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Pikmin 4 Recommended Articles

Pikmin 4 Oatchi and Pikmin

All Pikmin 4 Guides

All Pikmin 4 Guides
Pikmin 4 - All Pikmin Types Pikmin Types Pikmin 4 Onions Onions Pikmin 4 Area Map Areas
Pikmin 4 Caves Caves Pikmin 4 - BossesBosses Pikmin 4 - Piklopedia Piklopedia
Pikmin 4 - TreasuresTreasures Pikmin 4 Oatchi Oatchi Pikmin 4 Night Expeditions Night Expeditions
Pikmin 4 - Main MissionsMain Missions Pikmin 4 - Side MissionsSide Missions Pikmin 4 Characters Characters
Pikmin 4 Gear Gear Pikmin 4 Items Items Pikmin 4 - Dandori ChallengeDandori Challenges
Pikmin 4 - Dandori BattlesDandori Battles Pikmin 4 Olimar Olimar's Shipwreck Tale Pikmin 4 Trial of the Sage Leaf 2 Trial of the Sage Leaf

All Tips and Tricks Articles

All Tips and Tricks Articles
Multiplayer Guide Beginner's Guide
Character Creator Guide Demo Guide
How to Save Your Game How to Get Sparklium
Best Gear and Items How to Transfer Save Data
How to Rewind and Save Your Pikmin How to Increase the Max Pikmin Limit
Recommended Shortcuts All Flarlic Locations
How to Get Nectar Best Settings
How to Use the Map Day Length - How Long is One Day?
How to Solve All Obstacle Types How to Make Pikmin Flowers Bloom
Pellet Number and Color Guide How to Freeze Water
How to Cross Water How to Build Bridges, Walls, and Stairs
How to Get and Use Raw Materials How to Recover Health
Game Length - How Long to Beat How to Swarm
Night Mode and Expeditions How to Get More Pikmin Fast
How to Avoid Pikmin Death How to Get the True Ending
How to Solve the Bunker Code in Hero's Hideaway What Does the Screw in the Ground Do?
Is There a Day Limit? How to Get Through Mud
How to Cure Leaflings How to Get Glow Sap
Rescue Command Post Guide Post Game Content and 100 Percent Guide
Completion Rewards What Happens When You Get Game Over?
Do Enemies Respawn? How to Unlock Leafling Look
Where to Find Moss -

All News Articles

All News Articles
Direct Trailer and Gameplay How to Preload
All Pikmin 4 Editions Everything We Know
All Merchandise and Toys Available Platforms and Consoles
Pre-Order Guide Will Pikmin 4 Have Bingo Battle
How to Claim All Demo Rewards amiibo Support and Compatibility
Should You Play Pikmin 3 First? When Does Pikmin 4 Take Place?
Are Bulbmin in Pikmin 4? Is There New Game Plus?
Will There Be DLC? -

Pikmin 4 Onions

Pikmin 4 - Onions

All Onion Locations

All Onions

List of Onions
Pikmin 4 - Red OnionRed Onion Pikmin 4 - Yellow OnionYellow Onion Pikmin 4 - Blue OnionBlue Onion
Ice Onion IconIce Onion Pikmin 4 - Pink OnionPink Onion Pikmin 4 - Rock OnionRock Onion
Pikmin 4 - White OnionWhite Onion Pikmin 4 - Purple OnionPurple Onion

Pikmin 4 Areas

Pikmin 4 Areas
All Areas and Maps

List of All Areas

All Areas
Pikmin 4 Sun Speckled Terrace Sun-Speckled Terrace Pikmin 4 - Blossoming Arcadia Blossoming Arcadia
Pikmin 4 - Serene Shores Serene Shores Pikmin 4 - Hero Hero's Hideaway
Pikmin 4 - Giant Giant's Hearth Pikmin 4 - Primordial Thicket Primordial Thicket

Pikmin 4 Caves

Pikmin 4 - Caves
List of All Cave Locations and Maps

All Rescue Command Post Caves

Rescue Command Post Cave
Burrow of Beginnings

All Sun-Speckled Terrace Caves

Sun-Speckled Terrace Caves
Last-Frost Cavern Hectic Hollows
Crackling Cauldron Industrial Maze
Aquiferous Summit -

