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How to Raise Dungeon Levels | Dungeon Cycles

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This guide shows how to raise Dungeon Levels (Dungeon Cycles) in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to learn how to check and raise Dungeon Levels (Dungeon Cycles) and what happens after you've raised them.

What Are Dungeon Levels (Dungeon Cycles)?

A Dungeon Level (or commonly referred to as a Cycle) is the difficulty level of a Dungeon in FFCC. All Dungeons start at Cycle 1 and can be increased to Cycle 2, and to a maximum of Cycle 3.

How to Check Dungeon Level in Single Player

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In single player mode, the Dungeon's Level (or Cycle) is indicated by crescent moons under the Dungeon's icon. Each crescent moon represents a Cycle (max 3).

How to Play Single-Player Well

How to Check Dungeon Level in Multiplayer

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In multiplayer mode, the Dungeon's Level (or Cycle) is indicated by crescent moons under the host player's name. Each crescent moon represents a Cycle (max 3).

Multiplayer Guide

How to Raise Dungeon Levels (Dungeon Cycles)

Follow the steps in the table below to raise dungeon levels (dungeon cycles):

Steps to Raise Dungeon Level (Cycle)
1 Obtain the drop of Myrrh from a dungeon.
2 Obtain 4 drops of Myrrh from different dungeons (this resets the Myrrh in Step 1).
3 Go back to the dungeon in Step 1 and obtain its drop of Myrrh. This increases the dungeon's level (cycle) by 1.
・All dungeons' maximum level (cycle) is 3.
・You can continue to obtain Myrrh from Cycle 3 dungeons.
・In multiplayer, only the host can obtain Myrrh.

How to Check if Myrrh is Available

The Myrrh Tree icon, on top of the Dungeon icon, indicates whether Myrrh is available in that dungeon. Colored means yes. Black means no.

Myrrh Tree Indicator
Myrrh Tree Colored.jpg Myrrh is Available Myrrh Tree Black.jpg Myrrh Is Not Available

After Raising Dungeon Levels (Dungeon Cycles)

Maximum Level is 3 (Max Cycle 3)

After reaching Cycle 3, that dungeon's level can no longer be raised.

Dungeon Level Cannot be Lowered

The dungeon level (dungeon cycle) cannot be lowered, once it has been raised. In the original game, this made it difficult to train sub-characters. But in FFCC Remastered, the multiplayer option gets rid of that problem, by allowing you to train sub-characters and raise their job levels by playing in low-level (low-cycle) dungeons.

More Valuable Items

High-level dungeons yield better and more valuable items than low-level dungeons. There are even items and scrolls that can only be found in high-level dungeons.

Monsters Get Stronger

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Raising a dungeon's level (cycle) would be boring if the monsters stayed weak. Be prepared to fight stronger monsters after you've raised a dungeon's level (cycle).

List of All Monsters and Monster Types

Terrain Changes

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As dungeon levels rise, their terrains change. This allows you to access previously-inaccessible areas and Treasure Chests, within the dungeon!

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