica - Three HopesMonica
Blue Lions
Dedue - Three HopesDedue Felix - Three HopesFelix Ashe - Three HopesAshe Sylvain - Three HopesSylvain
Mercedes - Three HopesMercedes Annette - Three HopesAnnette Ingrid - Three HopesIngrid Rodrigue - Three HopesRodrigue
Golden Deer
Hilda - Three HopesHilda Lorenz - Three HopesLorenz Raphael - Three HopesRaphael Ignatz - Three HopesIgnatz
Lysithea - Three HopesLysithea Marianne - Three HopesMarianne Leonie - Three HopesLeonie Holst - Three HopesHolst
Ashen Wolves
Yuri - Three HopesYuri Balthus - Three HopesBalthus Constance - Three HopesConstance Hapi - Three HopesHapi

Other Characters

List of Characters
Seteth - Three HopesSeteth Flayn - Three HopesFlayn Manuela - Three HopesManuela Jeritza - Three HopesJeritza
Catherine - Three HopesCatherine Shamir - Three HopesShamir Byleth (F) - Three HopesByleth Jeralt - Three HopesJeralt

Secret Characters

All Secret Characters
Arval - Three HopesArval Sothis - Three HopesSothis Rhea - Three HopesRhea Gatekeeper - Three HopesGatekeeper

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Classes

FEW3H Classes Partial Banner.png
Classes Guide: All Class Stats and Abilities

Beginner Classes

Beginner Classes
Fighter (Axe) Fighter (Bow) Fighter (Gauntlet)
Monk Myrmidon Soldier

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes
Fluegel Pegasus Knight Archer
Armored Knight Armored Lord Brawler
Brigand Cavalier High Lord
Mage Mercenary Wyvern Master
Priest Thief Silverheart

Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes
Assassin Swordmaster Paladin
Fortress Knight Warrior Wyvern Rider
Sniper Grappler Warlock
Bishop Dark Mage -

Master Classes

Master Classes
Trickster Mortal Savant Dancer
Falcon Knight Dark Knight Holy Knight
Death Knight Great Knight Wyvern Lord
Bow Knight War Master Gremory
Dark Bishop Asura Great Lord
Enlightened One Emperor Saint
Barbarossa - -

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Class Abilities

Class Abilities Partial.png
List of Class Abilities and Effects

List of Class Abilities

Class Level Class Abilities
Charm Icon Charm
Fire Icon Fire
Heal Icon Heal
Steal Icon Steal
Pass Icon Pass

List of Equipped Abilities

Class Level Equipped Abilities
Faith Icon Faith
Trust Icon Trust
Aegis Icon Aegis
Faith Icon Faith
Smite Icon Smite
Wrath Icon Wrath
Flare Icon Flare
Howl Icon Howl
Luna Icon Luna
Sol Icon Sol

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Tips and Tricks

FEW3H - Tips and Tricks.png
Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide
How to Change Character Appearance Which House Should You Choose?
Unit Details and Stats Explained How to Change Classes
How to Recruit Characters What Happens When a Unit Dies?
All Survey Spots and Rewards All Document Locations
What Do the Map Icons Mean? How to Awaken Units
How to Level Up Fast How to Get S Rank in Every Mission
What are Heroes' Relics and Sacred Weapons? How to Get Advanced and Master Seals Fast
How to Increase Support Fast Expeditions Guide
Best Gifts for Each Character List of Achievements and Awards
Item Drops Explained Pot Drops and Loot Guide
Gold Farming Guide What is Optimize?
How to Increase Morale and Effects Issuing Orders Guide
List of Weapon Attributes Weapon Triangle Explained
Perfecting Cooking, Chores, and Training How to Get Renown Fast
Earning Strategy Resources Guide Dialogue Choices and Missables
Combat Arts and Magic Traits How to Get Anna's Shop to Appear
Advanced Guides
Is There a New Game Plus? Is There a Church Route?
All Post Game Content Secret Characters and Unlockables
How to Unlock All Endings How to Get the Secret Ending
Who to Give the Merc Whistle To List of Innate Abilities
Game Settings
Controls and Best Settings Difficulty Mode Differences
Save Data Bonuses How to Bookmark Save

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Weapons

FEW3H - Weapons.png
List of All Weapons

List of Weapon Types

All Weapon Types
FEW3H - SwordSword FEW3H - LanceLance FEW3H - AxeAxe FEW3H - BowBow
FEW3H - GauntletsGauntlets FEW3H - TomeTome FEW3H - AccessoriesAccessory -

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Combat Arts and Magic

FEW3H - Combat Arts and Magic Partial.png
Combat Arts and Magic

List of All Combat Arts and Magic

Type Combat Arts / Magic
Three Hopes - Sword Sword

Combat Arts
Beast Fang
Electric Grounder
Finesse Blade
Flash Strike
Foudroyant Strike
Haze Slice
Magic Blade
Mortal Struggle
Sublime Heaven
Swift Slice
Sword Dance
Wrath Strike
Three Hopes - Axe Axe

Combat Arts
Apocalyptic Flame
Armor Smasher
Armored Strike
Diamond Axe
Flickering Flower
Focused Strike
Helm Splitter
Invigorating Spirit
Lightning Axe
Raging Storm
Returning Axe
Ruined Sky
Swinging Fury
War Strike
Wild Abandon
Three Hopes - Lance Lance

Combat Arts
Burning Quake
Dark Lance
Frozen Lance
Glowing Ember
Lance Jab
Shatter Slash
Tempest Lance
Thunder Rush
Titanic Might
Three Hopes - Bow Bow

Combat Arts
Break Shot
Curved Shot
Drill Arrow
Flame Volley
Fallen Star
Hide Presence
Hunter's Volley
Point-Blank Volley
Precision Volley
Spiral Shot
Tornado Shot
Tracking Shot
Waning Shot
Ward Arrow
Wind God
Three Hopes - Gauntlet Gauntlet

Combat Arts
Battle Trance
Draining Blow
Dual Devastators
Fierce Iron Fist
Flamewhorl Kick
Frozen Fist
Lightning Fist
Mighty Blow
Mystic Blow
Rushing Blow
Steady Mind
Whirlwind Kick
Three Hopes - Tome Tome

Agnea's Arrow
Cutting Gale
Dark Spikes
Miasma △
Mire B
Swarm Z

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Battalions

Battalions Partial.png
List of All Battalions

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Items

Items Partial.png
List of All Items

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Camp Facilities and Locations

Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes - Camp
Camp Features and Things to Do

Camp Features
Facilities Locations

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Cooking Recipes

Cooking Partial - FEW3H.png
List of Cooking Recipes & How to Cook

About Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

FEW3H Box Art English (1).jpg
Release Date June 24, 2022
Price $59.99 / £49.99 (Standard Edition)
£89.99 (Limited Editon)
Release Versions Physical / Digital
Game File Size 13.4 GB
No. of Players 1-2
Genre Action, Strategy, Role-Playing, Simulation

Defeat Enemies with Warrior Style Combat

Hack n slash Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes
Based on what we've seen so far, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will feature a similar Hack 'n Slash approach to combat as other Warrior Titles. With waves and large groups of enemies scattered over a large map, players will get to button mash and try many different combos to swipe enemies out of play!

Enjoy Classic Strategy Elements

Strategy Elements Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes
Like it's predecessors, FEW3H offers strategy elements that are a core part of the sereis. You command armies over sections of the map, strategically assigning where they'll go and who will join them! You will also have to assign army units on the world map to engage with enemies.

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