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Welcome to the Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H) guide and walkthrough wiki. Here you will find strategies for each chapter, recommended characters to recruit, skill explanations, and more! Whether you are a returning player or beginner, this Game8 wiki will have something for you, so read on to help save Fódlan!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough.png
Story Walkthrough

White Clouds Walkthrough
Azure Moon Walkthrough Verdant Wind Walkthrough
Crimson Flower Walkthrough Silver Snow Walkthrough
DLC - Cindered Shadows Walkthrough

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters


Main Character

Byleth IconByleth Byleth (Female) IconByleth (Female)

Black Eagles Characters

Edelgard IconEdelgard Hubert IconHubert Ferdinand IconFerdinand Linhardt IconLinhardt
Caspar IconCaspar Bernadetta IconBernadetta Dorothea IconDorothea Petra IconPetra
Jeritza IconJeritza

Blue Lions Characters

Dimitri IconDimitri Dedue IconDedue Felix IconFelix Ashe IconAshe
Sylvain IconSylvain Mercedes IconMercedes Annette IconAnnette Ingrid IconIngrid

Golden Deer Characters

Claude IconClaude Lorenz IconLorenz Raphael IconRaphael Ignatz IconIgnatz
Lysithea IconLysithea Marianne IconMarianne Hilda IconHilda Leonie IconLeonie

Garreg Mach Characters

Flayn IconFlayn Manuela IconManuela Cyril IconCyril Hanneman IconHanneman
Catherine IconCatherine Shamir IconShamir Alois IconAlois Gilbert IconGilbert
Seteth IconSeteth Anna IconAnna

Ashen Wolves Characters (DLC)

Yuri IconYuri Balthus IconBalthus Constance IconConstance Hapi IconHapi

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Battle Walkthroughs

Battle Walkthrough.png
Battle Walkthroughs

White Clouds Battle Walkthroughs
Azure Moon Battle Walkthroughs Verdant Wind Battle Walkthroughs
Crimson Flower Battle Walkthroughs Silver Snow Battle Walkthroughs

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass and DLC

Is The Expansion Pass (DLC) Worth It?

Will There Be a Wave 5? Abyss Facilities and Upgrades
How to Recruit the Ashen Wolves How to Recruit Anna
Sauna Guide What is the Secret Roster?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Free Time and Side Quests

Free Time and Side Quests.png

Free Time Guide

Lost Items Guide White Heron Cup Guide
Fishing Guide Advice Box Answers
Best Use of Free Time Best Use of Activity Points
How to Raise Professor Level Support and Romance Guide
Where to Get Tea Tea Time Guide
Gift Giving Guide Where to Get Bait
Should You Do Side Quests? -

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Beginner Guides

Beginner Guides.png

Beginner Guides

Stats and Game Mechanics
What Does Luck Do? What Does Dexterity Do?
What Does Weight Do? What Does Charm Do?
What Does Authority Do? What Does Speed Do?
The Attack Speed Formula How To Learn and Equip Abilities
Character Guides
Recruitment Guide Classes That Can Use Magic
List of Unique Classes Best Classes for Each Character
What Happens When Someone Dies? How to Change Outfits
Battle Guides
How to Beat Demonic Beasts How to Beat the Death Knight
Gambit Guide Training Weapons or Iron Weapons?
How Do Linked Attacks Work? How to Use Divine Pulse
How to Use Auto Battle List of Terrains
How to Open Doors and Chests -
Building your Army
Best Characters to Recruit What Are Adjutants?
How to Repair Weapons Are Rusted Weapons Worth Forging?
Where to Get Umbral Steel What is Renown?
Where to Get Advanced Seals -
Maddening Guides
Maddening Tips and Guide Best Characters for Maddening
What Carries Over To New Game Plus? How Long Does It Take To Beat FE3H?
Difficulty Levels and Differences Is There a Weapon Triangle?
Which House Should You Pick? -

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Weapons

List of All Weapons

Weapon and Magic Types
Swords Lances Axes Bows
Gauntlets Faith Reason -

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Combat Arts

Combat Arts.png
List of Combat Arts

Tier List
Combat Arts Tier List
Sword Combat Arts List
Wrath Strike Grounder Bane of Monsters
Haze Slice Hexblade Sunder
Soulblade Windsweep Finesse Blade
Assassinate Astra Subdue
Axe Combat Arts List
Smash Helm Splitter Monster Breaker
Focused Strike Wild Abandon Lightning Axe
Spike Diamond Axe Armored Strike
Exhaustive Strike Flickering Flower War Master's Strike
Lance Combat Arts List
Tempest Lance Knightkneeler Shatter Slash
Vengeance Monster Piercer Hit and Run
Frozen Lance Swift Strikes Glowing Ember
Lance Jab Paraselene
Bow Combat Arts List
Curved Shot Heavy Draw Deadeye
Waning Shot Monster Blast Break Shot
Schism Shot Point-Blank Volley Encloser
Ward Arrow Wind God Hunter's Volley
Utility Combat Arts List
Draw Back Reposition Shove
Swap Smite
Relic Combat Arts List
Eviscerate Beast Fang Apocalyptic Flame
Dust Burning Quake Ruined Sky
Fallen Star Atrocity Raging Storm
Foudroyant Strike Sublime Heaven Ruptured Heaven

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Abilities

List of Abilities

Personal Abilities Class Abilities
Skill Mastery Abilities Class Mastery Abilities

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Battalions


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Equipment

List of Equipment

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Items

List of Items

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Related Games

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