All Blossoming Arcadia Caves

Blossoming Arcadia Caves
Secluded Courtyard Drafty Gallery
Sightless Passage Kingdom of Beasts

All Serene Shores Caves

Serene Shores Caves
Subzero Sauna Seafloor Resort
Below-Grade Discotheque Engulfed Castle

All Hero's Hideaway Caves

Hero's Hideaway Caves
Plunder Palace Doppelganger's Den
Frozen Inferno -

All Giant's Hearth Caves

Giant's Hearth Caves
Dream Home Ultimate Testing Range
Cradle of the Beast -

All Primordial Thicket Caves

Primordial Thicket Caves
Subterranean Swarm The Mud Pit
Cavern for a King -

Pikmin 4 Bosses

Pikmin 4 - Bosses

List of All Bosses

List of All Bosses

Pikmin 4 - Empress Bulblax Empress Bulblax Pikmin 4 - Emperor Bulblax Emperor Bulblax Pikmin 4 - Sovereign Bulblax Sovereign Bulblax
Pikmin 4 - Horned Cannon Beetle Horned Cannon Beetle Pikmin 4 - Arctic Cannon Beetle Arctic Cannon Beetle Pikmin 4 - Man-at-Legs Man-at-Legs
Pikmin 4 - Groovy Long Legs Groovy Long Legs Pikmin 4 - Snowfake Fluttertail Snowfake Fluttertail Pikmin 4 - Giant Breadbug Giant Breadbug
Pikmin 4 - Gildemander Gildemander Pikmin 4 - Mammoth Snootwhacker Mammoth Snootwhacker Pikmin 4 - Foolix Foolix
Pikmin 4 - Burrowing Snagret Burrowing Snagret Pikmin 4 - Puffstool Puffstool Pikmin 4 - Toxstool Toxstool
Pikmin 4 - PorquillionPorquillion Pikmin 4 - Puffy Blowhog Puffy Blowhog Pikmin 4 - Masterhop Masterhop
Pikmin 4 - Bug-Eyed Crawmad Bug-Eyed Crawmad Pikmin 4 - Crusted Rumpup Crusted Rumpup Pikmin 4 - Bloomcap Bloyster Bloomcap Bloyster
Pikmin 4 - Waterwraith Waterwraith Pikmin 4 - Smoky Progg Smoky Progg Pikmin 4 - Ancient Sirehound Ancient Sirehound

Pikmin 4 Trial of the Sage Leaf

Pikmin 4 - Trial of the Sage Leaf Partial

Trial of the Sage Leaf Guide

All Trials of the Sage Leaf

All Trials of the Sage Leaf
1st Story: Bulblaxes 2nd Story: Snow Problem
3rd Story: Dig Deep 4th Story: Dandori Seas
5th Story: The White Key 6th Story: Gimmick Gambit
7th Story: One Fell Jump 8th Story: Crowded Kitchen
9th Story: Turf Turmoil Final Story: The Purple Key

Pikmin 4 Pikmin Types

Pikmin 4 - All Pikmin Types

All Pikmin Types

Pikmin Types

Pikmin Types in Pikmin 4
Pikmin 4 - Red PikminRed Pikmin Pikmin 4 - Blue PikminBlue Pikmin Pikmin 4 - Yellow PikminYellow Pikmin
Pikmin 4 - Purple PikminPurple Pikmin Pikmin 4 - White PikminWhite Pikmin Pikmin 4 - Rock PikminRock Pikmin
Pikmin 4 - Winged PikminWinged Pikmin Pikmin 4 - Ice PikminIce Pikmin Pikmin 4 - Glow PikminGlow Pikmin

Pikmin 4 Treasures

Pikmin 4 Treasures

List of Treasures

All Treasures Series

Treasures by Series
Ancient Secrets Series Assembled Courage Series Autumn Harvest Series Bedtime Series
Collection Obsession Series Dazzle Series Extravagant Breakfast Series Gifts from the Sages Series
Gimme Gimme Series Gourmet Series Hands of Fate Series Memory Fragment Series
Modern Amenities Series Nature's Candy Series Newly Nostalgic Series Oral Arguments Series
Paleontology Series Point of Honor Series Recreation Recollection Series Roundabout Express Series
Rubber Cutie Series Sacred Sphere Series Soulful Artist Series Soulful Musician Series
Spring Crop Series Summer Fruit Series Sweet Tooth Series Sword and Shield Series
Three Generations Series Toys of Giants Series Tropical Pickings Series Ultra-Hyper-Technology Series
Winter Reserve Series

