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Fire Emblem Engage Bond Level

Raise Bond Level by having Bond Conversations with your allies and Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage. Learn about Bond Effects, Bond skills, and how to raise your Bonds.

Bond Guides
Bond Level Bond Fragments Bond Rings

How to Raise Bond Level

Bond Conversations

Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Select

Having a Bond Conversation with an Emblem will raise your Bond Level with that Emblem. In the Emblem selection screen, the Emblems with a yellow speech bubble beside their name have a Bond Conversation available. Viewing the Bond Conversation will trigger the interaction between your unit and the Emblem, and ultimately raise your Bond with the Emblem.

▶︎ List of All Emblems

Emblem Training at Arena

Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Training

Participating in Emblem Training at the Arena puts you in a practice battle with an Emblem and increases your Bond Level with that Emblem.

You can choose from any of the Emblems you've collected thus far and there is no limit to the number of times you can do Emblem Training in between battles. However, Emblem Training does cost Bond Fragments.

▶︎ What You Can Do During Training at the Arena

Bond Effects

More Skills to Inherit

Fire Emblem Engage Skill Inheritance

As you increase your Bond Level with an Emblem, you unlock skills/Bond Effects that are unique to each Emblem. Once unlocked, these skills can be inherited your units, at the cost of Skill Points (SP) at the Ring Chamber. Inherited skills can be permanently equipped to units, so that they may use the Emblem's skills without having to equip their respective Emblem Ring.

▶︎ Skill Inheritance Guide

More Augmentations for Engage Weapons

Fire Emblem Engage Ring Chamber

Raising your Bond Level with an Emblem will allow you more to Augmentation capacity on the Emblem's Engage Weapon. At the Ring Chamber, you can augment your Engage Weapons using materials that will add stat boosts or type advantages to the weapon. However, there is a limited capacity of how many augmentations you can add.

What is Bond?

Fire Emblem Engage Bond

Deepening your Bond with an Emblem allows you to inherit more skills from them and add more buffs to their abilities. Regularly interact with the Emblems you've collected so far in order to raise your Bond Level with them.

The highest Bond Level you can have with an Emblem is 20. Doing the Emblem paralogues unlocks their max bond level.

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