Pikmin 4 Piklopedia

Pikmin 4 - Piklopedia

All Piklopedia Entries

Piklopedia Lists

Piklopedia Lists
Pikmin 4 - EnemiesEnemies Pikmin 4 - PlantsPlants

Pikmin 4 Dandori Challenges

Pikmin 4 - Dandori Challenges

All Dandori Challenge Locations

All Dandori Challenges

Dandori Day Care Hotshock Canyon Rockaway Cellars
Test Tubs Ice-Cross Course Hefty Haulway
Aerial Incinerator Strategic Freezeway Planning Pools
Toggle Training Cliff-Hanger's Hold Oasis of Order

Pikmin 4 Dandori Battles

Pikmin 4 - Dandori Battles

All Dandori Battle Locations

All Dandori Battles

Trial Run Battle in a Box Dandori Castle
Leafy Showdown Hot Sandy Duel Final Battle

Pikmin 4 Oatchi

Pikmin 4 Oatchi Partial Banner.png
Everything You Need to Know About Oatchi!

All Oatchi Guides

All Oatchi Guides
All Oatchi Skill Upgrades How to Heal Oatchi
How to Train Oatchi How to Ride Oatchi
How to Increase Pup Drive Oatchi Controls and How to Use Him
How to Switch to Oatchi -

All Oatchi Skills

All Oatchi Skills
Buff Super Buff Swallow
Chomp Big Chomp Rush
Mega Rush Doggy-Paddle Jump
Pluck Dig Heal
Command Infinite Rush -

Pikmin 4 NIght Expeditions

Pikmin 4 Night Mode

Night Expeditions Guide

List of Night Expeditions

Sun-Speckled Terrace
Ancient Arches Rugged Scaffold
Meandering Slope
Blossoming Arcadia
Fragrant Ravine Sunwashed Plateau
Misshapen Pond
Serene Shores
Blossoming Dunes Water's Edge
The Sand Keep
Hero's Hideaway
Stargazer's Spot Feasting Center
Foot of the Stairs
Giant's Hearth
Line of Logs Abandoned Throne
Primordial Thicket
The Sylvan Gate Autumnal Gully

Pikmin 4 Main Missions

Pikmin 4 - Main Missions

All Main Mission Walkthroughs

List of All Main Missions

All Main Mission Walkthrough Guides
Rescue the Rescue Corps Secure Energy Source
Rescue Olimar Rescue All Castaways
Cure Oatchi Investigate the Planet

Pikmin 4 Side Missions

Pikmin 4 - Side Missions

All Side Mission Walkthroughs

List of All Side Missions

All Side Mission Walkthrough Guides
Find the Missing TV Crew Friend to All Pikmin
All Little Darlings Appraisal Frenzy
Beat Dandori Challenge Building Goodwill
Cave Delving Cure the Leafings
Dandori Battle Training Fusing Onions
Investigate Areas Music of a Past Culture
Researching Onions You vs. Planet
A Tour without Tourists Fit for a Feast
Precious Scientists Train a Rescue Pup
An Ode to Science Set the World Abloom
Employer at Large! Find the Missing Students
Leafling Meet and Greet

Pikmin 4 Characters

Pikmin 4 - Characters

List of All Characters

Hocotate Freight Employees

Hocotate Freight Employees
Pikmin 4 - Captain Olimar Captain Olimar Pikmin 4 - Louie Louie

Rescue Corps Officers

Rescue Corps Officer
Pikmin 4 - Rescue Pup Oatchi Oatchi Pikmin 4 - Rescue Corps Captain Shepherd Shepherd Pikmin 4 - Rescue Corps Officer Collin Collin
Pikmin 4 - Rescue Corps Officer Russ Russ Pikmin 4 - Rescue Corps Officer Dingo Dingo Pikmin 4 - Rescue Corps Officer Yonny Yonny
Pikmin 4 - Rescue Corps Officer Bernard Bernard - -

Civilian Castaways

Civilian Castaways
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Schnauz Schnauz Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Dalmo Dalmo Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Kingsly Kingsly
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Francois Francois Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Pitunia Pitunia Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Puddle Puddle
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Mika Mika Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Sy Sy Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Dash Dash
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Corgwin Corgwin Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Jin Jin Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Chet Chet
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Sheeba Sheeba Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Muggs Muggs Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Keesh Keesh
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Osa Osa Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Frise Frise Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Kaia Kaia
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Vonda Vonda Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Patch Patch Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Chewy Chewy
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Twyla Twyla Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Don Bergman Don Bergman Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Bernise Bernise
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Yorke Yorke Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Horatio Horatio Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Nelle Nelle
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Molly Molly Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Santi Santi Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Kayz Kayz
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Kit Kit Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Komo Komo Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Alpin Alpin
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Chowder Chowder Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Lapi Lapi Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Sammy Sammy
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Wolfgang Wolfgang Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Ren Ren Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Boris Boris
Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Grace Grace Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Fawks Fawks Pikmin 4 - Civilian Castaway Beaux Beaux

Pikmin 4 Gear

Pikmin 4 List of All Gear

List of All Gear

All Gear

Pikmin 4 - Survey DroneSurvey Drone Pikmin 4 - Scorch GuardScorch Guard Pikmin 4 - Scorch Guard (Oatchi)Scorch Guard (Oatchi)
Pikmin 4 - Thermal DefenseThermal Defense Pikmin 4 - Thermal Defense (Oatchi)Thermal Defense (Oatchi) Pikmin 4 - Charging HornCharging Horn
Pikmin 4 - Treasure GaugeTreasure Gauge Pikmin 4 - Anti-ElectrifierAnti-Electrifier Pikmin 4 - Anti-Electrifier (Oatchi)Anti-Electrifier (Oatchi)
Pikmin 4 - Headlamp+Headlamp+ Pikmin 4 - Rush BootsRush Boots Pikmin 4 - Idle CounterIdle Counter
Pikmin 4 - Tuff StuffTuff Stuff Pikmin 4 - Tuff Stuff (Oatchi)Tuff Stuff (Oatchi) Pikmin 4 - HeadlampHeadlamp
Pikmin 4 - Air ArmorAir Armor Pikmin 4 - Air Armor (Oatchi)Air Armor (Oatchi) Pikmin 4 - Idler's AlertIdler's Alert
Pikmin 4 - Homesick SignalHomesick Signal Pikmin 4 - Brace BootsBrace Boots Pikmin 4 - Sniff SaverSniff Saver
Pikmin 4 - Triple ThreatTriple Threat Pikmin 4 - Tuff Stuff+ (Oatchi)Tuff Stuff+ (Oatchi) Pikmin 4 - Tuff Stuff++ (Oatchi)Tuff Stuff++ (Oatchi)
Pikmin 4 - Air Armor+ (Oatchi)Air Armor+ (Oatchi) Pikmin 4 - Lineup TrumpetLineup Trumpet Pikmin 4 - Tuff Stuff+Tuff Stuff+
Pikmin 4 - Tuff Stuff++Tuff Stuff++ Pikmin 4 - Treasure Gauge+Treasure Gauge+ Pikmin 4 - Air Armor++ (Oatchi)Air Armor++ (Oatchi)
Pikmin 4 - Air Armor+Air Armor+ Pikmin 4 - Air Armor++Air Armor++ Pikmin 4 - Power WhistlePower Whistle
Pikmin 4 - Gunk BustersGunk Busters Pikmin 4 - Plucking WhistlePlucking Whistle Pikmin 4 - Extra HandExtra Hand

Pikmin 4 Items

Pikmin 4 List of All Items

List of All Items

All Items

Pikmin 4 - Scrummy BoneScrummy Bone Pikmin 4 - Emergency KitEmergency Kit Pikmin 4 - Pikpik CarrotPikpik Carrot
Pikmin 4 - Ice BlastIce Blast Pikmin 4 - Ultra-Spicy SprayUltra-Spicy Spray Pikmin 4 - Bomb RockBomb Rock
Pikmin 4 - Lightning ShockLightning Shock Pikmin 4 - MineMine Pikmin 4 - TrackonatorTrackonator
Pikmin 4 - Glow SeedsGlow Seeds

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Pikmin 4
Release Date July 21, 2023
Price $59.99 USD
Release Versions Physical Copy / Digital Copy
Genre Action, Adventure, Strategy

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